Westjet 787 Business Class INAUGURAL LONG HAUL FLIGHT!

what’s up guys I am here at the Hampton by Hilton Hotel at the London Gatwick Airport it’s literally attached to the North Terminal which just look out that window there is just over there so they I’m heading across to Calgary and Canada with WestJet onboard their brand-new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft it’s quite a special flight for WestJet because it’s the inaugural flight of the 787 on their transatlantic route today’s flight I’m taking in a business class over to Calgary

I’m actually really looking forward to this today because west Jets are the first transatlantic low-cost airline so include a full business class of service on board their flight it’s got the flatbed and everything in it so I’m actually really looking forward to see what a low-cost airline can do with a premium service like business class I’ve got my gigs you have that so let’s head down to the terminal and then George stays right over to Calgary with WestJet on their Boeing 787 Dreamliner WestJet check-in is right outside the interests of the Hampton hotel it took me less than 60 seconds from leaving my room to arriving at check-in all right way traveling Calgary are you fantastic so you’re on the 787 know your place I am yeah there’s gonna be some speeches and stuff okay so I hope you enjoy that thank you you need to go and see my colleagues with your passport for accuracy yeah then make your way to one of the desk if you need any help please let me go Thanks thank you WestJet use self-service checking machines at coward which are pretty slow and always seem a little bit impersonal to me it’ll be great if they have an actual check-in desk especially for business class passengers after checking are headed through premium security to the club rooms lounge at Gatwick business class passengers can use the club rooms but you can also get it with a Priority Pass membership check out the link in the description below for a discount of an annual membership with them that gives you access to over 1200 airport lounges around the world

the clippings are for a full table service and it’s a really nice lounge if not for the lack of natural light that makes it a little bit gloomy thank you it was soon time to head down for our gate and we got there just in time to see her a craft arrived from Calgary most people in 90% of people all right today’s a brand new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner there was delivered to WestJet’s earlier this year WestJet had laid on a bit of a buffet at the gate to celebrate the inaugural flight and there are a couple of speeches from Gatwick Airport and West yet before a presentation of a beautiful WestJet 787 model so here now at the gate here at Gatwick Airport our aircraft has just arrived on stand I’m here with a few friends that we’re going to be taking this flight together / aren’t we really looking forward to this [Applause]

good enjoy your flight okay yeah we have all of what they saw thank you thank you thank you thank you

oh they got pretty bad as business class passengers we were invited to board first we were handed a nice goodie bag on the way to the games many items of that later is thank you

they’ll make these guys on standby yeah

functioning see



the business cabin on the west at 787 is a herringbone want to want configuration is pretty similar to Qatar Airways conflict on their a350s I’ve thrown on the course

seat belts and they cease I’m more like a frequent car seat open a light bulb this is due to the angle of the seats compared to a standard economy seat before long we push back and goes on our way

any carry-on baggage

these may not ever sit on

pressure changes and oxygen socially my County sent on a dependable decision remain seated

all the mass on the red

we take off from runway ain’t invited get witnessing a great love it I’ll root today

our route today took his Northwest over the UK across the Atlantic towards Iceland for crossing into Greenland in Canada on a southwesterly track towards Calgary thanks to a pretty decent tailwind flight times day was a speedy seven hours and 51 minutes at a cruising altitude of 36 and 38,000 feet all right so we on

at 33,000 feet climbing out of london gatwick right about now area that had been east midlands I’ve heard nothing of Mansfield with my house actually for that cloud

we got a great view of it studied nonetheless

food menu has just come around a little look at this to see what we have and it’s not astray

nice wine list here

I’m painting white wine astronomy and stuff

looked about it goes

anytime Dining’s and replacing right

I’m quite sure what I’m going to go – start with

chicken terenia mistress point nights simply

and the Chinese star chicken is quite good as well

they’ve got this life isn’t we really big thing at a moment’s notice version of raping a stylist –

to try this one

I have a dream craft being Canadian il 787 edition

these Trump

to our own mechanic

to go through the seat

I’ll show you three plants Simon is really nice we’ll see

to face

okay then that’s a little look around the city and business on next question and it’s actually really impressive the Cetus

and examines herringbone forefinger what do you want season us which is really nice especially for Anaheim that’s traditionally mellow the transatlantic

