what’s up guys I am here and Singapore Changi International Airport in Singapore today I’m going to be taking one of the longest flights in the world from here at Singapore all the way across the Pacific to the Los Angeles with the Singapore Airlines on board their Airbus a350

ulr aircraft I’m taking the flight over today in business class and I’m really looking forward to soon what’s been called one of the best business class products get in the world as we head across the Pacific to LA quite time today just approaching 16 hours I believe so I’m gonna head down to the gate now and enjoy today’s flight over to Los Angeles with Singapore Airlines on the Airbus a350 for my flight today I decided to head and have a look at these amazing gardens that I’ve heard so much about at Changi Airport but never got to see there’s this wonderful cactus garden that has some great views over the apron and even a water lily garden has some more incredible views out over the aviation action image

a quick shout-out to the dedicated flat-earthers in the comments I saw this bar and I just had to feature it just for you guys

and here’s my ride across the Pacific Ocean to Los Angeles today it’s an Airbus a350 900 that’s less than a year old and was delivered to Singapore Airlines in October 2018 body was commenced and I received the wonderful Singapore Airlines welcome to taste flight

in here wonderful thank you very much Singapore Airlines operate the a350 900 ulr variants in a one-to-one seating configuration and business classic the back of the cabin is a 242 Premium Economy cabin

there’s no economy class sitting on this flight whatsoever

the cabin crew came around to confirm I bought the cook meal for later on in today’s flight

he was soon time to push back from the gate and get on our way for one of the world’s longest flights

before using an evacuation slide remove any hai hands in front of you if your device drops until we get between disease

aside from Singapore Airlines the flight reviewers favorite scoot airlines are also based here at Changi Airport it was soon time to take off for what was an absolutely stunning take off from Changi Airport now shut up now and let you enjoy the take off

I wrote today took his northeast out of Singapore directly overhead Manila from there we flew towards Japan before turning East and crossing the Pacific Ocean about halfway between Alaska and Hawaii we coasted to the US over Monterey California before turning south and descending into Los Angeles a flight home today was 14 hours and 21 minutes versus a scheduled flight out of almost 16 hours thanks to a healthy tailwind for much of the flight as how does landing into Los Angeles over an hour early a critical attitude today these folks huge pedestal

so receipt itself well is really comfortable very spacious as you can see a feat to kind of go

little bit concerned about the space because I’ve read that it wasn’t like raver actually that’s really good that’s alright for me even though I’m brittle the simple just like the one that that goes down later on still need while there is storage everywhere who doesn’t stuff

see this little area are India few bits of pieces in here

reading on top here

defense some killer

three pin plug just here

and then here we’ve got a GRE two USB ports and an iPod connector here which also afvn I’ll show you that a little while


and storage hole there with some headphones enough

try it later

the table comes out – this is huge table tops and just like that

don’t hand we have this office unless

little pocket for literature here safety card menu speculator here we’ve got for view over the a350 wait left placed about drink with me


it’s great

Maxie was creating focus on this monitor screen

you have to control it through this little touch thing habit actually you like to know

it’s a company

as we come around to here we lighting control

depending on variables please feel free and si controls time here

screaming enough brightness at positioning

though somebody in a deal understand I kind of am an optimist

I try to eat it

our second headphone socket down there it’s a bit interesting too but one either side of the seat and even we’re gonna plug in really nice I’m gonna put it down into the front bed later on what he’s like

it was soon time for breakfast service which started about an hour after takeoff I’d used the online book the cook service to pre-order the nasi lemak which I heard was a really good breakfast I see what really tasty it was also really really spicy

shortly after dinner I asked the cabin crew to come and pull my bed down and make up my bed for me I really needed my sleep I’ve been traveling by this point for over 48 hours


I woke up after getting over eight hours sleep on this flight which I was pretty impressive I was just in time to get lunch which again I’d pre-ordered using the public hook I’d been looking forward to this meal for weeks ahead of me trying it it was the classic Singapore Airlines Lobster Thermidor where else can you eat lobster a 41,000 feet onboard a flight and to be honest it was absolutely delicious his name ranks as one of the best in flight meals that I’ve ever had a water flight I decided to get up and have a walk around the cabin Singapore Airlines 8350 900 ulr aircraft have a massive business class cabin it easily takes up three-quarters of the aircraft behind this is a premium economy which looks a little bit more cramped I have to say

to go with actually a really good time had a client a live attack

had a tailwind of about 180 miles an hour for most of the flights that we are absolutely

in which we are landing about an hour and in severe language on the blackboard service on this flyer as expected is absolutely astounding

really enjoy the knives they’re really good sleep portability

just had my lunch and smell

one around the cabin stretch my legs document

at Mozza burger

my landing


you pay time now is half past 12 on Sunday lunch time I just been chatting to my wife used to go to a nice Sunday lunch talking to you today while I eat my lunch and now on the round go push a bit more TV and pretty soon it will be the landing into LA as we flip over the Pacific I sat watching some flight of the conchords on TV which is a really funny show as we headed towards the u.s.

there’s Sun began to rise for the second time today let’s take a quick look at the in-flight entertainment system here on the Singapore a350 it’s actually a really decent system is a great choice of TV and movies to watch as well as a massive selection of music as well the flight map is the Voyager 3d system that lots of other airlines use as well and I find it a really good system to use when you’re on board a flight

whatever your taste in music I’m sure there’s something on Singapore Airlines that you’ll enjoy listening to after what seemed like no time it’s all the familiar sights of California who came into view out of the window we commenced our descent over Southern California into the Los Angeles area but it was still quite early in the morning and the marine layer of cloud was still there my flight from Singapore to Los Angeles today worked out at nine hundred and ninety six pounds 32 or just over one thousand two hundred and sixty four US dollars for a distance of eight thousand seven hundred and seventy eight miles working out at just eleven pence per mile

I was able to get this fed thanks to a really good sale that Singapore Airlines half the flights going from India to the US over all today’s flight with Singapore Airlines ranks is one of the best that I’ve ever taken the seat was absolutely incredible as was the incredible Singapore Airlines hospitality throughout I do miss the amenity kit in business class though a pair of socks and an eye mask doesn’t really cut it one other airline’s give such lavish immunity kids out so here at Los Angeles LAX after what was an amazing fight with Singapore Airlines they’ve got my best night’s sleep ever on that flight and for flying on a plane anyway eight hours straight through from not enough to take off until about three or four hours of full landing I think really really well really nice food as well the cabin crew was fantastic as you’d expect a few little niggles there wasn’t massively happy about our the lack of immunity kits and things like that but on the whole for fantastic experience with Singapore Airlines let me know what you think to Singapore’s business class down in their comments section below thank you so much for watching this video guys take care and I’ll see you next time here on the in-flight video

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