Should I Invest In An Amazon Course?

Today I’m gonna answer the question of should I or should I not invest in an Amazon FBA training course and you guys I get so many questions like this and I thought really it would be obvious by now based on the videos that I’ve done in the past as to what my answer would be towards this topic but apparently not so let me start by asking you guys a question

would you go to a hospital and operate as a surgeon on some other human being if you did not go to medical school probably not so why would you start doing an Amazon FBA business if you didn’t take an Amazon FBA training course now this analogy sounded really good until I applied it to myself and I realize actually I started a business and I didn’t go to business school so technically it doesn’t really work but I think you guys know what I’m trying to say with it if you guys don’t know who I am

click the link in the description for another video where I go in-depth more about myself and my business but to summarize my name is Tatiana 24 years old I have a business I’m pretty happy with that I think it’s successful and the only reason that you know I’m successful is had something to do with my skills or talent or anything like that you know I dropped out of

university I wasn’t even pursuing a business degree the only reason that I’ve been successful with my business is because I didn’t try to learn everything on my own I didn’t try to reinvent the wheel I sought help from others I was smart enough to say okay here are the resources there’s books there’s videos there’s courses people dedicate time to these things sometimes they dedicate their whole lives to these things I’m gonna take it and I’m gonna run with it because I know it’s gonna fast-track my progress so could I have gotten to where I am today without a course

maybe but let me tell you this I

guarantee you that it would have taken me a lot longer and maybe because it would have taken me so much longer I might have started to feel discouraged I might have dropped off the map and said you know what Amazon FBA isn’t for me or it doesn’t work or come up with excuses I don’t know what could have been all I know is that I was fortunate enough and smart enough to invest in a course early on and you know when I think about all the training that I learned in that course I don’t know how I could have done it on my own because I didn’t have any business experience you know I was I think I was 19 or 20 years old when I started really there’s a lot involved in starting a business and remember guys this isn’t some joke this isn’t some silly thing that you do on the side it can be if you want to make a couple hundred bucks a month on the side with Amazon then don’t invest in a course it’s not worth the money but if you actually want to build a business something that you can actually build your future on something where you are making consistent and monthly income surpassing the income that you’re making now at your day job that is a lot okay that that’s not something that you can grab pieces of information from YouTube and Google and hope that you can build your business that way no you need a solid comprehensive course to take you step-by-step because it’s not a joke it’s a business it’s it’s a big deal and I know you know for my experience from coaching people for the last two years I do coaching with people and you know I have seen a lot of people that have come and have invested in the Amazon training course that I initially took which I’ll talk about a little bit later and they invested in it because they already tried to do it on their own they already try to get the information from Google and YouTube and and try and put pieces together and they try it on their own and they failed because there’s a lot of gaps there was a lot of information that they were missing that they didn’t think to search for on Google and when you take a comprehensive course this

information is presented to you it’s a gifted to you it says do this right now this is step one this is step two go do it I’ll see you tomorrow

you know so it’s very very different so these people

they come to me and they invest in a course after they tried to do it on their own after they lost a thousand two thousand three thousand dollars and the cost of their time which I believe is more of more value so it’s it’s sad and that’s why I really emphasize taking a course yes I’m an affiliate for courses but again I’m gonna fill yet because it’s the course I took it’s the course that helped me succeed and it’s the course that I’ve seen helped thousands of other people succeed people who have come from literally struggling to put food on the table to now making hundreds of thousands dollars per month and helping their neighborhood helping their friends and family to the same it’s really really amazing so the power of starting an online business is

incredible and you guys already know that that’s why you’re watching this video because you’re interested in starting an online business because with an online business the power for it to explode it’s just it’s it’s honestly it’s hard to really grasp in your mind because it’s nothing like a traditional business retail store it’s not like that when you can reach hundreds of thousands of millions of people online your business can skyrocket overnight really it can you know I had a video two days ago or three days ago

