Virgin Atlantic Upper Class: MY BEST FLIGHT YET!

what surprise I am here at zero f of two terminal 3 in London a load if you have asked me to try out Virgin Atlantic at some point that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing today today I’m going to be heading across to Los Angeles LAX with Virgin Atlantic an upper-class on board their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner I’ve had loads of great things about virgins upper-class products so I’m going to go and find out just how pump as we get on Virgin Atlantic in upper glass let’s head inside and find out there’s a dedicated area for upper-class check in with Virgin Atlantic

oh yeah chuckling face thank you very much thank you you’re checked in you get to go straight up to your security by your own prior to the lift even the lift has its own red carpet oh we have the red carpet treatment already once you get upstairs through to your own dedicated security area especially conferred you don’t like to go to class thank you it feels really exclusive and he heads straight through to the Virgin Atlantic upper-class security area what’s her sign I made my way up to the club have seen a mass of terminal 3 it’s an airport lounge that I’ve never been in before and one that I was really looking forward to trying out thank you very much I’ve not been here before no it’s the first time so yeah okay having breakfast yeah and we had lovely small salad if you do want any truth yes okay yeah I’ve got plenty of time I think so yeah thank you very much first stop for me inside the clubhouse was to the spar which I’ve heard some really great things I would recommend that you book this as soon as you get into the lounge because they do take bookings in advance and it can be quite difficult to secure a slot first up for me was to be shower and steam room where I was able to freshen up after my flight ever from there to in the morning one side freshened up it was time to head through for my massage upper class passengers get one complementary treatment here in the spa in the clubhouse I actually took two I took a hot stone massage and I had my swatch which was absolutely amazing

after building up an appetite in this bar it was time to go and check out the facilities here in the clubhouse lounge at Heathrow Terminal 3 this lounge is a really spacious and comfortable and it’s a really nice design there is full table service everywhere in the lounge and get food and drink from anybody that walking around

with food upstairs is this really cool little loft area with a pool table TVs to chill out in and all sorts of thing care as well it’s just a really nice vibe in a really nice environment there’s a fully stocked bar fucking table service everywhere we go now just means that another far away from getting something you really want to eat so one here I think look house language about serving up 3 Heathrow this place is just amazing I’ve just had the most incredible hot stone massage and had myself just divine

and if I we get all this before you fly and I’m just waiting for my dinner now is the whole table service you just order what you want to bring it straight to you it’s just an incredible lounge I have to say this is one of the best land I’ve ever been in and it’s right here at e3 which is fantastic it is

I ordered some really nice sliders which were very delicious and came to me in no time at all this food does bring us some of the best that I’ve ever had in the lounge and I do have to say but in general this lounge is probably the best ethnic lounge I’ve ever set foot in and that includes Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines lounges as well my time in the clubhouse seemed to fly by in no time at all I was here for about five hours but it seemed to pass in just an hour or two thank you it was then time to head down to the gate to continue my Virgin Atlantic upper-class experience heading over to Los Angeles

boarding today was down at gate 21 and here is a ride over to Los Angeles today it’s a four-year-old Boeing 787 Mountain Dreamliner his name is Ruby Maury I really do like the weight of Virgin link the tail numbers of the aircraft through to the name on the front the registration of this aircraft was gvm and the name of the aircraft was Ruby Murray which is of course cockney rhyming slang for a quarry

the class passengers get to board these first I still make my way down the air bridge to the waiting on entering the aircraft I was struck immediately by the purple and pink mood lighting gear in the upper class cabining is really nice the seats on this aircraft are in a herringbone configuration which means you sit with your feet away from the window and your back to the window I’ll talk to you a little bit more about this little picture in the flight needless to say it wasn’t as bad as I expected it would be seats on the a side of the cabin here are really private secluded as you can see down the middle of it coming you just see the backs of the seats down there as well so you don’t actually have to look at any other passengers if you don’t want to which is great if you like me and don’t much like the company of other people the crew came around with a pre-departure glass of champagne you also had a choice of orange juice of water if he wanted those as well

there was already a bottle of water sitting at the side let’s see when I got into it

and very soon after boarding the doors closed and we began our push back to taxi out here

how can we check for the captain that will check your fever

the progeny they would be on runway nine right at Heathrow which is just a short taxi from the stand here at Terminal three

as always though Heathrow is pretty busy and we did have a bit of a queue for departure which sitting on this side of the aircraft was beautiful because the men that I could see all of the other aircraft taking off in front of us eventually there it was all centered on even way here on between nine rights at London Heathrow where we lined up and took off for our departure across the Atlantic to Los Angeles

