WOW! Rossiya Airlines Surprisingly Good Business Class – Review

what’s up guys I’m here at Saint Petersburg in Russia ahead of my flight to London Gatwick with rossiya airlines trying out their business class product I’ve just arrived here from Moscow with s7 Airlines if you haven’t seen my review of s7 Airlines already please feel free to check it out I’ll put the link down in the description my flight today operates as a co-chair with Aeroflot who own rossiya airlines as a business class passenger I was able to use the Aeroflot lounge at st.

Petersburg Airport which was pretty huge it features loads of quiet areas to sit as well as a healthy choice of food and drink as well as a ton of alcoholic beverages

it has free Wi-Fi and is a really comfortable place to hang out for a few hours before your flight

about 30 minutes before my flight was due to leave I headed to the gate I have to admit I was looking forward to seeing what business class on a Russian airliner short tall aircraft was like my economy flights in Russia were a mix of excellent to terrible so I was really looking forward to seeing what Russia’s business class would have in store for me


I was pleasantly surprised to find a spacious business class cabin much like best us on the American carriers before pushback we were given a glass of juice in beautifully branded glassware the business class cabin was really spacious with polluted leg room to stretch out there were blankets and cushions at every seat

I’ll write back to the UK today was on a 17 year old Airbus a319 it was

originally delivered to Frontier Airlines in the USA in 2002 and then moved on to rossiya airlines in July 2009 it was interesting to see us Pakistan Airways represented on the ground here at San Petersburg

I’ll be flying on them very soon watch this space my upcoming review of those Betty’s down airways before we were able to take off we needed to be denied to process the took about ten minutes we were told all the way from the gate to the deicing han before the engines were started as we were being the ice the crew came around to take on near Lourdes I’ll root today Tucker’s West out sub st. Petersburg pretty much a direct path down to London we flew over Estonia the Baltic Sea southern Sweden and Denmark Germany and the northern Netherlands before crossing the North Sea into southern England flight time today was three hours and five minutes at a cruising altitude of 34,000 feet rossiya airlines were founded in 1992 and was wholly owned by the russian government in the early 2000s the government decided to motocross here with poor covo airlines today russia or majority-owned by Aeroflot russia’s flag carrier the operator fleets of over 60 aircraft the majority of them Airbus a319s and a320s and Boeing 737s they’ve also got a fleet of 747-400 and even Boeing triple7 in the fleet – which are used on the airline’s long-haul routes

the table in business classes in the armrest and pulls out like this

the in-flight service began with the drinks round I opted for orange juice and a glass of white wine the crew came around with our meal service

today’s choices were a choice of chicken or beef I chose the chicken whether white wine I chose whites orange an apple juice I chose orange and dessert or naan I chose a dessert of course finally there was a choice of tea or coffee and I chose coffee black as always I felt there was a little bit of an error in translation here I’d asked for chicken but got fish he’s probably down to a translation error by the crew but it wasn’t an issue it was still quite nice I also had to ask for bread roll as the flight attendant forgot to bring mine it wasn’t an issue though I’m not that petty and he’s probably down to the individual crew members level of experience the crew were fantastic however and very friendly and for the most part really proactive in particular I was really impressed to the male flight attendant who stood in the aisle like a waiter at a restaurant to help anybody immediately I was really impressed by this in general the crew were very proactive

there are a number of storage areas around your seats and a power socket to keep your device’s charged

the business class bathroom was well like any other aircraft bathroom really pretty basic with all the facilities you need but most important it was very clean


we cross the Kent coast line into the UK making what was mostly a very clear approach into Gatwick we got some really good views as we made our descent my fight today from saint-petersburg to London cost me just two hundred and five pounds or two hundred and sixty-seven u.s. dollars in business class this was for a flight of over 1300 miles making a cost per mile of just 16 pence this is great value for business class consider that my previous flights into Moscow on Bellavia cost 15 cents per mile in economy class and Turkish Airlines was a whopping 38 pence per mile for my flight to Kiev I was able to credit my miles to KLM in the SkyTeam alliance

mercier Uslan North Terminal in Galway I had purchased a fast-track passport control pass for five pounds before my flights however you really wasn’t needed as there wasn’t a single person in line for the Plattsburgh Bates ahead of me I was straight through possible control within about thirty seconds which is one of the smoothest Airport journeys I’ve had in the UK hint-hint Manchester you could really learn from this I really enjoyed my flight with Ross here as business class goes for European airlines it’s about as good as he gets for the price point it’s excellent value for money and I would definitely go for business class over economy if you’re ever flying with Rossia the crew the Great’s despite the few inconsistencies but the 205-pound II can’t really complain I was glad to be back in the UK I’d planned my time in Russia pretty exhausting to be honest and I slept for most of my journey back home what do you think to Rossier let me know in the comments I hope you’ve enjoyed this video take care and I’ll see you next time here on in flight video

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