Georgian Airways Review: Georgia’s National Airline!

what’s up guys I’m here at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands and today I’m hanging across to Tbilisi in Georgia with Georgian Airways on board their Embraer 190 I’m really looking forward to this I’ve been to Georgia before but I’ve never flown on their national airlines it’s gonna be interesting to see what they have in store for us today so let’s head inside and find out so I headed into the terminal

wonderful thank you

the unfortunate

lovely thank you very much thank you security skipper was pretty quite for this time on a Saturday morning and I got through with no problems at all after security is a passport check it’s an e passport case and once again I got through with no problems

it’s always fun watching the aircraft movements here at Schiphol its Boeing 707 of KLM was particularly nice to be able to see today

pretty soon it was time to head down to the gate my fight over to Tbilisi today was operated from the G gates here at kebab it’s about a six minute walk from the security checkpoint

giorgia now is operate this flight in conjunction with KLM they have a co-chair agreements in place exudates flight had a KLM flight number as well thank you slightly there because I bought this flight directly Georgian Airways I wasn’t able to get any miles credit it’s in my pail and flying live accounts

and here’s my ride over to tbilisi today it’s a 12 year old embryo 190

this aircraft was originally delivered to Air Canada in 2007 I surveyed them for about ten years the seats on board is still the old Air Canada seats the seats all have the old Air Canada personal TVs in the back of them even though they’re all turned off these days I see today was 980 which is on the left-hand side of the aircraft about halfway down

hold on we push back from the stand on time I made our way out to the active runway here is people

I think a quick look at our route over to Georgia today after takeoff we flew East over Germany towards the Polish border down oh the Czechia over Romania and the Black Sea before coming in over the coast of that to meet sir Georgia from there it was a descent and landing into to police his airport quite time today 4 hours and 25 minutes to quitting altitude of 35,000 feet

as I mentioned earlier the aircraft is still fitted out with air colors interior this includes the personal Seabees that are switched off and USB sockets that don’t work soon enough to take off the crew began their meal service for today’s flight Georgian cuisine is consistently recognized as some of the best in the world so I would really looking forward to seeing what Georgian Airways had it’s told me today ah the is fair to say that this didn’t quite live up to my expectations they gave us some sort of meatloaf with pasta a little pot of carrots and a little bit of cake I tasted a little bit to be honest I left the rest

though at least it wasn’t too long before the drinks service where I could wash my mouth adds a little bit find it quite interesting that Georgia now is that our seat cover on their flights it’s something that I’ve never seen outside the US

had a quick flick through the georgian airways pact see it’s mostly written in georgian but there is some interesting information about the aircraft fleet georgian airways was originally founded in 1993 as air xena

after the fall of the soviet union in 1999 the company became the flag carrier of georgia and in 2004 they changed their name to George in Airways you

this was quite a long flight with no in-flight entertainment so I sat down to watch the Grand Tour and Amazon Prime it was quite interesting to see sublease you get a fleeting mention in the opening credits every now and then we got a fantastic view of the ground through the clouds below heaven at the embryo one night is incredibly spacious even though it’s a small commuter jerath daddy has a ton of legroom and it’s probably a lot more comfortable than the Boeing 737 that I was scheduled to fly on today I have to say that the Georgian alphabet is one of my favorite in the world is simply beautiful even when it’s applied to the safety signs on the back of the seat in front of you

after a while we hosted into Georgia over the seaside city of concerning this is a place of I’ve really loved delivered at some point

before too long the beautiful Caucasus Mountains came into view this beautiful mountain range stretches from the Black Sea coast the entire length of Georgia over to the Caspian Sea

as the Sun sets in the west it was time to commence our approach in landing into the beautiful city of Lacey

right on schedule we touched down a to bless the International Airport 11 miles to the southeast of the city of Tbilisi – bliss against loads of cargo flights from all over well being at the crossroads of Europe and AG you’re always guaranteed to see something interesting

the antonov want to fall is great to see as well

there was an s7 Airlines Airbus a320 part above the terminal if you haven’t seen my review of s7 Airlines already please do go ahead and check it out once the caliber would finish their social event I was able to disembark the modern terminal here actively see terminal building here at Sibley to the you arriving to is pretty modern it was opened in 2017 at the total cost of over 30 million dollars last time I arrived into tbilisi they gave a bottle of Georgian wine out to all the he new passengers sadly it seems that they’ve discontinued this now and I walked wine free through to customs

dodging the swarm of taxi drivers I may buy a way out into the beautiful evening here in Georgia

yes thank you

so I’m here than at Tbilisi in Georgia a really nice little flight over from Amsterdam with Georgian Airways beautiful sunset here as you can see sitting in the distance there behind the answer I want to fall parked over there on the ramp here absolutely

International Airport I have a few hours here ahead of my next flight it was a great little flyover with Georgia now it’s always nice to get the Embraer 190 on these sorts of routes – really comfortable plane and much more spacious than the 737 that was scheduled to operate the route of regionally what do you think the Georgian Airways give me a shout in the comments section below thanks very much for watching this video take care and I’ll see you next time here on in flight video.

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