Turkish Airlines BUSINESS CLASS Review: Boeing 737-800

what’s up guys i am here at Istanbul atatürk International Airport today I’m heading up to Kiev in Ukraine with Turkish Airlines in business France on board their Boeing 737-800 that’s a Turkey’s crazy busy and it is really really overcrowded which is the reason whether opening a new airport but it’s been delayed yet again so I’m gonna head to the Turkish Airlines around try and escape the hustle and bustle of the terminal and get some peace and quiet from all the crowds

the Turkish Airlines lounge here at Istanbul is absolutely huge is certainly one of the biggest lodges I’ve ever been in

it spans two floors at the Ataturk Airport there are seating areas restaurants games areas of sorts of things to do to you post the time while you wait for your next flight there’s a golf simulator we can practice your swing a slot car circuit we can play for hours on end

they even got games consoles that you can sit and play on while you wait via flight and then there’s the food they have of course food dotted around just like this there’s a teriyaki restaurant where you can get Japanese food and pool is full of beer soft drinks wines and spirits that you can grab anywhere in the lounge

I only had a couple of hours connection so after I checked out the lounge I grabbed a water and headed on my way to the gate for the next flight

thank you

in contrast with the wide-body aircraft that turkish airlines use the 737s have a three-three seating in the business class cabin it’s exactly the same as in the economy class cabin with it just as the middle seat rocks out with a table in between by the majority of European airlines this is one thing I find really frustrating about European airlines is that they aren’t anything special they’re just three seats with a middle seat blocked out it’s one area where the American carriers do pretty well in my experience of giving you at least a decent sized seat the crew came around with free departure drinks an ID token orange juice on its flight

we took off over the bright lights of Istanbul and headed north toward Ukraine our route for this evenings flight then took his North out of Istanbul and over the Black Sea towards the Ukrainian coast at Odessa from Odessa we headed north towards Kiev or it’s a cruising altitude of 34,000 feet flight time tonight one hour 30 minutes

not long after takeoff the crew came around handing out the tablets that we use for the in-flight entertainment on these short flights they tablet used as a samsung galaxy tab and it includes all of the in-flight entertainment that you’d normally find built into the back of the TVs in front of you there’s movies TV programs music to listen to all sorts of things like that all connected through the aircraft’s onboard Wi-Fi

menus were brought round without dinner choices for tonight’s flight tonight we have mozzarella and tomato salad as a starter stuffed eggplant marinated in olive oil and then for the main course a choice of Turkish style meatballs with vegetable casserole prawns with tomato sauce and buttered rice or rigatoni with creamy pea and mint sauce followed by dessert of cheese and passion fruit and mango mousse for the main course I opted for the prawns that I’d had quite a big meal on the previous flight into Istanbul and didn’t want anything too much this late tonight it was really delicious really tasty and all caught by the onboard chef just like on the wide-body flies


after dinner was finished the crew came around with teas and coffees and I just grabbed a cup of coffee and a glass of water

it was so time to commence our descent down into Kia was a pretty snowy night tonight in Ukraine and we came in in white a snowstorm

and in a cloud of snow we touch down and he has Boryspil International Airport’s about an hour and a half after taking off from Istanbul virus pill is a lovely modern Airport but the problem is it’s about an hour’s drive outside of the city of Kiev it’s where most of the full-service airlines fly to in Kiev but Kiev Giuliani Airport is right near the city centre and this is around 45 minutes to an hour out of town in traffic

so once again I was back here in Ukraine fantastic flight up from Istanbul with Turkish Airlines in business class Thank You Baba

I find it amazing that even on a 90 minute flight Turkish Airlines managed to deliver a fantastic meal service onboard from their onboard chef I did find the seating and business class on the 737 a little bit of a letdown before an hour-and-a-half flight I can’t really complain there was anything much longer though I would have much preferred to have a tutu seating in first class just like there is on the American domestic flights and in fact even Turkish Airlines Airbus series have the tutu seating and business class – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Turkish Airlines as a great airline to fly business class short although the meal service is incredible the crew are always fantastic on their certainly a very reliable airline in my experience don’t forget to check out my video of the Turkish Airlines Airbus a330 in business class I’m sure all the links of that is on your screen and now thanks for watching this video guys take care and I’ll see you next time

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