FANTASTIC! Alaska Airlines First Class!

what’s up guys I am here at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport fantastic hotel here with great views over the runway as you’ve just seen I’ve just arrived here with Virgin Atlantic on board their Boeing 787 Dreamliner in upper class which was a fantastic experience if you haven’t seen that video already please to go ahead and check it out it was an amazing flyover a lot of you have been asking me to fly with Alaska Airlines who are a domestic carrier here in the US are you think you consistently rated as one of the best carriers in the US but it’s an airline I’ve never flown with before so today I’m gonna be heading up the west coast with Alaska Airlines from here at LAX to Seattle Washington I’m gonna be doing it in first-class really looking forward to seeing what Alaska Airlines are all about is an airline that I’ve never flown with before and to be honest I’ve never really paid them that much attention because I predominantly fly into the East Coast and they’re obviously a West Coast based airline predominantly so let’s head across to the airport and find out what I like I realize are all about

like most Airport hotels in the u.s. the Hilton at LAX offers a 24-hour free shuttle service it once every half an hour and takes you straight to the terminals here at La Alaska Airlines use terminal 6 here at LAX TSA was pretty busy but it was a Monday morning at about 7 o’clock in the morning so it’s kind of peak time of the week

here in LA

Alaska Airlines are a rarity in America and that if you flying in first class you could access to their Alaska first-class lounge situated upstairs through an elevator and it’s a lovely little space we can get some breakfast and some chili ahead of you flight again he was pretty busy there this morning because it was Monday morning rush hour you can also get access to the Alaska lounge here at LAX with the priority Pass membership Priority Pass is a great service that allows you to access over 1200 airport lounges all around the world regardless of which airline or cabin that you’re flying in check out the link in the description below for a discount of a membership with Priority Pass I decided to go for a typical American breakfast and obviously have some pancakes with syrup

I also took a bagel with some


one for the road

yeah a good way thank you sufficiently fed and watered I decided to head down to the gates

I found it really cool that there is a dog walking area here for passengers traveling with pets it’s actually outside and gives you some great views over the ramp where the planes coming and going here at LAX it’s actually a better viewing area that you can get as a human so dogs really have a good here at La

I opted to use the inside facilities here at LAX and had you down to the gates where my flight was getting ready to board and here is my ride up to Seattle today it’s an 11 year old Airbus a319 belonging to Alaska Airlines but it was originally delivered to Virgin America back in 2008 it still carries the Virgin America cabin inside which you’ll see in a few moments yeah thank you quite interestingly there was a sign on the side of the door saying that the new Alaska dock is coming soon the cabin here on desire is really nice it’s got the purple mood lighting the wonderful front cabin divided that the Virgin America aircraft had and the really plush and luxurious seats unfortunately Alaska are going to be putting this into their own coming very soon

as we were given a glass of orange juice ahead of our flight the very polite and friendly captain came on to announce our route information for today is to Seattle it’s only a little over two hours late this morning

currently the weather

like rain cloudy skies

47 degrees

we have a wonderful insight team for you to just enjoy our last airline

hospitality they

you and welcome aboard the aircraft are we do ask that you please we just all have to buy driven to everything dos closed it was time to go

we started our taxi out to the runway that is after we have to go around in a loop because the pilots paperwork wasn’t ready hello if you need anyone at the polling 485 right line avoid traps okay few minutes LSST they won’t see us turns on the Charlie hold short of Charlie three times a ground point though okay baby wasn’t slipping together 81 on that side let’s go everyone

laughter don’t you need to walk out there go got a blush okay baby one as we head up the California coast must have a quick look at our route today from LA we turned right and flew up the coast of California overhead San Francisco before heading inland towards origin there it was up to Portland where we took a look at kinking or route before making an approach and landing and to seat up International Airport in a sample quite time today was 1 hour and 48 minutes but cruising altitude of 36,000 feet the first bus seats on this over for brilliant I see a nice plush leather and nickel greeting right over your shoulder not going to take off will be given a nice smoothie which is a pretty Californian drinking you ask me the breakfast service followed which today was a breakfast sandwich it doesn’t look a lot but he was actually quite tasty


like many airlines our last offer inflight movies directiy a mobile device using the in-flight wine these are quite a wide range of food and drink onboard including wine severe spirits and sandwiches as well

eleska airlines have been going for a very long time and despite their naming Alaska Airlines these days they offer a large number of flight in the lower 48 they do offer a really extensive wheel Network Alaska though more than any other end

unfortunately the weather it made really cloudy for most of the day so this is about the best view that we’ve got as we descended into Seattle we’ve got a great view of Mount Rainier in the distance it was a typically great in rainy day here in the Pacific Northwest so we’ve even approached in landing was quite low clouds to Seattle Tacoma International Airport

my flights up from Los Angeles to Seattle today cost me 172 pounds 79 or 228 US dollars

I suppose others at a price of just 18 pence per mile which isn’t bad for the service that I got on board I was quite happy with the service that I got today I got the option to credit my flight to Singapore Airlines Chris Flyer but to be honest it’s been about a month now since I’ve taken the flight and I still haven’t had any miles credited so I’m not sure whether that’s actually worked or not

Thank You mr. domestic US airlines go Alaska are pretty good in my experience I quite enjoyed my flight with them today the service was really good for the price and I paid the cabin crew were really friendly and they keep you loads of little extras like that lounge access the first-class passengers which you don’t get with any other domestic airlines in the States

it’s a real shame that Alaska are going to be replacing the Virgin America in series with their own actually quite like the comfy leather seats in the mood lighting it makes for a really different planning experience

overall for domestic flights that I’ll certainly be put into Alaska Airlines ahead of any other airlines every know what you think to Alaska Airlines down in the comments section below so I’m here at Seattle Tacoma International Airport in Washington Northwest USA it’s pretty cloudy and chilly here compared to what it was like down in Los Angeles anyway this morning what a pleasant flight up with Alaska Airlines in first-class quite enjoyed that service onboard was pretty good let me know what you think so I’ll ask you realize in the comments section down below thanks very much for watching take care and I’ll see you next time here on in flight video7

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