as we climb into the murky skies above London let’s take a quick look at our route over to LA today we took off to the east turning right across Wales in Ireland and then across the Atlantic Ocean toward Greenland from now we entered Canadian airspace and flew down across Hudson Bay down across Manitoba Saskatchewan and into the USA now it was down to wool Salt Lake City heading across the Rocky Mountains over Las Vegas but a protein landing into LAX cruising altitude today was a 30 mm 34 and 38,000 feet for a total flight time of 10 hours in five minutes


thank you

can I get a white wine please

yes up in your face thank you

it’s my favorite

we’re gonna have a good day now thanks daddy thank you thank you

another quick glass of wine later and your soup begins again thirty picture here that Virgin Atlantic really do feed and water you well here in upper-class okay so we are airborne from evil forty minutes into the flight now we are over the islands let’s just have a little look around the seat here seem to me out

so we have the typical Dreamliner windows that

which you can kind of didn’t by pressing this button here

see how it didn’t

actually quite like the window settings on the Dreamliner because you can still see how even when the window blinds it down like that I think makes it having a little bit more kind of very like icing in common when you haven’t got a sudden blaring straight through

around here we have the bed linen so when they cannot make you a better one for you they may put the bed linen down on the beds give you deveined so far here for your drink

my assistant my bathroom a little while with you for now there is a USB ports down

audio port I think the headphones are something as well I just pop sounds album

kind of pops out my wrists

and as she watched TV movies the kind of thing don’t hear there’s a secondary monitor

which kind of lie so you can have your moving map down there if you like way watching your movies so that you’ve always got that literature and they’re likely on their

3-pin power look they’re UK that was okay I just got my USB charger here charging all of my GoPros and things this it suppress it see what happens that’s this little copy whole thing recess down into the background we have these seat controls now the seat will only go into the reclined position as I’m in at the moment

using these control and you can do the lumbar support as well you can’t actually put it into a flatbed using that because those controls are right there oh man at the bottom of the seat which I will try out in a little while there was a little table button here as part a little table for me


nice little table for your dinner and things there

and usually need to push it in just like that so yes quite nice and see the windows are at the back of the seat which is a bit of an issue you can’t really see over without craning your neck around to look out of them but to be honest there’s not gonna be a great deal to see anyway there are many beers you can actually quite like this set up I’ll have a lot of people don’t like the fact that the windows are behind the seats so you can’t see out of them but to be honest for me this is a really nice way to fly I’ve got really concealed private little space here if I look around here I’m looking at nobody as I look over there whether the seats back onto this why it’s very private very secluded is exactly why you choose this eye on the Virgin Dreamliner I guess it’s really nice so I know the windows are behind you and they’re kind of in an odd position I say you can’t just easily look out of the window but it’s not too bad used to look over your shoulder to see what’s there

I’ll go through the IFE in a little while we’re gonna take a little tour of the aircraft as well I have a one I’m opened last coming here on the Virgin Dreamliner before now I’m going to sit back and relax and enjoy this every glass of wine that has been brought around by the cabin critters we will fry dinner virgins selection of food and drink here in uppercuts is truly second to none have a really good variety of food starters main courses and desserts as well as snacks which you can order anytime in the flight and just to give you an example here those snacks that you can order anytime in the fight yeah they’re kind of like gourmet burgers salads sandwiches and things there’s no microwave paninis here in upper-class virgin


barking sorry sorry thank you

that’ll be the me


as we case it over the west coast of island into the Atlantic Ocean the food service started I pops up my table and out came my first caller today he was a really nice salad starter


the main course I had today was a chicken and leek pie with cheesy mashed potato and it was absolutely incredible that easily rates as the best meal I’ve ever had on and bought an aircraft the pastry was really light and fluffy the mashed potatoes were absolutely defined it really was a nice meal just like you’d get in a pub at home for dessert I went for a good old bread and butter pudding and then after that there was a selection of British cheeses and port as one

the upper class cabin on 3rd is dream line that has a nice little bar area at the back where you can go and help yourself to food and drinks off throughout the flight or just sit down and as exposed

as a choice of magazines to sit and read as well it’s a really comfortable and spacious cabin

it feels very private and not at all like you’re flying on a commercial airliner

the amenity kits that we were giving him of the transfer of the actual brand it’s not a brand I’ve heard of before but this one feels quite high quality Iike a usual toothbrush toothpaste I masks a little Virgin Atlantic pen as well and a choice of facial creams and things like that