it has 60,000 views and then the next day it had 2.3 million views and I was like no no no this got to be a glitch it’s got to be a glitch and that’s the power of the internet right it got like someone whatsapp did on in like India and it went viral in India but that’s the power of the Internet so we are living in a day and age where there’s so many possibilities and I I do hope that we all take advantage of them as much as possible so yes I strongly recommend you take course guys I strongly recommend you take it and if you cannot afford to take a course now I see a lot of people saying you know what I I would like to take course I understand the value of course but I can’t afford to take it right now if you can’t afford to invest in a course don’t think that you’re gonna be able to afford this business you know if you guys have seen my initial video story about how I started my business I started with very low capital

but that was about three years ago Amazon has exploded every year they’re growing and growing and growing

it requires more capital now if you can’t afford to invest in your course then I don’t think you’ll have enough money to invest in the inventory and the marketing and everything thereafter so from my humble opinion you know if you kind of Ford to invest in a course right now hold off you know maybe it’s not the right time for you I think everything happens at the right time for each person save some money and then come back to it come back to it five months six months a year from now and if it’s still resonates with you you still feel like I really want to do this I really can’t do this I really see the future of this for me and then go forth then invest in it then it then it’s the right time for you so without further ado let me get into some course recommendations for you I mean you guys know that I promote the amazing selling machine this is the course that I took when I first started my Amazon selling business it’s not a cheap course okay a lot of people are like well it’s really really

expensive course but there’s a reason for that it is the most inject

comprehensive up to date course you will find on the internet and I that’s I’ve gone through a lot of courses that’s for sure and they put a lot of time and a lot of money into it they have mentors that even help you they have a community once you join the course you’re part of the community you can earn badges as you you’re you grow and you start earning more money on Amazon and your business takes off you get to know people who are also in the community you get access to the Mentors these are not just random people these are people who make

millions of dollars sometimes per month on Amazon these are really successful Amazon sellers and the amazing selling machine hires them as mentors to help their their customers to help their students so it’s really valuable and I can’t even emphasize enough having a community how important that is because when you start your Amazon journey for a lot of people it’s a very lonely ride you know friends and family don’t understand it you know sometimes it’s not from their generation they don’t understand the power of the internet or friends just think it’s some like some scam or something that’s silly and so nobody takes you seriously or worse they mock you and so it can be very lonely and discouraging and that’s why finding those friends finding that peer group being part of a community even if it’s online it’s just so so valuable and so that’s what ASM provides and so the course yeah it’s not cheap but it’s because it’s so updated in Amazon like I said they’re grown so so much that they have to update their courts regularly and it’s not cheap to do that so yeah and also understand guys this is a business anyone who creates of course they’re not going to create a course to give it to you for free they need to make money as well so it is a business and the course is at a higher ticket and again like I said if you can’t afford certain things you really got to analyze and say is this right for you at this time I’m gonna link the course for you down below I’m an affiliate for the course well like I said I’m gonna Philly it because i 100% believe in and I’m super passionate about it I recommend it to you just as I recommend it to my mom as I’ve done to my brother my whole family like I have no shame no guilt by recommending this course as an affiliate because I truly stand by it believe in it you know that’s why I make videos about it I don’t I don’t think I’ve ever recommended something as much as this because this is really what changed my life and I I told Matt and Jason this they’re the creators of the course I’m like you know you guys changed my life but they probably hear it all the time right like millions of people that know I don’t know millions but lots of people have taken their course so yes and as it philia because I’m in affiliate I do make a commission that is at no

