Flying the British Airways Airbus A380: London to Boston in Economy Class

so I am playing today on a British Airways Airbus a380 over two of Boston in Massachusetts it’s my first time Believe It or Not flying a long haul with British Airways I flown sure whole rhythm ton that long-haul is a different matter so this is my first time actually seeing the long haul product and of course flying on their awesome a380 live wire

but because I checked it online today and because I was heading to the USA I had to go get my passport and boarding pass checked by the British Airways stuff here at terminal 5 there is a specified desk for it right now through the security check when it was no trouble at all

it just wouldn’t let me get through security until they had gone ahead and checked so that my Esther and visa and everything else was all intact now I have to say I used to absolutely hate flying through Heathrow Airport but these days with the brand-new terminal 5 and terminal 2 over on the other side it’s just an absolute delight flying through me thro it’s so bright so airy and you can wander around it’s great views of all the aviation activity – now in common with most British Airways long-haul flights we have to depart from one of the remote concourses today and today it was the cecum pasa to get to the B and C concourses you have to go down this the second longest escalator in the UK which tests to an underground train which goes right across to the B concourse and then there’s C concourse before too long her flight was ready for boarding and we made our way down the jet brush to the Airbus a380 that was going to be our ride over to Boston today

now in common with most ba flights that I’ve taken the crew were really friendly today and everybody was saying hi as I made my way down the cabin to my economy class seem right near the back a big apology ladies and gentlemen tomorrow finisher in increase my pleasure to welcome you all aboard is British Airways flight to Moscow the air most beautiful but there will be a short video highlights in the same procedures for this Boeing a

okay so we are now about two hours into this for it

heading out across the Atlantic Ocean some fantastic and scenery we’ve seen so far as well across Wales and

wonderful Florida says

a 3/8 that love is painted

would be a screw when you do your the extra mile must accelerate before chilling out enjoying a glass of wine and a bit of dinner in little while and walking around the cabin as well gladly searchable

it’s a relatively short flight for the a380 this one it sent me about six and a half hours when there were six I was 50 today the year

so we’re very short flight Boston is about as close to that you pleasure to get in the States so

operation for 6 and 6 hours 50 minutes I want to go talk the patency of our recent videos and it’s Australia and still is a very nice short hop by all things to compare those builders so we’re talking selves where the end of the novel

ladies gentlemen on behalf of British Airways in your crew today and the one model is my pleasure to welcome you all to foster the local time here now is 1:35 in the afternoon

we do remain seated BBC busker leaf ourselves until the aircraft has come to a complete stop and you do see the excise duty after we landed as we waited for it gate I noticed a group of local plane spotters out by the side of the taxiway watching our a380 taxiing now the a380 is been visiting positive the coatl my illness was a little bit surprised to see this but it just goes to show that the a380 could still draw a crowd wherever she goes

after we disembarked it was quite a trek to immigration but once we got there it was actually pretty seamless to be honest if you have an ester in you from the UK you can use the electronic passport case just let you come back in the UK

once that’s done you get a little receipt that you prints off and head straight through to one of the customs officials who just checks it over make sure you’re not bringing an agnostic into the country and you’re free to be on your way so I am here now at Logan International metals here in Boston Massachusetts it is the biggest airport here at Boston the only Apple here at Boston actually absolutely fantastic quiet over here we

on board their evel’s a380 aircraft is fantastic every lighting so comfortable it’s really really nice missing a short flight but it just felt like it on buying their time

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