to be honest I don’t really know much about these and these from NZ kids just generally get chemistry to my wife thinking home or end up sitting in a drawer somewhere I do like the eye masks that you get on these flights there and I do tend to use this a little bit one of the thing that does frustrate me a little bit about the Virgin upper class come in here on the Dreamliner and that’s the fact that you can’t but just put your bed down into a flatbed yourself you have to get the cabin crew to come and do it for you needless to say I think you could probably get away with doing it yourself really not that difficult but it’s not something you can do from the comfort of UC version have just unveiled their new Airbus a350 cabin and in business class they now let you make your bed yourself using the button to the side of the seat is a massive improvement if you ask me I tried to get on the in-flight Wi-Fi here but unfortunately it wasn’t working today

the in-flight entertainment system on the 787 is pretty nice

once you got into it there’s a really good selection of music TV movies into that

is include poly woodblock was to movies TV shows and things and the selection of music I found to be really good as well I’m a little embarrassed to admit that today’s soundtrack this flight was ariana grande sweetener album it’s actually a really good help him I really love her music and I think that she’s incredibly talented singer as well the sky mop system on Virgin Atlantic is pretty cool you get loads of different of units as you would expect from one I’m online with one Dreamliner as we flew over Greenland I decided it was time to lay down get my head down for a little bit and try and guess was sleep ahead of my arrival into LAX

all right so I kind of went asleep over Greenland

three hours into the flight and I’ve just broken off from we’re now approaching Salt Lake City Utah and we have our 8,000 to the client so but a good six hours sleep now actually which was really good

this bag is so comfy just been woken up to you afternoon tea

so nice cup of tea

and scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream I was very surprised I’m sorry to get up and stretch my legs a little bit and wander to the back of the cabining game it is one of the things I love about flying business class is that most of the time you can just get about I can see whenever you feel like it the bar area at the back is pretty spacious and comfortable and these lighting things that I have at the back of the cabin I think I’m really cool as well we got some great views down over the Rocky Mountains as we flew down into the USA it’s always nice when you fly into LA or the west coast of the States because you get some great views as you come in

the skies around has gradually got a little bit busier as we headed down to off the west coast of the US my favorite air-to-air moment on this flight was this Boeing triple7 of FedEx which was heading across from Memphis to Oakland California

it was only a thousand feeble hours but it feels much closer

after flying over the Las Vegas area and getting some great views of the landscapes around the Grand Canyon we flew over the San Gabriel Mountains and down towards our sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles

we touchdown after a flight time of ten hours five minutes right on time pain and happiness

my flight from the UK to Los Angeles today cost me just 601 pounds this works out to about 776 US dollars which makes a price for my life just 11 pence a mile the reason I was able to get this flight why so cheap was because I originated today in an alter the time I’ve booked it there were some really good deals from malt over to the west coast of the US just connecting through Heathrow onto virginal aunty

first flight today I was able to create six thousand eight to identify forest fire miles to my simple Airlines account unfortunately these don’t actually translates into elite miles therefore you commercial abusers was getting any status with Singapore Airlines because you can only do that with virgin on flights across to Asia and not to the USA I left my flight with Virgin Atlantic’s today with a beaming smile on my face that I struggled to conceal as I walked into the terminal it was an absolutely incredible flight yeah yesterday yes thank you I don’t know why it’s taking me so long to fly with Virgie but I really enjoyed it and so far I would rank this is probably the best flight that I’ve had had taken the crew went above and beyond throughout the flight to make sure I was

comfortable and we’re coming around with food and drinks and everything

throughout the flights a favorite moment of the flight was when I was filming some aircraft contrails out of the window from an aircraft that were just up ahead of us

the cabin crew member Danny he was looking after me went up to the flight deck to find out what it was and they radioed ahead to find out it was a Norwegian Airlines Boeing 787 that was heading across to Oakland California I mean really will you really get that sort of service with any other airline if you’ve ever had that sort of experience before I please do comment down below and let me know because I fantastic Church so I am here at a loss under these lax international airports in California USA after a marvelous flyover from London with Virgin Atlantic on their Dreamliner in upper class oh my god what an amazing fly that was I really enjoyed that it’s definitely one of my favorite flights that I’ve ever taken and I’m really looking forward to sharing this video with you I don’t know why it’s taking me so long to fly Virgin Atlantic even they are one of the biggest airlines in the UK but I will be flying them again very soon in fact I’ve got to fly but with them next month and I will be flying with them a lot more in the future after that because it was just an incredible experience really well thanks so much for watching guys let me know what you thought of Virgin Atlantic’s upper class in the comments section down below thanks so much for watching take care and I’ll see you next time here on the in-flight video

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