Kuwait Airways Business Class: SURPRISINGLY GOOD!

what’s up guys i am here at Heathrow Airport terminal 4 in London today I’m heading to Delhi in India with Kuwait Airways on board of Boeing triple7 300 via q8 of course and today I’m flying in business class really looking forward to this flight

q8 airways are now on that don’t really get a lot of coverage here on the web I’m gonna go and try to find out what they’re all about I said inside and find out who ate I always go from terminal 4 here at Heathrow I may have checking desks on the far left on sides you go through the chain there are dedicated first-class and business-class check-in counters they come with a really nice red carpet just to make you feel a little bit more special

today however one of the other changes was free and checked me in down there after check-in it was through

fast-tracked security

I was airside in no time Kuwait Airways used the Gulf Air Falcon gold lounge here in terminal 4 at Heathrow this is a really nice lounge that gives you some great news over the apron and all the aviation activity outside apart from that you get a great selection of food and drink as well while they wait in the lounge for my flight circuitous left the web on the free Wi-Fi I wanted to talk a little bit about online security this video is Connie sponsored by not VPN who provide an excellent VPN service that I use every time I travel browsing the web on public hotspots such as airport lounges coffee shops and onboard aircraft that’s inherent risks

associated with it

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the headset was given to me in this lovely plush velvet case there’s also really high quality to the temperatures disconnect table covers were all rounded we got on our way to also burn when he returns

the qat triple sevens have

forward-facing and downward facing cameras as well so you get a great view out aircraft even when the plants are should have said well later in this flight

departure today was off runway two-seven right we spent quite a lately taxi across the left from white and black way past the central terminals to the northern runway here

finally it was time to line up and listen to the beautiful music from these amazing GE 98 GT

as we climb ads across southern England let’s take a look at our route over to if you wait today from London we headed east over Germany and Eastern Europe and down towards Istanbul where we nearly made an emergency landing more on that later on and there it was across the Black Sea and dropping down over Iraq into Kuwait or you may even approach and landing it if you wait International Airport

my time today was five hours of 29 minutes and a cruising altitude of 37,000 feet

we’re given menus just have to take off and the food choices are pretty decent indeed at the main course there was a choice of chicken cordon bleu lamb biryani or a fawn masala curry I went for the lamb biryani which was really nice but in hindsight I wish I’d gone for the chicken cordon bleu I plan to take that on the next fly but

unfortunately the choices of food are of course completely different and that’s probably a good time to talk to you about Kuwait Airways in the family they are a dry airline this means that they don’t serve any alcohol on board any of their flights if you ate is a dry country and obviously being the national airline of q8 if you eat Airways follow the same laws as back at home personally I don’t really have a problem with this I know how much of an alcoholic that I can’t go at the 7 hours without having a drink and they do also have a great range of soft drinks and teasing cars on board as well

soon after lunch it was time for one of my pet hates when flying the cabin crew came around and insisted every

window-blind was sure and all the flies were dimmed this was despite the fella this was an entirely daytime fight but the blinds all shows in the cabin in darkness let’s take a quick look around the seat here in business class on the qat triple7 open a the headrest of some seat controls under lighting control as well the bed goes into a fully lie flat position as a few reading lights ducted around and loads of storage to dotted all around the seat a seat so come with really comfortable bedding that was really nice on the next find when I tried to get my head down I guess on sleep the side of the TV screen there some input ports and a co hook as well TV screen itself is pretty big I’ll go through the IFV system a little bit later on

underneath the TV screens little shelf where the safety cards and menus and things are located on the right hand side of the sea there is a little table that pops out from the side just like this actually quite like the wood effect on the table and around the city makes me feel quite homely


at the side of you there’s a little privacy divider that doesn’t actually do much to keep you private from the guy at the side of you for the IFE there’s a little remote control as well that you have at the side of you can choose to pull the flatten up on that while you watch TV on the other or even use the in-flight cameras or things like that it’s the main controls to control the seat here on the right hand side the peppers go into a full of life flats position remember there was also some on the other side of the seat that you can reach when you’re laying down in bed so it’s quite nice the q8 of thought about out of this seat all in all this seat on pure eight hours is really nice and really comfortable I can see myself sitting in this for even that longest flight so they do from New York across Turkey weights my only issue really is the lack of privacy from the seat at the side of you the divider doesn’t really do much to keep me asleep private from the person sat next to me I was really impressed by the amenity kits on Kuwait Airways and these easily rank is the best business class I mean to kid but I’ve ever had the met by christian lacroix

