Russia’s Largest Domestic Airline: S7 Airlines Review

what’s up guys I am here at Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport today I’m heading to st. Petersburg with Russia’s largest domestic airline s7 Airlines actually walking past their headquarters at Domodedovo right now may 7th of a fleet of just under a hundred narrow-body aircraft and their route network extends from as far as Madrid in the West all the way over to Tokyo in the east

it’s an incredibly sized group network that they have so now it’s time to head into the terminal grab a coffee and try out s7 Airlines on their route to st.

Petersburg Russia although I checked in for my flight with s7 Airlines in Russia you can’t actually use your mobile boarding pass or your home printed boarding bus to get onboard the aircraft instead you have to head to a boarding pass printer inside the terminal scan your mobile boarding pass or your home printer go on and get a proper boarding pass printed out here it’s a really convoluted way of working and if I’m honest I really hope that it isn’t long before Russia embraces technology like the rest of the world and allows people to check in using their mobile phone or even our home printed boarding pass after security I head it through to the s7 Airlines Economy Comfort lounge this lounge is usually only available to business class passengers with s7 however only short flights between Moscow and st. Petersburg there was no business class on the aircraft

therefore I got into the allowance using my Priority Pass membership the great thing about this is that it doesn’t matter which class of travel you’re flying in just like me today with s7 Airlines you can get access to over 1200 lounges all around the world for a small annual fee check out the link in the description below which will give you a 10% discount off of a membership with Priority Pass the s7 allowance here is pretty compact but it does have a really nice range of food and drink that was able to keep me occupied ahead of my flight there’s some really comfortable seating areas too and plenty of power sockets to keep all of my devices charged

I have to admit that I probably enjoyed the lounge here for a little bit too long because it wasn’t long before my flight was called for boarding

on which indicate our thumb at I was one of the last passengers here which is something that doesn’t happen to me very often

once again the bus here was absolutely packed and I struggle to find a space on board the bus

this is something that I found really frustrating during my time in Russia it didn’t matter where you were standing on the bus as soon as the bus pulled up to the plane everybody rushed out and bashed you out the way to try and get onto the aircraft first I’m not sure if this is a cultural thing or just me being a little bit sensitive but to be honest I found this everywhere I went in Russia and as a guy who’s normally quite passive this was a little bit

intimidating to me on boarding the aircraft I found the cabin crew really friendly the cabin was quite a smart and modern and the seats are all pretty comfortable too

s7 Airlines were originally called severe airlines they’ll base over at Novosibirsk in eastern Russia and the airline code was s7 hence their new name s7 Airlines they previously operated a fleet that included supa luv 1 v 4 s and tu-134 2 but suddenly these days the fleet is mostly Airbus aircraft these days they operate a fleet of 95 aircraft of which more than half of them are from the Airbus family and they were also the Russian launch customer for the Airbus a320neo of which they’ve got nine in the fleet at the moment with another eight on order in addition to the Airbus aircraft they operate Boeing 737-800 and max eight aircraft and a fleet of Embraer e170 s for the shorter moons and so we were on our way to st.

Petersburg we made a sharp right turn after takeoff to fly over the city of Moscow before turning Northwest on pretty much a direct path to st.

Petersburg in the northwest of Russia fly time today was 1 hour 13 minutes at a cruising altitude of 34,000 feet all right up to sim Petersburg today was on a nineteen-year-old Airbus a319 it was originally delivered in 1999 to Northwest Airlines in the USA and was delivered to s7 hours in 2006 the seats were really comfortable for such a short flight legroom was a little bit tight but to be honest that’s always the case when you’re 6 foot 4 tall the in-flight service started not long after takeoff from Moscow for the short flight Optus in Petersburg today we were given a choice of tea or coffee and then a snack in the form of a sandwich it was a great deal of food but to be honest it was much nicer than the meal that I’d had on my previous flights with these UVA Alliance it was at least edible which is a good bonus

there isn’t any onboard entertainments on these aircraft nor is there Wi-Fi either so I opted to watch some offline content on Netflix i sat on watch a program that I’ve been really getting into laylee s sevens in-flight magazine is simply called s7 inside it gives a really good overview of the sheer size of the route network of s7 Airlines as I mentioned earlier in this video it expands from Madrid in the West in Spain right the way over to Japan in the East all using a narrow body short haul aircraft it’s one heck of a sized route network that expounds over almost half of the globe the Sun got lower in the sky as we headed further north into Russia we soon began our approach into a very snowy st. Petersburg

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the low Sun in the northern sky led to a beautiful wintry scene straight from the front of a Christmas card

the major player here at st. Petersburg who’s rossiya airlines which is an airline that I’d be featuring next time in in-flight video be sure to check our video out today’s flight cost me three thousand six hundred Russian rubles which is about forty two British pounds or fifty four US dollars this is for a flight of 415 miles making a cost of nine pence or eleven US cents per mile s7 or a member of one world which meant I was able to create a flat 125 miles to my British Airways executive club account

I was really pleased with s7 Airlines I expected them to be like a low-cost courier probably because of their bright green livery but they’re on board service was anything but low cost and it’s not gonna drink on a one-hour flight is better than you get with many of the major European airlines the flight was cheap the service was good and I look forward to flying with s7 again somewhere on their huge network of flights let me know what you think of s7 Airlines in the comment section below thanks for watching my review of s7 Airlines take care and I’ll see you next time here on in flight video


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