I’ll ever look around and see them so down here we’ve got little to behold bottle of water

the noise cancelling headphones just yeah

have a big TV screen in front of us table courts out

slides forward

spots them to give you a nice table I love this if I could

not at all ever cleaning which is like it

damn sake then we

we hold on here

anything anything

crusty feet and the bet is going to come point out the balance

see controls

digital scream

try using this level teach me I was a mystical into the pipe just

he really was just here

we have found some kids have USB ports we understand that

anyone to go with

which is great

basically it’s



I the knot here in the sea tension is noticed

the thing that is little bit frustrating is that

caspere’s on this aircraft I know individual events of you on here which is a little bit frustrating the haircut wasn’t really warm

start to cool off a little bit but is he flying into home types that’s going to be a bit of an issue really really enjoying the client are so far I just wanted my dinner order grace soon I’ll be eating my dinner

as fairly decent Wi-Fi onboard the 787 which is free for business class passengers you just need to get a co from the flight attendant economy class cost 21 Canadian dollars for the entire flight I really wanted to try Westchester celebratory 787 bearded sabe that running out the cabin who were pretty interested to follow our flights on flightradar24 accidentally in flight wife


okay so we’re now about two and a half hours into our transatlantic flight and lovely depth like to help with having a great time on board we’re kind of somewhere between Iceland and Greenland at the moment of a little bit of sea between 50 to dinner so it’s distorted it’s actually pretty slow right at the back of the business class cabin so second in a while turn around to me without feeling like then I might not be too much longer so I’m gonna head back to my seat and see what we got see what sort of food we have here today I’m WestJet on the 787 started today was a chicken to me which was nice but took a really long time to come out and it was eaten really quickly

we hit a spot of turbulence overhead Iceland it was cool to see how much the wings on the Dreamliner flex okay so we have a bit of a complication with the meal service which isn’t very fantastically to be honest we’ve now had my table down for balance still not any closer to getting I’m just gonna set that right now ever solved the chicken

if you need enough chickens an economy or beef dish business Oh

we fix that which is

a fan of beef but it’s all that got so him

it’s another way for that speak up so talking about

and our so far it’s


I should mention as well that James in there very important

order his food hand

they just conceived and told him that they forgot to put it in the oven mr. honest

finally my main course arrived ever happy Hannukah considering the mail service started over Scotland it gives you a pretty good idea how long we have to wait

okay so I know this is an inaugural flight and everything in the crib right needless but isn’t


– half the stuff in the menu they’ve never heard of before

to point out outside

she just came around coffee puppets he went back inside yeah

though actually I just found out that we’ve got more than one type of to see we’ve got one

it’s online and there’s really good but maybe you should have asked probably for it’s not just me

we’re now

five hours into the flight still waiting of the lyrics of my fan service

Marivic Canada now passed over Iceland Greenland see my traitor was still down but I still not deserve

don’t get me wrong about products on this flight is really good the seats are pretty nice

savage sisters

apart from the crew who were really smiling they’re just very knowledgeable and I think it could be tedium to be honest

this is the best point that kind of it’s about they’ve been flying that domestic lead expected have a good idea about what sorts of food

I’m still waiting for my dessert oh my god so I wandered around the plant mixin up there I think it’s from any time soon I took a wonder box at the communal smackhead yeah this is between premium economy and economy first have a curtain between them

