Gallardo Finance Corporaton – Vehicle Loans for Blacklisted

Gallardo Finance Corporaton offers up to R200 000 in Vehicle Finance and Personal Loans for ITC Listed & Blacklisted Clients! that have judgements/ defaults and even garnishing orders on their salaries. Please note that you must have not more than four listings against your name to qualify. Typycally the loans take 72 hours to be approved with an almost 80% success rate and up to 90% for civil servants.

Home Loans – Struggling to get an approval ? We help non blacklisted clients secure home loans , if your debt is paid up and you still on ITC we can get your home loan approved – Please enquire
Business Loans up to R300 000  non blacklisted clients, please enquire
We have a proven track record for all our 4500 clients that we have assisted in the past.
Experience Service Excellence!
We are here to genuinely help!
Car Dealerships Welcome as well to assist with your declines from the banks, we have a strategic model in place to increase your car sales.
•Permanently or self employed earning R7500 and      above, disposable income of min R2500 after expenses
•Not under debt review or administration
•ID, Drivers, Payslip, 3 months bank statements, POA
•Signed Application Forms (Email us for the forms)
•Fax application forms & Supporting Documentation

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