and are absolutely amazing these things absolutely is quality especially compared to some of the other romantic it’s who have had these are absolutely fantastic


inside the amenity kit is the usual toiletries a really comfortable velvety I mask a comb and a brush to brush your hair I’ll be using that later toothpaste a toothbrush the usual socks and things even a shoehorn as well which is absolutely amazing

a little mirror as well for when you’re pruning yourself up or doing your hair like I choose to do I’ll use that with the brush later you also get things like here clothes and things in it as well it is really well Pat’s immunity kit and it’s really high-quality as well half an hour after the windows will shut the cabin crew came around and asked us to put them all again which was a little bit strange but I started to wonder what was going on so I mentioned to you about them with the whole window situation and within about an hour of take off after dinner be an hour and a half actually they came around and made everybody show their window blinds


about half an hour after that they came around made everybody open them in their glands

special delivery strange anyway it’s now three hours until we learned

but I went to the flight map belonging in 47 minutes very little belated Ratana they are comfortable a great note Istanbul the national effort to take care of the medical case of work thank you that will explain why we are during a medical diversion to Istanbul yay okay my first-ever

vibration on board a commercial flight so that’s why we’re looking forward seven minutes that’s why I still say we’re off to Istanbul we started our descent down into Istanbul and lost about 5,000 feet of the descent before the cabin crew came on and then now said actually now the diversion had been cancelled and we’d be heading straight over to Kuwait as already planning okay so recovery of the century we now both of us commanders that

now going straight to Kuwait okay even Kiwis economy class cabin looks pretty spacious and it’s in a 3 3 3 configuration which is a lot more space than you get on airlines like Emirates where you have the 3 4 3 configuration and starting their overseas I’m the shade down again

the IFE system on q88 is pretty good and has loads of Western TV shows to watch it seems that they have a lot of stuff from the BBC as well I ended up watching some of Radio 1’s Big Weekend and even a take that concert

as we as closer towards cute waiter snack service was brought round as sandwiches I always loved flying over in RAC it just seemed so strange to look out over a country that’s have so many issues over the years and see it straight out of your window and it is such a stunningly beautiful place as well somewhere that I’m really hoping to get seemed quite soon as we flew down over Kuwait we flew alongside this Boeing 747 of Lufthansa they was heading to Bangalore in India this flight which is 2,000 feet me lowers and was alongside it for the entire length that we were flying over Iraq

we commend studies sent down into Kuwait we played a video about the history of Kuwait Airways qet Airways does have an awful lot of history behind it it started way back in 1953

we soon commence our approach on landing down into Kuwait International Airport and got some great views out of the window if the ships out in the Gulf as well as some great views from the cameras of our final approach down it’s a few eight airport

we touched down right on timing Kuwait and taxied into the terminal building thank you very much thank you

most airports around the world when she descent bought from the aircraft’s on a connecting flight you have to go through security again to get through to the transit the queue for transit security at this turn of night was really big Chiwetel is having loads of flights coming in Scituate at this time of nine as well as loads of connections out all around the world

thankfully business class passengers up beside and taken through a dedicated security language means I didn’t have to start thank you


as I headed towards the lounge the call to prayer rang out across the terminal building


q8 is a devout Muslim country at the time I flew was in the middle of Ramadan the Muslim holy month when Muslims can’t eat during daylight hours even during the flight in announcement was made of the Sun has set up Kuwait and Muslims may cease their fast

if you mate Airways lounge here in Kuwait it’s got the army barakah elevation it’s situated on the ground floor at the far end of the terminal building from security whilst the lounge itself isn’t really any match for the big Middle Eastern Airlines of Qatar Airways and Emirates I found it still something really comfy and stuff here were amazing

of course because he waits a dry country there’s no alcohol to be served anywhere in the lounges it gained not much of an issue for me like I said earlier I can manage a few hours without a drink my visit to the large complete it was time to head to the gate and try and find out when my next flight to Delhi will be departing from Kuwait areas have a fleet of Airbus a320s a330s and Boeing triple7 300 yards by the one that we flying over tonight they have on order though 15 Airbus a320neo as well as some a330 Neos and even a 350 s which are due to be delivered later this year

it was soon time to board my second Kuwaiti Chinese leaven of the day just like the first triple seven I flew one over to Kuwait this was delivered in March 2017 it’s just over two years old but tonight’s flight I was sitting in the forward business class cabin which has three rows of seats

