UNITED A320 DOMESTIC FIRST Review: Is it worth It?

what’s up guys I’m here at Washington DC in the USA about to head to Chicago on United Airlines on their Apple’s a320 in first class it’s a really early morning here at Reagan National Airport in Washington DC but it is a beautiful Airport to start our days flying from despite showing my first-class boarding pass I was still redirected to the standard TSA line it wasn’t too bad really there it only took about 15 minutes to get through flight many airports in the u.s. United Airlines have their own PA he at Reagan National Airport

now one thing that really frustrated me here was the fact that even on a full-priced first-class fare I wasn’t allowed access to the United Airlines lounge in fact only international first-class customers are allowed large access in the u.s. even Star Alliance gold members are only allowed in if they’re on an international flight whilst this is a standard practice in the u.s. is really frustrating as in the rest of the world anyone with the business cluster ticket or higher can gain access to the lounge even a free upgrade on a domestic flight gets your lounge access I paid over five hundred dollars for this ticket compared to the two hundreds I could have paid in coach and so far I have to say I was struggling to see what my extra $300 was paying for still they look nice from the outside and I headed back to Starbucks to get my caffeine face

– probably a favor

and finally we were allowed to Babbo that is after they’ve boarded

unaccompanied minors customers with disabilities active members of the military United label services members veterans were popular Wars fun is traveling with children premiere 1k members priests nuns rabbis premier Platinum members premier gold members and Star Alliance 12 members then he was my time to board the flight


now I have to say that the first-class domestic seats on United Airlines are pretty nice they’re only two and two across the cabin really big bumpy leather seats plenty of legroom and everything and this is what you pay you money for I guess on the American Airlines in Europe domestic in the European business class is usually just a row of threes economy sees with the middle one blocks out so you are actually getting a much better seat with your money here in the US we were served a pre-departure cup of coffee albeit at a paper book it wasn’t much but it was coffee still modern never getting down the back in coach

due to the cold damp weather outside there in the stream system is producing quite a bit of steam into the cabin I know it’s completely normal but it’s something we can’t see very often and the curtain came on to tell everybody what it wasn’t not to panic

some of you might notice a little bit about vapors coming out of a little bends or the side walls brothers don’t worry about it is a combination of the humidity and the auditioning

actually the edge would actually get a little bit worse

to worry about we are

smaller layaway

push back an energy star happened on time only started out talking out to the runway however this did not last for long after a short taxi our engines shut down and the captain came on to explain the problem

we were ready to go up here air traffic control was ready to let us go Lanning never got

20 to 25 minutes

you running

you absolutely

half an hour later the engines spun back into life and we commenced our taxi onto the active runway to take off half an hour late from Washington DC

suppose we lift off into the great American fog here’s an overview of the route that we took over to Chicago today so we flew due west out of Washington DC towards West Virginia for making a right turn up over Columbus Ohio Fort Wayne Indiana and implementing our approach into Chicago over the bottom of Lake Michigan cruising altitude today 34,000 feet

now as you may have noticed there is no in-flight entertainment on these domestic a320s but they do have Wi-Fi for first-class passengers at least I’m not sure about that in the back you can get an overview of the route that you do in you can get all the information about your flight the estimated time of arrival and everything and all of the data that you plan to buy on your flight that you would normally get on the air share map system anyway

since we’d reached cruising altitude the first-class flight attendant came around with my $300 morphine and cup of coffee which was okay it tasted quite nice but for $300 I would have at least expected a nice breakfast

coming into land out shakarpare was really nice we got a great view over the entire lakefront the entire city of Chicago as well as we came in to land at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport home of United Airlines

ladies and gentlemen welcome to Chicago where the local time is approximately eight fifty to a her husband a one-hour time change we will be taking four with your seatbelt fastened until the airplane comes to a complete stop in fact it turns off the seatbelt sign and so we’d landed at Chicago O’Hare International one of the biggest airports in the United States and our delays weren’t over just yet because of an aircraft blocking our gate we ended up being put into the penalty box for a few minutes where we just waited and waited for our a to become available so we’ll set this embark’d the aircraft it was time to walk to the main concourse here at O’Hare Airport and to do that you walk through this incredible tunnel of neon lights and music it’s an art installation that was installed in 1987 by a artist called Michael Hayden and it just is a really unique piece of work to find out it’s an international effort

walk you through O’Hare’s terminal after the art installation felt quite familiar in fact it’s probably because I’ve seen it so many times in movies especially things like home alone where O’Hare has featured quite heavily

overall I found United Airlines a really nice way of getting from DC over to Chicago was it worth paying the extra three hundred dollars for two cups of coffee and a muffin and on the jury’s out some flat one I think I don’t think I pay for it again although if I got a break if I certainly would have complained because the seat upgrade was pretty nice it’s just a shame that airlines in the u.s. haven’t grasped the concept of giving lounge access to people on business class tickets because that is a really big part for me of what makes it worthwhile upgrading to a business class ticket on a short flight nice thanks very much for watching this week’s trivia towards I really hope you’ve enjoyed my review of United Airlines first class domestic service take care and I’ll see you next time here on in flight video

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