additional charge to you so you guys would pay the same price for the course as you would just find it from their website the same price if you bought it from my link so it’s no additional charge to you it just means that I earn a commission from a SM and so because I earned that Commission I’m able to offer you guys some bonus offers and I offer you over seven thousand dollars worth of bonus offers including my personal coaching a lot of people asked me Tatyana I really would like to do some private consulting and coaching with you but that’s just not something that I offer right now that you can buy it separately I just don’t have the time for it but I make the time for people who do buy the Amazon course and so you want to learn more about my bonus offers you can click the link below in the description box or in the pinned comments and you’ll learn more about that they’re the reason why I only offer it to people who do buy this course is because you know I’ve had coaches in my in the past and you know for my own experience learning how to sell on Amazon if you just have a coach and you don’t have a course and you’re paying that coach X amount of dollars per hour you’re gonna spend way more money on a coach than you actually would on a course because for them to teach you everything that you have to do step by step by step by step would take so many hours I would prefer you go through the course you get all that knowledge down in the video training and then when you have questions regarding that more intermediate or advanced questions that you just can’t find the answers there or online or in the community then you can come to me then I can be your your coach and then I can really help you through that so more the important stuff so that’s kind of my reasoning behind that I really do believe that’s really the best way because it would be too costly for you to hire a coach to teach you all of this step by step by step so if you guys are interested click the link down below this course usually they only really sit a couple times per year I don’t know when you’re gonna be watching this video at the moment the course is available if it’s not available I’ll let you know in the description of this video hopefully this makes sense to you guys

you know one last thing I want to mention is that I know some people who take a course they go through all the training and then they decide you know what I actually don’t want to start a business they just realize there’s a lot more work involved than they anticipated and it’s just not for them but you know what that’s not wasted the money you invested in the course is not wasted because you know what you can take my money but you can’t take my skills and so you have now acquired skills that are extremely valuable in this marketplace today whatever you learn if you learn anything how to put products on Amazon how to optimize Amazon listings how to do PPC advertising on Amazon

how to do Instagram marketing oh my goodness you guys have so many job opportunities an example recently contacted an Instagram expert this is a new job you know my parents would never understand what this job is they think our Instagram this person that’s what they do for a living they help people grow their Instagram accounts what a lame job that’s what my parents would probably think but you know what this person charges four thousand dollars per month per client to help them grow their Instagram accounts you know before a couple of years ago when I first started my Amazon journey I was contacted by this water filtration business in Vancouver and they had a huge business they serviced all of Canada and they said you know what we have all these filters and we want to get them on Amazon we want to start selling on Amazon because we see how Amazon’s growing so fast and we would like you to do it and so they were willing to offer me a very nice salary plus I would have gotten my own personal assistant to help me and I turned them down because I saw the value of growing my own business but if you guys choose not to be an

entrepreneur that doesn’t mean that you lose all the skills that you learn you can utilize them there are so many businesses that would love to have the skills that you have by learning how to source products and put them on Amazon and let me tell you that this is more common this is a very common I see a lot of people now they actually take these courses not with the intention of becoming an entrepreneur because you know what sometimes people they don’t want the risk associated with

entrepreneurship they don’t want the stresses they want don’t want to invest the money but they liked it work for entrepreneurs and so what they do is they take these courses acquire these skills just as you would in University and they approach people who have online Amazon businesses and they say look I know how to do this I know how did you go Amazon PPC I can optimize your listings why don’t I do it for you and they get jobs and they get a lot of jobs and they get paid a lot and also one thing to keep in mind is that you know a lot of these big companies on Amazon they don’t care to take a course to learn

update themselves and update their listings like they’re not gonna bother to do that so they obviously are going to hire someone to do it for them these CEOs and these CEOs of big mega

companies they’re not gonna do it themselves they have to hire someone so that’s when they come in and they find people who are experts in that field and that could be you as well so always just remember that whatever you learn in life it’s never wasted you know so I always tell people my mom what she always says you know what if you lose your business today what if Amazon shuts you down what if this would have thought what if that she’s a worried bug and I say I don’t care you know what I learned so much in the last three years that if I got shut down all the skills that I have in my mind I could build my business even faster today so there’s always light at the end of the tunnel realize your value realize your Worth realize what you learned and yeah that’s my message for you so if you guys enjoy this video don’t forget to hit the thumbs up again I’m linking the course down below with all my bonuses I’m also linking a video about you know my story and my Amazon business and all that stuff and if you like this type of video let me know in the comments below I’d love to talk with you and chat with you and I wish you all the best on your journey take care guys bye bye hey guys I hope you liked this video if you did don’t forget to

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