Lufthansa A340 Business Class Review: CHEAP BUSINESS CLASS UPGRADE!

what’s up guys I am here in Astana Kazakhstan the capital city of Kazakhstan in fact I am here at the Hilton Hotel in Astana not through any planning or anything so thanks to scatter and their mess up from a couple of videos ago if you’ve not seen that video will already check it out it which was just a massive mess basically that’s ended up in me being here in Astana instead of where I was supposed to be in Tashkent in Uzbekistan I’m here in Astana in northern Kazakhstan completely opposite direction that nevermind we are where we are we’re here in the beautiful city of Astana so today I’m heading across to Frankfurt in Germany from here in Astana on board a Airbus a340 300 and business-class actually with Lufthansa and quite looking forward to it so I’ve not been on a long-haul flight with a Lufthansa before and I’m not throwing my whole business class with with tons of e4 so it’s going to be interesting to see what it’s all about and how it goes the following morning I woke up really early in Kazakhstan scored is City right let’s go flying

the Hilton Astana has to be one of the most opulent and extravagant hotels I’ve ever stayed in it’s only around ten minutes drive from the airport at Astana and once inside it slice something after the movie consider that this hotel and it cost me around 80 pounds a night which I didn’t think was bad value at all considering the quality that you get the hotel booked me a cab to the airport which was waiting right outside it just takes about 10 minutes to get from the Hilton a star up to Astana International Airport

Lufthansa flight from Astana to Frankfurt leaves really early in the morning about 5:30 fortunately for me I was still on UK time which was now six hours behind others I might make it across to Eastern Kazakhstan so for me it was more like 11 o’clock tonight a few hours sleep that I’d had in that hotel really didn’t hurt though and I was able to wake up get to the airport and then my plan was to try and sleep again on the flight on the way over to Frankfurt the international lounge here at Astana is located up one level from departures it’s operated by air Astana but terminal here has only been open for just over a year and the departure lounge is really modern and fresh don’t judge me I know it was only four o’clock in the morning but remember I’m still in UK time here so I was gonna have a beer anyway to help me to sleep on the flight I was really impressed with the free Wi-Fi here in the lounge it’s about the fastest I’ve ever seen it’s an airport lounge 120 Meg each way which I thought was fantastic I have to admit I enjoyed the free Wi-Fi and beer a little bit too much and and before long I checked the screens and sure enough my fight had already started boarding I was pretty much the last passenger on board which is something that’s never happened to me before my right over to Frankfurt this morning is an 18 year old Airbus a340 300 we see liver fresh to Lufthansa in 2001 has been with them ever since

thank you


what I did

thank you turning left into the business castle cabin as I boarded the flight I found it to be quite a spacious and comfortable cabin the business cabin on Lufthansa

a340 is set out in a triple two configuration the downside of this being in the window means that you have to climb over the passenger side of you to get out but still it was early morning I was pretty exhausted and I didn’t have any intentions of getting out from my seat on this flight

Myra Donald on the emergency buttons even dizzy heights for people and thought how tomorrow

these are so absent asking it we pushed back from the game right on time but before we could go anywhere we had to be the iced although it was March when I took this flight and the UK was entering an unseasonable heatwave

here in Astana it’s a coldest city in Kazakhstan and the temperatures outside we’re about minus 17 please take some time to read through the information in the Luft Hansa magazine and in the safety instructions which you can find at your seat we are required by law to inform you that you must observe all signs once we’d been de-iced the engines were started and we began our way out to the runway here at a star

we texted out to runway 2 to here at Astana to begin our flight over to Frankfurt

as we climb out into the frigid skies of northern Kazakhstan let’s give you an F of U of their Windham until tonight after takeoff we flew to the northwest over Kazakhstan and into Russia we flew towards the cities of Kazan Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow before crossing into Belarus and it was over the southern Lithuania