I stopped a quick look into the economy cabbage

premium economies a little bit more spacious but still not quite as nice as business class which isn’t too much more price-wise

when I got back to my seat celebrations were have dessert had finally arrived so as I waits for my servants to come I realize that I’ve not actually gone through my little goodie bag that I got before he boarded a cat wait never given I could even take a little look inside it and see what we’ve

a little coat

pair of sunglasses

not really showing underneath them in Calgary things either in the middle anyway

typical USB charger thing

it’s useful

whatever these things are

some headphones

that gives to the resistance amazing pair of West has songs look about

it’s already see me wearing those made using the finest combed cotton source in southeastern United States designed in Texas manufactured in North Carolina Fred of the Canadian visa that’s it okay I’m in here talking this is flat and that

I mean it’s a kid


sound of the right way Branson we have

tell ourselves

I don’t have eyes feel to have to give me some – all the time

I never


is it wrong

bringing nice I’m handsome and gee Peruvian stables

a refreshing talent

and a little piece of paper it’s not too bad

for what is additional if it’s not pave over and I’m like no I’m not going to be getting these quite a lot

okay so thought I’d have a quick overview of the in-flight entertainment system here on board the washed-out 7xo so this is the little remote control it pops out from here

by the recipe of power things are and it lets me new

you can just change your screen round on the end

enjoy your big Street say

first of all of course we were the pit that’s why responsiveness of my eyes they got over didn’t number two my favorite year haul of course is they might that be

are you with us listen I should apply to my chest open

some of the TVs

payment system

nice choice Hollywood costume it is watch something I watched

wanna watch

how much

Star Wars

she likes em babies actually it’s really good selection TV shows

very much

TV shows that and

Grey’s Anatomy

the basis the music’s like this was like a radio station I actually do

later actually get CDs and things or like albums listen to is just a basic mister to 3d

food and beverages

you can order any

my solution appears we’ve got this Canadians seven eight seven limited-edition beer

oh I see

based on the speed of the service so far thank you my army

we arrived in Canada


you order anything on the street itself just

information to patients

it’s section of a look

the hero 6

however with became much somehow be complicated they got all of those really should be an adult section it’s a great way for time


versus impostor Sabbath


all my

pretty much it

– it’s not correct

then some

there was one more snack today I chose a poutine which is a typical Canadian dish basically is cheesy chips with gravy and it was really nice

we commenced our descent over Alberta I got some great views over the Calgary areas who came in to hunt

welcome to Calgary ladies and gentleman local time my flight today cost me 1011 pounds this is for a fighter over 4,300 miles making a price per mile of 23 pence now compare this to the average fare with Bao at Canada of over 3,000 pounds in business class it’s pretty clear the WestJet are offering a really competitive fare

thank you

thank you for yeah


Clinton run away



by the ball so you folks over the mountie so I am here at a very very chilly Canada REE I decided to come outside and experience a little bit of Canada it’s actually really cold it’s kind of 3 degrees of a freezing even though it’s like almost May and so I wasn’t quite prepared for that once again I’ve come ridiculously underdressed

but hey never mind I am here so now I’m here in Calgary in Canada it was quite a nice flight over with Westar actually considering it was the eve normal flight and maybe I was a little bit harsh on them earlier it was the very first flight and I suppose to the cavern through a little later in the flight and everything was brand new the business class cabin they haven’t seen before they haven’t in touch before these normal economy coming at an all new class of service there they all get hot meals now expanded and things like that which they didn’t have before so the cabin crew were all on a massive learning curve and I am positive that once this product is on the road and after a couple of months this is going to be a fantastic way to get to Canada this business class affair cost me like a thousand pounds and considering the VA and Air Canada both charge over three thousand pounds for what I will probably say it’s a slightly inferior product I’m sorry ba I feel that this is really good value for money and Westie are hopefully going to introduce a nice bit of competition to bring those prices down on the flights over here to Calgary so I’m going to head back inside and try and hone up a little bit I’ve got about six hours before my return flight back to London with British Airways but videos coming very soon check it out when it hits thanks very much for watching take care and I’ll see you next time here on in flight video

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