I FLEW TO THE USA FOR £37! Crazy Error Fare!

in the cross a deal is just too good to turn down well that’s exactly why I’m here

at Stansted Airport this video is brought to you by Squarespace which is an all-in-one platform to build a beautiful website to prefer in your business so today I’m heading to Boston in the USA and the best prize is only cost me 37 pounds 50 so essentially this is what’s known as an error fair that is somebody or the airliners messed up sold this flight for a ridiculously low price this particular one is a fare from Barcelona across to Boston in the states with stops in Zurich and Montreal and it’s a return flight there’s cost a total of 55 pounds I’ll be using the return later in the year for another fly that I’ve planned to the States of course I need to get to Barcelona and for that one that’s why I’m here at sunset today to take a cheap Ryanair five in $9.99 down to Barcelona making a grand total of each way of 37 pounds 50 you can’t beat that

now of course it goes without saying that the airlines are really don’t like people finding out about these their affairs and as soon as they go public they usually shut down within a couple of hours by the airline you have to be quick as soon as you spot an air affair click the button book it and sort the rest out later which is kind of what I’ve done with this one now of course even if you are lucky and managed to bag yourself one of these really cheap fares there’s no guarantee that the AI isn’t just going to refund your money and come to me a ticket it does happen quite a bit and so we get on the plane there really is no guarantee that you going anywhere

thank you

of course that does mean that until I get to boss Ilona I’ve got no idea whether I’m gonna be going anywhere I want on this so we’ll find out when we get there

first leg on this trip then was down to Barcelona we flew across the channel down France and over the Pyrenees into Barcelona with the flight time of 1 hour and 35 minutes at a cruising altitude of 37,000 feet if you’re not subscribed already it would be great if you could hit that subscribe button I do crazy trips like this all the time and I’d love to share them with you

thank you bye-bye

so my flight out of here then to Zurich was actually leave until 7:45 in the morning it’s only going up to 7 o’clock at the moment so so I’ve got a night here um I could have stayed in a hotel but when I’ve just paid 37 pounds for a flight to the US spend a lot more than that on a hotel seems to be a little bit of frivolous so I’m gonna try and find somewhere to get my head down for a bit and hopefully spend the night here and Barcelona el prat airport

so here’s somewhere that seems relatively quiet other people are sleeping around here as well so may trying unfortunately their seats on the best because they have kind of arms so maybe the floor okay so this is not the most comfortable those it’s free so we don’t really complain

like makes a nice pillow still kind of evening here in Barcelona so see how much sleep I can get here you know five in the morning that was a dreadful time I sleep to be honest awake every hour or so I guess the floor is just so uncomfortable that it’s been nice and quiet as therefore starting to wake up a bit now you pull milling around so I’m gonna go see if I can check in and maybe get twelve thousand yes showered and get some breakfast and hopefully enough time to sleep a little more flight today if we get on long-haul flight today that’s gonna find out it was time to head outside to find out whether or not they would let me get on board a flight that I paid just 27 2015 4 and so the big moment had arrived what I be able to get on board the first flight of the day on my 27 pounds 50 flight I was in well as far as Zurich anyway

right on board was likely going to Boston or should I have set at least Zurich I mean I still had another two fives to go before it comes at Boston [Applause]

next leg of my journey then took me up to Zurich we flew across the

Mediterranean hosting in over the South of France and crossing the Alps into Zurich with a flight time of one hour 31 minutes and a cruising altitude of 36,000 feet

so then here in alcira made it this far at least just about for one day then over to Montreal can’t believe this whole trip has cost me it’s like 37 quid it’s crazy I feel like I’ve got my money’s worth already but I’m a long-haul flight now over to Montreal Canada with Swiss on an a330 time to see if I’d be able to get on board the longest sector of this trip so hero was then boarding a transatlantic flight for just 27 pounds 50


okay the other side to the thank you on board the Swiss a330 to Montreal twenty-seven quit this fight freak hope is funny boss track we’re gonna get a loyal person next to me or long person he has not to matter

lucky for me the aisle seat remained empty say I have to cease to myself I thought my day couldn’t get any better well that was until the captain came on and introduced himself as Captain Roger Cobb

the longest sector of this trip then took me across France and just off the southwest coast of England before crossing the Atlantic we coasted in over Newfoundland before crossing New Brunswick and into Quebec where we started our descent into Montreal flight time today was seven hours and forty-seven minutes at a cruising altitude of 36 and 38,000 feet [Applause]

so now about three hours into the flight we’ve got about five hours remaining now ahead of our arrival into Montreal was somewhere over the Atlantic

they fall it’s really good

i watch TV Mansa sit and watch a movie as well I mean for the price I pay really a common plane this is just really good and he’s relatively comfortable to go see or febrile either side of me the next scene so is pretty comfortable

just chilling for a few hours ahead of in Montreal the hate the price of paid this flight from Barcelona to Boston was like 27 pounds specialty so I felt really complain


they’ve test me a couple of nights to get there that’s

to be fair they could sit in the cargo hold rice and soup with the plane alive probably would allow me a couple of movies and several more glasses of wine later we were approaching the

