Vueling Airlines Review: Spain’s Largest Low Cost Airline!

ah surprise I’m here at the London Luton Airport here in the UK tonight I am heading across to Amsterdam with boiling Airlines who I Spanish low-cost airline they operate flights all around Europe just like easyJet and Ryanair Dave the question is are there going to be any match for easyJet and Ryanair on tonight’s flight over to Amsterdam let’s head inside and find out it’s been a long time since I’ve flown from Luton Airport in the past it was always a really busy crowds Airport but they’ve recently completed a massive renovation of the terminal I was actually looking forward seeing how much it’s changed the airport is massively improved over how it used to be it’s clear that it’s expanded beyond recognition from the low ceilings and dingy corridors that were here previously my flight was on a Friday evening which is one of the busiest times of the week at Luton so I bought a fast-track security pass for six pounds and an attempt to get through security a little bit quicker

once through security I walked through to the departure loud which is massively improved on how it used to be it’s really bright and spacious with loads of high-quality shops in the foreground as you wait for your flight Luton is to the relatively small airport that’s even restricted on movements by the local council but the terminal renovation manages perfectly that balance of compact versus modern and just goes to show that an airport doesn’t have to be Dubai or in through size it’s a wonderfully modern airy terminal I decided to head upstairs to the aspire lounge for now is the only airside lounge area Lutsen but it will soon be followed by a number one lounge as well I got into this spy around with my Priority Pass membership Priority Pass is a great program that gives you access to over 1200 airport lounges all around the world regardless of the airline or class of travel you’re in for an annual subscription check out the link in the description below that gives a really cool discount of a membership with them this spire lounge here does offer any air side views but it does let you relax in a modern comfortable environment with use over the departure lounge there’s a number of drinks and snacks included both alcoholic and non-alcoholic as well as free Wi-Fi the comfortable seats and sofas the lounge offers these special snooze pots which got really comfy and are in a soundproof room so I’m here in the S by a lounge after the Luton Airport I just found out my flight this a 2 and a half hour delay I made slightly better by the feather is quite a nice priority past lounge here at Luton we’ll just chill for a little bit and the same time wound up knowing I was impressed at the Aspire lounge also offers gender-neutral bathrooms which makes it a lot easier particularly if you travel down as a family with children

lieutenant will always stop boring incredibly early of my experience I made the mistake this time of heading to the gates as soon as the flight said go to gate

on arriving at the gate I’ve benefited from already boarding due to having a space proceed which simply meant I got to go and queue up at the bottom of the stairs of the front of the cube [Applause]

once I got down now the aircraft had only just arrived and the passenger isn’t even finished disembarking from there inbound flights I get that this improves efficiency and lift is sure to turn around and all that but it’s really frustrating to be called for boarding just I have to stand on a flight of stairs for 20 minutes because the aircraft isn’t ready finally the doors open and I made my way out of the aircraft today’s aircraft was an airbus a320 it’s just six years old was delivered to running brand new in 2013 as I mentioned earlier I purchased space plus seats which take up the first four rows



we push back and began off taxi out just short of two hours late

let’s take a quick look at our food this evening we took off to the east heading out over Suffolk toward the North Sea coast from there we crossed the North Sea into the Netherlands making an approach to skippers Paul de bon runway some distance of the west of the airport’s flight time this evening was just the 38 minutes at a cruising altitude of 23,000 feet due to the flight being so short this evening the food and drink service was running on an on-demand basis only you just have to press the crew court button to request food or drink

because it was the end of the day the flight was out of many things and the beer was served at room temperature rather than chilled I took the only beer that they have left San Miguel and salted almonds rather than peanuts warnings by onboard service officer could variety of food and drink when they’re having in stock that is I didn’t think the prices were too bad either for on board service filings in-flight magazine is called a link it has a nice root map and information about the service onboard this page gives you a nice overview of the different seating options available on dwelling

after what seemed like no time at all we were on approach to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam

we had landed on runway 1/8 right also known as the infamous folder bomb this runways are whopping five miles or eight kilometres from the terminal building and requires a taxi of around 20 minutes after landing that’s almost half the length the gain of the fly from London my flight today cost me 96 pounds or around 126 US dollars for a distance of 220 miles making it a rather expensive 44 pence per mile this was broken down into 77 pounds for the flight and a further 19 pounds with a space plus seat with priority boarding

thank you no bye

what’s up the plane there was a mammoth water custom through the huge terminal here and Schiphol

passport control was a breeze

straight through the e-passport gates in no time at all I really will miss being able to do this after the UK exits the European Union

once outside I made my way to the free shuttle bus to the Crowne Plaza Hotel it takes around 15 minutes on the bus from the terminal here at Schiphol

so I’m here in the Hamsterdam Schiphol Airport out to the Crowne Plaza Hotel after my flight over from London Luton with over welling Airlines on the Airbus a320 as far as warning goes they’re a really nice little airline the onboard service was ok the meal service was good the flight the prices of the in-flight menu were pretty decent too so it wasn’t too bad it’s all really I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of wedding airlines let me know what you think swelling in the comments section thank you very much for watching and see you next time here on in flight video

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