Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300 Business Class: FLYING BACK IN TIME!

I suppose I am here at Mumbai in India Chatrapati International Airport international terminal and today I’m flying with Singapore Airlines in business class onboard a Boeing triple7 300 over to Singapore I’m really looking forward to swipe my phone with Singapore loads of times before but only ever in economy so I’m looking for to see what their world class business class product is like this is the first leg of a flight cross to us Angelis that video will be coming separately but for now let’s head across to Singapore with Singapore Airlines on that Boeing triple7

was through your ID check and into the terminal as a dedicated first-class and business-class check-in area here at Bombay

lovely thank you very much all right thanks very much that bye-bye

checking complete there’s even a dedicated business class security checkpoint which compared to all the checkpoints I had in India on this trip was really good

after security it was through to passport on my passport was stamped and I was officially leaving India

Singapore Airlines use the GVK lounge here at Mumbai Airport I have to say this is one of the fanciest lounges that I’ve ever been into I mean just look at the lavishness of this place as you walk into it

on entering the lounge I was treated to this absolutely magnificent sunset showered and freshened up this really kind lady couldn’t do enough for me she was bringing me wine as much as I once here even setting up my phone on the Wi-Fi when I couldn’t get it to work this really is fantastic service thank you

relax in the lounge I headed down to the gate but my flight to Singapore was getting ready for boarding and here is my right over to Singapore this evening it’s a 17 year old Boeing triple7 300 nan er variant originally delivered back to Singapore Airlines in October 2002 it’s one of the oldest aircraft in Singapore Airlines fleet and like the other Nani L variants the Singapore Airlines hub they typically use them on these high density routes around Asia after being welcomed on board by the typically friendly Singapore Airlines flight attendants and made my way through the first-class cabin into business class

it was just behind it

I’m very well thank you so business class on these old triple seven 300s is pretty dated I have to say but it still is a really comfortable product I’m sitting at my seat there was a pair of socks a pair of slippers in an eye mask Singaporeans don’t offer any amenity kits in business class even on their really long routes hot towels and drinks are brought around just before we push back from the gate

it was soon time to get on our way and we taxied out to the runway here at Mumbai to begin our flights over to Singapore

as we leave in the behind let’s take a quick look at our route over to Singapore

we flew directly over the south of India towards Chennai before crossing the Bay of Bengal towards Banda Aceh in Indonesia down the Strait of Malacca off the coast of Malaysia into Singapore flight time today 4 hours and 54 minutes at a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet whilst pretty dated the seat here is pretty comfortable the controls are down here on the left-hand side of the seat underneath the armrests

as a remote control for the quite nated IFE system I have to say I’ll show you more about that in a little while I really do like these little lockable drawers that you have seated right in front of you they can hold quite a lot of stuff and you can lock them so that nothing falls out there’s a coat hook just to the left of the screen and to the right of the screen you’ve got all your literature up at the top a couple of bottles of water for you and the passenger next to you at the side of you and then between the seats is more storage you have the lifejackets at the bottom and a couple of little cubby holes for you to put your stuff it as a drinks holder on the right hand side as well as this table that pops out I would describe this table was more functional than stylish but hey it does the job down the side of the seat is a little storage pouch which they reckon you can put a laptop in bits I don’t think I’d probably risk my putting my laptop down there there’s a headphone socket and a little light at the side of you and there’s also a little privacy divider which I didn’t notice until the end of the flight but this slides right the way out giving you quite a lot of privacy from the passenger at the side of you of course the CEO is fully into the light flat position which I’ll show you a little bit later on in the flight I’d pre-ordered my dinner tonight using Singapore Airlines book the cork service this is a fantastic service if you’re ever flying in Singapore Airlines business class you can go online and reserve any meal from a choice of dozens ahead of your flight Singapore Airlines make sure that that meal is loaded on board and you can get whatever meal you like shortly have to take off the cabin crew brought round a glass of wine and some nuts as we sat and cruised over southern India

the starter there was a little salad dish which was pretty tasty using the bubbler cook service for tonight’s flight I deserved a Richie tile in non vegetarian meal for my supper this is a medley of Indian dishes that was actually really nice it even came in a steaming hot naan bread it’s really nice to have it this time of night

before I hit the hay on tonight’s flight I’ll give you a quick overview of the in-flight entertainment system this is a pretty dated system that uses a little remote at the sight of you to show how all this is I flew in 2006 with Singapore Airlines and this is exactly the same and flight entertainment system that they had back then

to be honest they for a flight of just four and a half hours along it wasn’t really the end of the world I didn’t really intend to watch many movies tonight it was just a case of getting sleep

there was a throwback to the 1990s in the form of a handheld telephone at the site of the seat has anybody ever used one of these

I put the bed into its lie flat position and decided to get my head down for a few hours sleep ahead of my arrival into Singapore when I woke up we were just off the coast of Malaysia heading down the street on the lakitu water Singapore I don’t think I’ve ever flown into Singapore and not seen a fantastic thunderstorm outside the window as you make our approach today was no exception and I start watching the lightning storm out of the window

I crapped a cup of rebus tea before we landed into singapore’s my time zone it was late at night and on my next flight I just intended to sleep as the Sun rose in the East it was time to commence our approach in landing down into Singapore Changi International Airport

my flight from Mumbai to Singapore this evening was part of a longer itinerary to Los Angeles that I booked during a really good sale the Singapore realize had and broken down it works out at 277 pounds and two pens or 351 US dollars for a flight of 2400 31 miles this was out at a really good price of 11 pence per mile

in true Singapore fashion the windows of the plane steamed up just after we landed overall I found Singapore Airlines business class to be fairly decent on this short flight the aircraft is sharing its age however but

nonetheless it’s still fairly

comfortable for a four-hour run these Nani are triple seven three hundreds of really old now though and they’ll soon be replaced by a 350 900 and 787 – 10 s which will be a great upgrade on these flights from the Indian subcontinent what do you think the Singapore’s triple7 300 let me know down in the comments in the meantime thanks for watching and see you next time here on in fly video

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