VPS Hosting, by Bluehost.com

we’re large enough that we can already have VPS is spun off ahead of time when you want a VPS chances are good we’ve got the VPS that’s exactly right for you already set to go we use OpenStack which allows us to run a private cloud in our data center we can install operating systems we can migrate things from here to there we can make sure all of our capacities used real time without operator intervention one of the key ideas around the term cloud is the idea of elasticity in resources you can add processors you can add memory you can even add disk space and it’s as easy as pushing a button you want it you got it it’s immediate its elastic we have a terrific sand product here it’s one that we built on our own

is designed to be fast as fast can be if you’re on a benchmark you’ll see that it’s extraordinarily fast storage when a customer writes to disk we’ve got some caching layers in between the customers storage and our sand that allows that right to go through instantaneously no one else has this type of persistent fast scalable partitioned storage and it’s all built on open source technology and so as a result we don’t have to charge the prices that everyone else does.

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