WHO You Should Hire For Your Online Business

Today I’m gonna help you determine who you want on your team who are the core people that you should hire to add to your team if you have an online business so put yourself in your customers shoes if you’re selling physical products on Amazon or on another platform you have to always put yourself in your customers shoes and say for example this customer wants to purchase this product but they can only purchase it online so they have no choice and they’re gonna purchase online maybe it’s their first purchase online and they’re hesitant because there is a little bit of uncertainty with buying something online I can’t see it I can’t touch it I can’t feel it I can’t bring it home with me right away from the store like I have to put my money down and then wait to receive it so there’s this period of a little bit of

uncertainty like am I gonna receive this product was this a scam was this fraud so that’s why customer support is so important it is crucial for the success of your business you need to provide a plus customer support it should

definitely be a priority because there will be customers like this there will be many customers like this and if you’re not there to respond to them and to guarantee them to assure them that everything will be fine the products being shipped answer any questions they have you will lose their business so you need to have someone who is there and able to respond promptly and as a business owner you got so many things to be doing sometimes you just can’t response people right away or you can’t offer the best support possible or maybe you’re distracted and your answer wasn’t really great it was a little bit vague maybe even a little bit rude and so that’s why you need someone who is in a clear space someone whose only role is to provide a plus customer support so I highly encourage you to definitely make that your first tire it’s also gonna save you a tremendous amount of time when I started my business I was doing about four hours a day of customer support answering emails

that’s not even over the phone that’s just via emails and so when I was able to outsource this role to someone else that saved up four hours of my day to then work on other aspects of my business so that was so important so keep in mind when I say hire it doesn’t mean that you have to employ someone full-time you can hire people as a freelancer

they are self-employed but they work a specific set of hours with you maybe they work with other companies too but it’s really just kind of it depends on the relationship you have and what the contract says so hire someone to help you with customer support definitely the second one I would hire is someone to help you with social media social media is just tremendously important in this day and age and it is important but it also takes a tremendous amount of time and as someone who’s starting a business as an entrepreneur I just don’t have the time to be spending on my phone to try and figure out how to do this filter what’s the best time to post how many posts a day what should I write in the description what kind of hashtags should I use it just takes a lot of brainpower and that’s stuff that I’d rather outsource to someone else so I

definitely recommend hiring someone who is an experts in that maybe someone younger who is up to date with the latest things that the latest things like YouTube now all of a sudden has YouTube stories so they’re like trying to be like Instagram and have Instagram stories as now YouTube stories so having a social media Pro who can tell you about this without you having to do the research oh I just learned about YouTube stories and it started six months ago I missed out six months but if you have someone who can be alert and be on top of that then you always be ahead of the game with social media so second hire social media Pro now the third hire is really gonna depend on what you’re doing with your business for me I think one of the most valuable ones was to have like a graphic designer

I don’t have anyone full-time for this I just have people that I hire on upwork who I just hire on a project-by-project basis but it’s really important because you might need someone to do your YouTube banners your Facebook banner your Instagram posts any promotional posts you know if you’re having a holiday sale and you want to edit some pictures it’s really good to have someone to do that because that’s definitely not something that you should probably be spending your time in it can take hours to Photoshop a photo to cut oh my god

this is something I spent I always do this to myself I say oh I just need to remove the background and I’m gonna cut around my body and then I’m going to send it to someone to paste and then cutting around my body on Photoshop takes me an hour because I keep screwing up and I have to restart again so definitely just have someone else handle that someone who knows what they’re doing and it definitely takes a lot of time off your plate so that’s important the next one I would probably hire is to have someone to help you with videos so in social media you’re probably going to be incorporating not only photos but video content as well especially if you’re starting a YouTube channel so have editors people to edit your videos for you I didn’t do this for the longest time my only last year or maybe even this year

I hired video editors and it’s been so amazing to have these people because what happens is I was only released you know maybe at one video week maybe even one video every two weeks because not only did I have to record the videos but I also had to edit the videos and create thumbnails and it just took too much of my time and so I kept putting it off putting it off and then what happens is you know if you have a platform like YouTube YouTube Rewards consistency and so if you’re not being consistent with when you release videos how often you release videos then you’re not going to grow your followers aren’t going to increase and so now by having someone to help meet this someone right now is going to edit this video for me thank you so much Sahar and then this person can definitely help me to release more videos per week and help me reach more people on YouTube so video editors are definitely super important if you’re doing any kind of video in your business and again you don’t have to hire someone full-time you can hire them as a freelancer meaning they are

self-employed they employ themselves they choose to work for different companies or they might spend all their time working for your company if you’re going to give them enough hours so having said that once you have those people in place I think maybe then at this point it’s time to hire someone a second person for customer support the more the better because at this point you’re probably going to get a lot our emails that you’re having your businesses growing and so it’s important to have again that customer support is crucial from this point you might decide hey you know what now I’ve got all these people and I don’t really want to manage them because me telling this person how to edit the video me telling this person how to make the thumbnail me telling this person about this customer support email or having these complications with the warehouse or all these things come up and it takes up all your time so sometimes the more you hire the more time you’re spending just communicating with your team members and so what you initially thought would end up having you helping you have more time to work on other aspects of the business ends up eating all of your time so then it might be wise to hire a project manager a project manager is someone who will manage the projects in your business and manage the team players so that means all the team members go to the project manager if they’ve questions if they have anything of concern they go to that person and set up to you the

entrepreneur so myself that means that I’m not going to be answering this question for this person I’m not going to be giving this person login

information and passwords and things like that the project manager will handle that for me and then if the project manager has questions that she doesn’t know the answer to she can come to me with those questions so it’s almost like having someone manage your emails you know you have all these emails some emails or junk emails some emails are vitally important emails that you must answer and having someone to manage your inbox where you don’t have to see the junk emails you can just have that person for the most important emails to you and then it just gives you more space it just looks like you have less to do you know and it gives you it feels good

so project manager might be a great option for you as well so I think you know at this point your business is probably where my business is at and to be honest I don’t know what else I can give you advice from because I don’t have the experience I’m just speaking from my experience at this point and I just have like I hire freelancers web developer people to help with different things SEO expert someone for email marketing that’s actually really important helping with marketing so whether you’re doing Facebook

advertising paid advertising or like email

getting or even non paid advertising hiring someone to help you get

influencers and having that social media presence like there are definitely different smaller rules that you could hire for so as your business grows you will find the need to have these people you won’t need a video like this to tell you who to hire you’re going to know it because it’s going to be something that you feel and you’re like okay I need someone for this and I need them now so hopefully this video is helpful for you guys again click the description the links in the description for the other two videos of when to hire and how to hire people and if you have new

questions let me know and I’ll see you in the next one


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