Vistara Airlines Premium Economy: INDIA’S BEST DOMESTIC AIRLINE?

what’s up guys I am here at the super hot and super sticky belly Indira Gandhi International Airport in India today I am heading down to Ahmedabad with an Ellen that I’ve been asked to fly on quite a few times by my amazing Indian he was here on employ video thanks so much to you guys by the way you guys rocked and you’re the reason I’m here in your beautiful country to try out some of your domestic airlines today I’m coming with this star Airlines now to your medibot

which is that’s an hour and a half to fly it south of Delhi it’s now one I’ve been looking forward to trying they are apparently rated as one of the best airlines in India and I’m looking forward to giving them a shot and finding out what they’re like especially compared to Western Airlines as well that’s going to be interesting so let’s head inside and find out what the life vistara flight from Terminal three at Delhi which is also the International Terminal very early getting into the terminal Gulf having two security checkpoints

once inside however the terminal is bright and spacious

during the Saturday evening at 5:00 fantastic thank you very much thank you after Jake and I headed for domestic departures security here is pretty intense every single item needs to be removed from your back before you take an aside to be frisked separately the staff are really strict as well I ended up being sent to the back of the line twice when I’ve misunderstood their instructions once si there’s a pretty extensive food court with some

well-known Western brands all with a local twist not fancying a quarry at this time of the morning though I just settled for a KFC

KFC breakfast eats and I headed down to the gates away from my flight and here’s my ride dancer armed about today it’s at one and a half-year-old Airbus a320neo delivered brand new to this store in December 2017

it’s one of 10 a320 news that the store are having their fleet it was soon time to board our short flight down to Ahmedabad

mr. offer a business class cabin as well as premium economy and economy on all their domestic flights

they’re consistently rated as one of the best domestic carriers in India today I was sitting in the Premium Economy cabin which between economy and business class the legroom in premium economy wasn’t too bad it was more than sufficient for a flight of just an hour and a half long hotels were handed out in premium economy just before we pushed back from the gate


we were then handed a menu with our meal choices for today’s flight

Pushpak was right on time and we started a taxi up to the runway here at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport it was interesting to see a couple of jet airways 737s just parked up there on the ramp they’re undergoing some tough times at the moment and I’ve stopped all flies for a while why they get all their finances in order

I really hope that they’ll be back in the sky soon from the panel above you remain seated and bill the month would be followed to the runway by a tech man Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 Chapman Eastern Airlines are currently banned from flying in the EU I was due to be flying with them earlier this year but then the panel came and I wasn’t able to fly with them after all as we climb out into the murky skies above Delhi let’s take a quick look at our route down to our minute banks a day after takeoff we flew southwest I’m pretty much direct track to armand about that wasn’t really much more to say about this route flight time was 1 hour and 15 minutes at a cruising altitude of 32,000 feet

we start off of Wi-Fi on their flights but it only seems to be able to be used to browse the in-flight entertainment there’s quite a wide choice of Bollywood movies and TV programs as well as a live flight map there was anything I could really understand on today’s flight shortly after takeoff the breakfast service was commenced I hoped to go for the Mexican omelette as it was the closest thing to breakfast that I could see on the menu at least in my Western mind this was served with tea or coffee and the choice of juices I went for an orange juice as well to be honest I found this to be really good service on such a short flight of just an hour and 15 minutes long yes I know it was premium economy rather than just standard economy but the fact that he get a meal on such a short domestic flight would have really good actually the meal was a really high-quality one as well

I took a quick look through this Dora’s in-flight magazine vistara are an interesting airline in that it’s a joint venture between the Indian company Tata and Singapore Airlines and the Singapore effect is really shown throughout the entire flight experience it is a really high-quality experience they have a route network spanning the entire length and breadth of India as well

in no time at all we commenced our approach and landing down into the airport at Ahmedabad

my flight from Delhi to Ahmedabad today with vistara cost me 80 pounds 23 or 111 dollars ninety one

this was her a flight of 470 miles making a cost per mile of 18 pence per mile for the service offered I thought this was a pretty reasonable price overall I found miss Torres it’d be an excellent airline domestic flying in India often isn’t a fun experience but vistara do it in style

I’d happily fly with them again if I’m ever back this way

I’m an avowed was India’s first World Heritage City and that’s something they’re not afraid to tell you about when you arrive even walking through the terminal this remnants of temples painted onto the wall and all sorts of things like that it really is an interesting little Airport to visit and connections takata’s

I headed through the terminal announcer the streets outside where was welcomed by a crowd of people trying to sell me taxes and also people wanting selfies with me alright so here at I’m the bad International Airport terms of this story they were really good actually you could tell that they are in by Singapore Airlines because it’s a fantastic service Singapore service they are out really really good premium economies brief a flow of that lengths sees a little bit of a squeeze for then to be honest it cost me like fifty quid but I fly so I’m not really complaining let me know what you think to be star down in the comment section below take care thank you and I’ll see you next time here on the in-flight video

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