I was quite lucky that I had nobody sat at the side of me effect most of the cabin was empty on tonight’s flight down the back in economy was a different story though it seemed like they were really busy on that section of the floor tonight doesn’t really surprise me because there are a lot of Indian workers that work over in the Middle East

and commute backwards and forwards to home using allies that Kuwait Airways and guitar

just like on the previous fights a really tasty cup of coffee was brought around is that some waiting for a departure what thing I really like about the Middle Eastern Airlines is a pre-flight prayer that they do before takeoff cancer I always do it as well I think it sounds really beautiful myself even though I don’t understand a word that’s being said

we push back from the gate here our q8 and headed out to the active runway and we’re treated to a fantastic view over the city of Kuwait as we climbed out over the Gulf


as we leave the bright lights of q8 behind let’s take a look at our route over to Delhi this evening

I wrote this evening wasn’t the most direct thanks to the ongoing tensions in the Pakistan area meaning that their airspace is closed we headed east over Iran before heading down of the Arabian Sea coasting in near to our medopad and then flying north to Delhi was rude I did 500 miles to our trip and an extra hour giving a flight out tonight of 4 hours and 10 minutes but a cruising altitude of 37,000 feet dinner menus were handed out just after takeoff here’s a look at what we had for our choices and some nice lines the main course was a choice of a chicken kadai a grilled ham or with dill sauce or and other power it gained for beverages it was a choice of juice soft drinks tea or coffee jus a triple sevens do have Wi-Fi onboard browsing the web was pretty slow as you’d expect a bit it wasn’t the end of the world and I was at least able to get text messages and Facebook Messenger and things working as well

dinner service was started as we headed out over Iraq I went for the real camel which was actually quite nice

I got my head down and tried to get some sleep and unfortunately due to the time difference and the fact that I was telling you K time I didn’t manage to get any sleep so everyone’s a nice flight it was a really nice rest though and the bed on Kuwait oh it was really comfortable

I opened my window blind as the Sun started to rise in the east as we crossed over India

it was pretty murky down below but I did manage to get some good views of several cities we made our way towards the capital of India Delhi the fuse of the ground got slightly better as we descended through the murk and pretty soon we were on final approach at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport

we touchdown on schedule and tax it into the International Terminal here at Delhi [Music]

my flight from London to Delhi in business class cost me 1116 pounds for around fourteen hundred US dollars per trip at four thousand six hundred and seventy one miles this works out at twenty four pence per mile which is pretty steep but still much cheaper than any other feds that I was able to find on this route

overall I found you a tell is to be excellent airline whilst they’re not quite at the same level as Qatar Airways they still have a solid business class product the fact that they’re a dry airline had concerned me a little beforehand but actually it really wasn’t an issue I can go a few hours without alcohol and with the cheap fares of Kuwait Airways offer the trade-off was more than worth it I would have liked a little more privacy in the seat area though and while the large of Kuwait isn’t bad it’s not to the same standard as other airlines in the Middle East [Music]

what do you think the Kuwait Airways but the low fares be I could trade off for missing a glass of wine and what they tempt you to fly with them over the other middle-eastern carriers let me know down in the comments don’t forget as well to check out Nord PPN on the link in the description to secure your internet access wherever you are in the world here at Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport in a video well wow what an amazing couple of whites over with Kuwait Airways they were really good far surpass my expectations at release just a cruise fantastic aircraft the seats are ok – – – and on the last flight I have just prepared to myself as well which was really nice I expected to have a seat under bed for the entire four and a half hour flight or something over here to Delhi so I’m gonna head across to my next right now I hope you’ve enjoyed this video let me know what you think – Kuwait Airways down in the comment section but in the meantime thank you take care and I’ll see you next time here on in flight video

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