across Poland and just at the south of Berlin in Germany before making an approach and landing into Frankfurt flight town this morning was 5 hours and 37 minutes at cruising altitude of 38,000 feet a snack service started as we climb down to Astana and has given a really nice piece of cake and a glass of wine

thank you


it was interesting to see that Lufthansa still call Astana selling a grad either a fright entertainment system so the new grad was the old name for Astana before it was renamed in 1997 and it’s what gives the airport is three that echoed TSV

after cake and wine I decided it was time to get a few hours sleep

I set the bed into its light flat position and got my head down for a few hours


I managed a little over four hours sleep on this flight which is one of the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had on an aircraft to be fair I’m usually sitting in the cheap seats back in economy so the lie flat bed was pretty useful we were now somewhere over the Poland and it was about time to start our breakfast service the table here in business cluster pops out of the automated just like this he took a little bit of getting used to to think how to put it down

to push it back up again but I got there in the end



breakfast service on this flight was absolutely delicious it was an omelette with some salmon and the side order a fruit salad and a bit of cereal as well to wash it down I had a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee it was really a nice breakfast meal

let’s take a quick look around the seat here in business class on both horses a340 there’s power outlets at the side of the seat we can connect in any of your devices down the side of the seat as well there’s a USB ports and a headphone socket a little pulled out section in front of you that has an amenity kit in the bottle of water I’ll go through the immediate in a little while above this theory the first section with all the literature magazines and search and just to the left of the screen is a handy little place where you could open your glasses handy if you are glasses wearer like me down the side of the seat is another little cubby hole to

let’s take a look inside the amenity kit it’s pretty much a standard business class amenity kit there’s a pair of socks and a few small cosmetic items toothbrush toothpaste earplugs I mask the usual nothing too special but it was only a flight out of flights are upon me complain the invite entertainment system on Lufthansa is pretty decent as well aside from all the Hollywood movies you can even watch life football matches and news as well if that’s the sort of thing that saves you fancy

the moving map display was pretty good and shared quite clearly the route from Astana over to Frankfurt this evening there is Wi-Fi and a GSM service via mobile phone on the flight as well better couldn’t get any of them to work as we cruised across Germany in the early morning we got some great views of Germany’s biggest cities all the top it’s always nice since it is that up from the air something I’ve not really liked to do in the past when I’ve been filming my full flight videos in daylight but now I’m taking more flights in the evening is great to see some of the cities of the world or that’s all we commenced our approach and landing down into Frankfurt just as the Sun started to rise I love it when you’re flying at this moment just between daylight and nighttime and the ground is all lit up and the sky is also getting light as well it’s just amazing and very beautiful

we touch down nice and early here at Frankfurt

I bought this ticket just 12 hours at downtown’s with Lauren’s it direct on that website

one thing I usually find with Lufthansa is that even if you have bought an economy class ticket you can generally get a business class upgrade much nearer the time directly on Lufthansa website a business class ticket from Astana to Frankfurt the day before the flight was coming out at over 3,000 pounds economy class on the other hand was just 400 so what I did was booked a ticket in economy class from Astana to Frankfurt and then sure enough within a few minutes I was able to upgrade the flight to business class for just 800 pounds in total that meant that this flights just cost me 1200 pounds instead of the three thousand pounds they were looking at charging me in the first place it’s a really good deal if you can get it to work that way

this meant that today’s flight of over two and a half thousand miles had cost forty six pence per mile

overall I found Lufthansa’s business class product on the e3 40 the service was very friendly and professional and the meals are really good if I had to pick something negative to talk about it will probably be the two to two seating it would have been nice to have got access straight to the aisle but really that’s just nitpicking on a flight that’s just over five and a half hours long so here then at Frankfurt after a really nice flight over with love turns out on the Airbus a340 the 340 is a lovely airplane to ride on very smooth very quiet and great service from Lufthansa in business class let me know what you thought to the video in the comment section below

take care and I’ll see you next time here on in flight video

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