Print On Demand VS. Aliexpress Dropshipping – What’s Best?

Today I’m going to share with you ally Express drop shipping versus print on demand which one’s better and how you can get started today so let me briefly explain if you go to print this is a good example of a print on demand website so this is a site where you can print for t-shirts sweaters you can get socks done you can get drawstring backpacks you can get phone cases hats a number of different items and basically what you do is you subscribe to the website which is around 60 bucks a month I think

and you create your own designs so you can have your own brand you can have your own logos your own text on your t-shirts you get those designs done and then you send the designs on the website they have a really interactive

easy-to-use platform website and basically is then you create a Shopify store or your own website and whenever a customer of yours places an order it automatically gets sent to the print phul website and then they print it and they ship it for you so basically you’re not purchasing any inventory ahead of time so if you’re a business that just wants to start clothings

for a branding and you think well i’m not gonna invest tens of thousands of dollars on t-shirts that may or may not sell this is a good option for you because you don’t have to invest that money ahead of time you will just say okay I have the website up if somebody wants to order okay great and then when someone places the order it gets sent to printful and then they ship it right away so it’s a great option drop shipping with Aliexpress is different it it’s the same in the sense that both of them are drop shipping so you’re for both of them you’re not ordering inventory ahead of time but with drop shipping via Aliexpress go to Aliexpress comm and if you type in drop shipping you’ll find products that are available for drop shipping so that basically means that instead of private labeling which is basically where you’re putting your brand name on a product and your branding it and you’re selling it under your own listing on Amazon and all that work instead of doing that you’re just getting a generic product without your brand name but you’re selling it so say for example you

up a review website and on that site you have a number of different products and some of them are affiliated products that you have because you’re doing affiliate marketing too but some of them are actually products that you have on a drop shipping website that you found so what you do is if someone is interested in this iPhone case if they order it then you can basically either manually or have it automated it gets sent to Aliexpress and Aliexpress they ship the product for you in the moment so you’re not ordering 100 iPhone cases ahead of time you’re only ordering it as soon as somebody orders it if that makes sense so basically the customer they put their money down they enter their credit card information they buy the product from you that money goes into your bank account then you pay the person and I express for the product and I’ll Express will ship it to your customer both of them are good options because they’re both drop shipping they’re both low investment and the thing with the Aliexpress drop shipping is that it’s actually you have a lot more varieties so with Ollie express you can actually search products via which ones have the best reviews which ones are most in demand you can find like the seller ratings and all that and you’re just you’re finding products that sell you’re not just making t-shirts or you’re not just making leggings you’re not just branding your products you have a lot more options this way and with the print on demand you’re kind of limited with the products that you can pick so for example printful they’re kind of limited with the products that they have like just a certain kind of t-shirt or just three different options for sweatshirts versus on Aliexpress there’s like thousands of different products that you can choose from you know there’s two options there so if you want to start selling like print-on-demand

those are the two ways to do it

personally I think that both options are great but I think that you should use print-on-demand for specific things so print-on-demand I think is awesome if you’re really niche for example it’s Christmastime and you create an ugly sweater Christmas website so ugly sweaters are super popular during the Christmas time and they go for really expensive so if you can find a company that will print on demand those sweaters for you that’s awesome and then you can have them shipped super quickly because you can have a print-on-demand store in the United States and your custom in the United States so they don’t have to wait six weeks to receive the package and then when Christmas is over you can say goodbye and you’re done with the product you can delete the website you don’t have to deal with it anymore because it’s not like you really invested money in the inventory there is no inventory that’s excess so at the end Christmas time if you did private labeling you might have extra hundred sweaters that you need to sell out and mark them down so that you can sell them out but it’s not like that with print on demand so you have that opportunity it’s also great for branding so I for example have an apparel line that I actually use printful for so it’s called Lux apparel if you go to Lux

slash apparel you’ll see my print on demand site it’s just a Shopify store and basically has a bunch of t-shirts and just inspiring quotes it says Lux tall just different branding for my site and also hoping to inspire people through that but I didn’t invest thousands of dollars in inventory all I invested in was getting some images done I invested in the Shopify store which is a monthly membership and also the printful site and so it’s not very expensive and then it’s a good way to just kind of get your branding message across I don’t think it’s the best way to make money online if you don’t already have a brand or if you’re not going for something super niche I think that I’ll Express is a good option for if you just want to sell products because you just again you have so much variety to choose from the only downside with the aliexpress drop shipping is that I mean I think it’s a downside some people don’t think of the downside you’ll have to ship usually buy a packet and a packet is really affordable it’s around five dollars to ship something anywhere in the world but the problem with it is it can take like sixty days sometimes longer and customers don’t like that so yes you can say you know free shipping for the customers but they’re gonna sometimes they don’t read the fine print and they don’t know that it’s gonna take so long to receive it and then they’re gonna you know try and get a refund on PayPal or they’re just not going to be happy and write you a negative review so I find that the e packet is just really long shipping time so parent oh man usually you can find a facility in your own country

and it’s really fast shipping but again it is really expensive shipping in comparison to e packet so hmm it’s a little bit hard to choose


I think it’s great for branding and for if you’re gonna do something really niche but I think that if you want to just build a website and have like a bunch of different products and you don’t want to do private labeling and you don’t want to build a brand then aliexpress drop shipping is a great way to do that with both options you’re still gonna have to learn how to market the products you’re still gonna have to spend money on social media advertising and marketing because that’s how you’re gonna get your site showing that’s how people are gonna come and find you so for example if you have a shock fly store with a number of different let’s say you know you have a bunch of different home decor and you found it all on Aliexpress well yeah I mean it’s great but you’re still gonna have to market the product so maybe you’ll have an Instagram account that features the different photos of products and you’re probably gonna have to order the products yourself so that you can take photos of them and post them on

Instagram otherwise you could sometimes use the suppliers photos that they have but you kind of want to keep a

consistent theme when you’re posting on a social media page these more

dropshipping aliexpress it’s not a long term solution so it’s not really for branding so that’s why a lot of people don’t do social media because they’re like I’m not building a brand why am I gonna have all my products under there versus if you’re doing private labeling or maybe print-on-demand with a brand that you are already have existing you’re gonna have to put more effort into building the brand and building a social media presence so my thoughts overall both options are good and I’m and I’m gonna repeat myself but yeah you know the best way to get started is to check out both sides so check out print Volcom which is just one of many print on demand sites actually I have a couple written down there is Doba there’s dropship direct there’s sunrise their posts wholesale there’s salehoo and there’s of course Alibaba

so you can check that out and then you can check out aliexpress drop shipping and just see which one floats your boat but ultimately I think that private labeling is kind of one of the best options if you’re trying to build a brand

if you’re trying to build something more sustainable because oftentimes these things they’re good for maybe six months maybe a year but nothing really

long-term so you have to kind of decide is this like a quick fix or is this a long-term solution that you want so figure that out and yeah if you have any questions about this feel free to comment below I’d be more than happy to answer them and let me know if you have any video suggestions for my next video I’ll talk to you later guys bye

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