When To Consider Hiring and Outsourcing

Today I’m gonna help you determine when to make your first hire so I hope you don’t have the misconception that making your first hire means that you need to put someone on a salary and employ them full-time that’s really not the case especially if you have an online business so nowadays you can hire freelancers freelancers are people who work from themselves they’re self-employed and they will work for many different companies so they’ll do a project for this company and a project for that company or they work part-time for this company so they choose who they want to work for and then you employ them and so you can employ them on a part-time basis on a project-by-project basis on an hourly basis it’s really up to you and you don’t have to you know there’s no time commitment you don’t put them on a salary and it’s very very easy and it’s even easier because there are websites like upwork.com fiverr.com which help you facilitate the

transaction and organization of this relationship with your employee which is not really your employee but they help you with your work and if you want to learn more about that a link of video below which shows you how I use these websites to employ people and hire people I should say so having said that hiring people is very easy and very simple and it doesn’t require a

long-term commitment on your part so you could hire someone just for one project you know if you just needed to have a banner for YouTube you could hire someone just to do that or you could hire someone as full-time you can still hire these freelancers full-time so when you decide to hire is really going to depend on how much capital you have to invest in your business early on so some people are fortunate to have you know 5 grand 10 grand that they can invest right into their startup and if you do have those funds it’s a great idea to outsource and hire people as soon as possible because it’s really just gonna make your life a lot simpler I’m sure things will get done a lot more

professionally because if you’re trying to do everything yourself and learning everything yourself for this first time it might not get done the right way the first time versus if you outsource it and hire people who are experts at what they do it will get done right the first time so that’s great but if you do not have a lot of funds if you’ve got you know an average amount of money then I would say that you know if you’re selling if you’re an Amazon FBA seller or whatever else that you’re doing online with an online business maybe just hire one person one freelancer to do one thing that you think will take up a lot of your time because remember that your time is money and you need to value your time and not be spending too much of it on other tasks that might not be very high leverage things that will not really necessarily grow your business just maintain your business and it’s very very easy to get caught up in those tasks the ones that maintain your business because guess what those are the tasks that you know those are the tasks that are repetitive you do the same thing every day and it’s easy and so we can very much get sidetracked by just doing that and all of a sudden a month goes by two months goes by you like why isn’t my business growing and it’s because you’ve just been doing the tasks that maintain the business you haven’t really been stepping outside the comfort zone to doing the things that grow your business so outsource maybe one of those tasks I would recommend social media if you’re starting a business nowadays in 2019 and you’re not doing social media and get on it because it’s really going to add tremendous value to you it’s going to be very important for your business and for exposure especially if you want to reach younger generations so you can hire someone on upwork.com a freelancer who is more than happy to do that for you you know these people they love what they do they choose to do what they do and they’re experts at it so if you were to spend a couple hours a day on social media you really have to learn so much you could be spending that time doing something else you can just hire someone else to do that and it’s not gonna cost you a lot of money you could hire this person for two hours a day maybe which is plenty and if you hire them overseas it’s very very inexpensive you can get someone in the Philippines for about $4 an hour so that’s $8 a day you know $8 a day is

how much $8 was I just drink a juice and it was $8 so and it’s not saying that that’s you know for them that is a good amount of money you have to think about okay in that country how much is four dollars worth so for us here it’s not gonna go very far but for them it goes a lot further so you’re paying them good and it’s a win-win on both parties or both winning here so that would be an option for you so you could even

outsource that as soon as you establish your business meaning you’ve got your niche you know your market you’ve got your brand name and you’re kind of getting the ball rolling you can have someone right off the get-go to help you with the social media so you don’t have to focus on it now if you’re really strapped for cash and you really don’t have a lot in your pocket and say again you have an Amazon FBA business I would wait higher until maybe the first couple months so prove the concept of your business prove that it works prove that your products are great and that people like them and you prove this by getting sales so if you start having sales consistently in the first month the second month maybe even the third month then that says okay you know what people like my products my business is growing people are buying people are leaving positive reviews this gives me some confidence to now hire someone because I know the profits are coming in

consistently and I can afford to now outsource more aspects of my business so at that point definitely outsource you know hire someone for the things that take up the most amount of your time that are not high leverage so customer support would be a really big one especially if you’re selling products customer supports very important you could be easily spending four hours of your day doing that but if you can outsource that to someone else you now free at that time that you can be spending to again grow your business so you really have to think of it from that point of view I made that mistake when I first started I really waited as long as possible until I hired people because my mentality was that if I don’t hire someone and I do all this stuff myself that means I’m saving money and the money I save I can reinvest back into the business and therefore it will grow faster and it kind of makes sense but it doesn’t really work that way and the reason for that is because I ended up occupying all my time doing all of these not really high leverage tasks like I said that things that are easy the things that are repetitive and I could have easily trained someone else to do these things for me and then spend more of my time on the more high leverage tasks and so it actually slowed down the growth of my business

so definitely something to consider if you’re in that situation like I said hiring is so much easier now it doesn’t mean that you have to employ someone full-time you know up until this point I only have one person on my team who is full-time everyone else is a freelancer basically they work for me full-time but they’re freelancers we don’t I don’t give them a salary they’re not employed like that they just have you know the full 40 or 60 hours per week and they dedicate themselves to my company so you can also have that option if you really like a freelancer if you really get along really well and they love your business and they support it and they understand your mission and your purpose then that’s someone you want to keep because it can be challenging to find these a players and these people who really believe in what you believe and want to support your mission and purpose and if you do find someone like that you want to hold on to them and maybe offer them you know more time or a full-time position or increase their weight you know you really want to make sure that you’re supporting those people who are also supporting you so hopefully this video is helpful for you guys I’m gonna link down below a video that’s gonna help you learn how I use sites like upwork.com

and fiber comm to make these hires definitely check that out if this video was interesting for you you’re gonna want to watch that video I’ll link it down below for you you have any

questions comment below otherwise have a great day

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