Flying British Airways Business Class on their Shortest Flight from London!

ah surprise I’m here at Heathrow Airport in London terminal 5 home of British Airways today I’m going to be taking the British Airways shortest flight on their network it’s a 35 minute flight up to Manchester Airport and I’m going to doing it in Club Europe business class I wouldn’t normally be flying business classes such a short route but if there’s a reward and redemption that’s my kind of got yes today and the only seat that had left was in club Europe so you’re going to be interested to see what they can do on a 35 minute flight in terms of providing a decent business class service so let’s head inside and find out

terminal 5 is British Airways dedicated terminal here at Heathrow they do have some flights from terminal 3 as well once their side are headed down to the free Shelley’s lounge

let’s do to choose from here in the a concourse north or south galleries Club there’s also the Concorde room which is therefore best class thank you today I opted for the galleries South lounge it’s a little bit more spacious than the one of the north in my experience now it’s a bit nicer when you walk in as usual there’s a great choice of food and drink here too

after a short while and a quick glass of wine in the lounge it was time to head back down to the gate

in hindsight less South large property wasn’t my best tourism today because our flight today went right from the north end of the terminal arrogant elite the North lounge

it was quite interesting that today I didn’t have to show any ID at all anyway when the sermon let’s go through security just needed a boarding pass and it was the same at the gate as we simply scanned our boarding passes at the gate before we boarded the aircraft I’m not entirely sure if this is normal but it was quite interesting that no ID was required any point on my journey today if I’m completely honest I think most of the passengers in business class on this short flight are people coming off the connecting flights from around the world it really isn’t worth upgrading usually for such a short flight but if you’re coming off a long flight from the US in business class it’s just a nice

finishing touch for your last little leg opportunity on chest

today I took my seat in road won’t see it will name

in common with most European airlines British Airways short bore business class is essentially a standard economy can seat with the middle seat locked out they do however ever little fold our table at least on the old Airbus fleet the newer a320 and a321 years don’t even have a table in between but the seat is still blocked off before pushback the cabin crew came around handing out hot towels

this is one of the benefits have been follically challenged away from the air traffic to get a clearance ready shortly thanks to you that I’m Way behind this one way for you sir right taking off the West attraction additionally towards winter fly takeoff today was from runway two-seven right at Heathrow which was on the opposite side at the airfield so we have quite a nice taxi out

I’m sure flies lights of days you can spend lager taxiing at e3 and you do actually in the air and today was no exception today wasn’t too bad actually we had a taxi time of around 25 minutes and the flight time was just 32 minutes but by the time you ready to taxi at Manchester as well the taxi is actually longer than the flight

so let’s we climb out from Heathrow let’s take a quick look at our routes on this incredibly short flight today up to Manchester which took off to the west of London towards reading before heading right on above endured departure and then left of the UK who flew over Lester and nottingham before commencing our descent over the peak district into runway two three rides up at Manchester quite time today was just 32 minutes at a cruising altitude of 18,000 feet even on these really short for is be a still have an air show map above the seats I love the British Airways logo at the front of the business class cabin it really adds a touch of class to the aircraft

on Row 1 on the Airbus a320 the table comes out to be on rest on the side we were served lunch on this flight which I have to say was absolutely incredible there are salmon sandwiches again press sandwiches that all sort of no defined children deserve it as well I was amazed that the cabin crew not only managed to get this out we have three bar service rounds during the entire flight this flight is just half an hour along from takeoff to touchdown

just when I thought he couldn’t get any better on today’s flight like having food cricket came around with afternoon tea scones as one

sitting 18,000 feet above the clouds drinking wine and eating an afternoon tea is absolutely amazing

it makes me how much the cavalry got done in such a short flight they were handing out the food within minutes of lifting off an e throat and we’re still coming around with the bus service as we entered off approach

and of these insecurities bathroom the crew worked really hard on these short sectors and I’ve really tell my ass off to them

on this really short flight up to Manchester today we got not wonder three bar service rounds with alcoholic drinks in addition to that we got that really nice lunch afternoon tea and scones as well

the cabin crew began their services we were climbing out from Heathrow and didn’t finish until we were on a final approach into Manchester they’ve words incredibly hard and such a shock as having who finished their duties for today’s short flights and took a really wild desert sit down

I enjoyed the views of the Peak District in the south of Manchester as we made our approach to runway to three rights at Manchester

I do enjoy a nice PA flight but today’s career I found were absolutely

astonishing the amount that they managed to get done in such a short fly it was just incredible really maybe it was the three glasses of wine talking but I think they did an amazing job and I did actually take to Twitter after the flight to say thanks for the service I’m 58 the bike

so what was the damage for such as short flights event business class well actually I achieved a little bit with this but of the last minute Redemption flight on my BA miles and to be honest and wouldn’t normally have gone in business class but it was the only seat they had available for sedates of light bas redemption so for sure all flights are actually really good for me today in club Europe the cost was 25 pounds from a total of 6,000 miles taper from my account I didn’t think that was bad value it’s over a short haul redemption start from just four thousand miles in economy class go up to seven thousand seven hundred fifty in business class on top of that there’s a flat fee of seventeen pounds fifty an economy or 25 pounds in Club Europe which I don’t think is bad value at all instead of how many taxes and charges many airlines charge on their redemptions BAA one of the cheapest in my experience especially people who never last been in fly like this in total this month at today’s fight had cost me just six pence per mile which is one of the cheapest that I’ve done especially he’ll appeal I go so far to say inlet 25 pounds wouldn’t even get you three glasses of wine and a nice lunch in a London restaurant so to get the flight included as well he’s just fantastic value for money

so here in Manchester Terminal 3 after a really quick flight up from London Heathrow with British Airways on the shortest route onboard the Airbus a320 it was a really nice write-up in Club Europe actually the crew did amazingly well to get done what they did in the short flight time that we had that we had a full meal service bar service we had an afternoon tea and everything all kind of included in the short half an hour flight that we had they did it amazingly well I have to say so here now in a not quite as sunny Manchester as it was down at Heathrow but it was a really nice flight still the same let me know what you think – British Airways Club Europe service on such a short flight would you take business class on such a short ride yourself let me know down below in the comment section thanks very much for watching and I’ll see you next time here on in flight video

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