Newfoundland coast of Canada

it wasn’t long before we were commencing or approaching to Montreal and captain cock brought us in for a smooth landing around an hour ahead of schedule thank you

like tonight

I was in Canada well almost I still had the mammoth queue for immigration and a rather grumpy immigration official to win over before I was officially in Canada

so then here here Montreal Trudeau Airport in Canada and I have to say first impressions not that great I thought America was supposed to have the reputation of having the rudest immigration people I’ve never really found personally but having come to Montreal now I think that’s completely wrong and I honestly believe that Montreal Airport has the rudest immigration stuff I essentially went to the machine it’s what my passport what’s the next bit where the guys are waiting and he looks at me and he nodded and I thought that meant to go towards him and then he was started with dressing me down in front of everybody he said did you never learn that you need to stop at a stop sign I was like what a little bit confused and it turns out that I don’t see missed some sort of science and what he was just being a complete asshole about it to be honest there’s no need for that have any start going on he was quizzing me just for my back and the body of my camera gear and all the rest I never had that anywhere people say that Americans about their Americans always been good for me

I never have anything like this in the States or in fact anywhere else in the world begin so it’s just crazy don’t never mind here now watch some poutine she’s really not you’ve got to do it while you’re in Canada so about a night here not entirely sure I’m gonna be staying I’ve seen some nice funky looking cities around the corner that I’m like going come down on for the night now I was asked when I do these trips how I find these cheap fares and things and this one I thought be a great idea to tell you how I found this error fare and actually came through a blog I follow a few blogs on Twitter secret flying was this one it set it to alert you when the deals come out unless exactly how I found this one it alerted me I jumped on it booked it within like 10 minutes and then that was it blogs like that way to go really the easiest way to start playing and that’s how I got this one I’m gonna finish my poutine and I’m gonna try and find somewhere to get my head down for a rest as I am tired I was Robbie I’m annoyed to put it mildly that the attitude is that guy never lied I mean now it’s gone find somewhere to camp out once I finish my poutine

so then day three of my 37 point flight to Boston and I’ve not slept too bad actually on the cities

just down here in the departure lounge departure hall rather acts montréal last leg now down to Boston on an Air Canada CRJ so we’re looking forward to get in there

that’s very so it’s just dawned on me though I’ve got to go through

immigration again here and deal with them again I hope hopefully they’ll be a little bit more friendly and they were last now I bet we’ll find out

thank you

so I was hoping that the American immigration here at Montreal might been a little bit friendlier than the yeah dude I had last night on the way in um it was slightly better but it was degree not brilliant

it’s about this done asking me a ton of questions why am I going to Boston and why am I only there three hours why am i filming on the flight the airline’s now I’m filming on the fly still have written permission of their lives to film on the flight line really I’ve never had this problem anywhere else in the States or Canada or the most remote reaches of the world never had this issue before and here in Montreal they just seem to have all the little people with a complex working on their immigration so don’t think I’ll be coming back through here any time soon I’m not enjoying it to be on this but never mind I know the rest of Canada is amazing enough I’m flowing a lot through Calgary Vancouver Toronto and there guys have usually been pretty decent people really friendly everywhere else in Canada so I’m just waiting for the Canada flights now on the CRJ down to Boston I’m looking forward to getting there to be honest and being out Montreal

hello buzzer heylia thank you very much so last leg down to Boston

last leg on my journey then took me southeast out of Montreal and into the States crossing Vermont and Maine before making an approach in landing into Boston we even had a bit of a go-around on approach to flight time today was 54 minutes at a cruising altitude of 27,000 feet here we are then the last leg of my 37 pounds trip 48 hours after leaving London

last leg downs here busted

it’s not being written and it hasn’t been easy but but I think really here that you can complain for the price of 30 to take me from episode of states sure is quicker ways and I could have probably got here in seven hours on a direct flight from

whatever 37 quit so I had south of the border to the US I just want to say a big shout out to this video sponsor Squarespace

Squarespace make it super easy to set up and host a website this isn’t like the old days of the Internet where Geocities give you a simple website that you’ve filled with animated gifs Squarespace really do have this nailed where space can handle it all from the domain name to your design to the hosting social media links optimize your SEO search engine optimization and building an online storefront you know for selling really cool merch in best parties Squarespace are offering you a free trial and 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain just by visiting Squarespace calm / North Phillips and using coupon code North Phillips which is of course my name which isn’t Paul on approach into Boston we had to go around as we were getting a little bit close to the aircraft in front it was just the icing on the cake of my fantastic value for money trip the local diamond 9:45 p.m. thank you thank you

so I’ve made it to Boston in the great US of A for just 37 pounds 50 that’s a rootin tootin bargain to make even Uncle Sam proud

so then 48 hours later and I’m here at Boston Massachusetts in the USA all for the great price of 37 pounds 50 how cool is that

I know it’s been an absolutely insane journey it’s taken me 48 hours I could have done it in seven how they’ve paid several times the price but it’s been a good luck even with the grumpy people in Montreal it’s not been too bad at all so on the point of whether you can fly to the USA from the UK for 37 pounds 50 well yeah of course you can question is is it worth the time to do that thanks very much for watching take care and I’ll see you next time

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