EUROPE’S BEST SHORTHAUL BUSINESS CLASS? Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300 Review

what’s up guys I’m here at Heathrow Airport terminal 2 in London and today I’m heading to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines in business class on board their Airbus a330 300 is quite a cold bring you down here after the throw so let’s go and head inside and check out the Star Alliance lounges here add a little too so I headed into the terminal and straight to the fast track security point here in terminal 2 terminal 2 is a lovely terminal to fly through here at Heathrow it’s really bright and airy just like terminal 5 to cross the airport

most wide-body flights from terminal to go from the B gates which means going down this escalator and through an underground walkway to get to the remote pier stefka SH airlines don’t have any lounge here at e3 airports but you do get the chance to use any of the other Star Alliance lounges here in terminal 2 on recommendation I decided to try out the Singapore Airlines silver Chris large here at the B gates okay will do thank you this lounge is pretty comfortable it has loads of little private seating areas where you can sit down and get some peace and quiet and at this time of the day there weren’t any Singapore Airlines flights go into the lounge was relatively quiet

I would imagine though that in the evenings when the Singapore Airlines flights start going out that the lunch could get really crowded it’s not the biggest lounge at Heathrow and with all those a380 is full of premium ceases in bore Airlines and then I imagine it gets pretty busy

the food here on offer in the Singapore Airlines lounge is really something else I chose a really nice chicken curry but they’ve got loads of other Singapore options there with noodles rice curries all sorts of things that you’d find on Singapore Airlines it was a really nice meal

relaxation over my flight was called for boarding and it was time to head back to the hustle and bustle of terminal 2 to get my flight to Istanbul

fortunately the gate that we went from today was right outside the Singapore Airlines lounge so it wasn’t too far to walk to get on the aircraft and here is our ride over to Istanbul today it’s a five-year-old Airbus a330 300 originally delivered to our free kia Airways of the beer in 2014 and it’s been leased to Turkish Airlines ever since

thank you

the business class cabin on the a330 300 is pretty nice and spacious

it’s arranging a two to two

configuration with LifeLock beds in each seat

the flights even has an onboard chef and before we took off he brought mouse on pre-departure drinks I opted for a lemon and mainstream

once it brought all the drinks around the chef also brought around some savory snacks for us to nibble on before departure

menus were brought round so that we could choose our meal for later on in the flights

and then the crew came around handing out some newspapers for those who wanted them

soon it was time to push back and get on our way towards Istanbul

Turkish Airlines produced some pretty cold safety videos and the latest is no exception it’s done in conjunction with the lego movie and it’s done entirely by Lego character this actually really funny

departure this evening would be from runway two-seven right and it was a little bit busy here at Heathrow tonight so we had a little bit of a hold on the way out to the runway

we were treated to a truly incredible sunset above the clouds our route today then took his East out of the UK over Belgium Germany Austria and down over the Balkan states of Croatia Serbia and Bulgaria before making our approach and landing into Istanbul Turkey flight time today was 4 hours 22 minutes at an altitude of 39,000 feet the business class seat on the a330 300 is really really comfortable you can put it into pretty much any position you want and when even discovered he has a massage function which was absolutely amazing the in-flight entertainment system on the a330 in business class pops up on the side of the seat it’s a pretty good system and in my experience is one on a par with Emirates Qatar Airways on the life of those airlines the moving map display is pretty good and shows you the route that you’re taking although there was a little bit of a pull on a 3:30 in the day didn’t actually show the aircraft on the map there are external cameras that you can view on the Airbus a330 but being night that wasn’t really a lot to see on those there are a ton of movies TV shows and all sorts of other things that you can do on the invitee entertainment system plenty enough to keep you occupied at least for this four and a half hour flights a day

dinner served as we flew over Germany today’s menu was Turkish meze and tabouleh and Hamas for starter and the main course was then a choice of an Islamic lamb kabob grilled swordfish bruschetta

or knock eat with Hama sound and tomato sauce I ran for the is aluminum kebab he was absolutely delicious very sumptuous meat and tasted fantastic there was also a choice of Turkish or French red or white wine as well as loads of other alcoholic drinks to go with you dinner after dinner I put my seat into the LifeLock position I managed to get a couple of hours sleep I had a void landing in Istanbul when I woke up we were already over Turkey and beginning our descent down into Istanbul

so we have landed at Istanbul atatürk International Airport after we pulled up to the gate all the lights went out on the aircraft after the engines were shut down and the captain came on to explain that it was because they aren’t attached to jet bridge properly

maybe there’s another step there’s no company’s double

Thank You Burbank after Terk Airport was chaotic as ever I made my way through the heavy crowds at this time of night to try and make my way to the Turkish Airlines lounge ahead of my next flight I will be doing a full review of the Turkish Airlines lounge at Ataturk Airport in my next video

make sure to check it out I was very impressed with Turkish Airlines business class on this flight the seat wasn’t the best compared to other airlines like Emirates and Qatar where you get a one to one seat and proper direct I’ll access seats but it wasn’t too bad on the a330 Ali was still a light flatbed the meals were incredible in business class and the service from the flight crew was astounding that’s a Turk airport was a disappointment as is usually however the lounge was brilliant and I will be covering that in my next video as I mentioned earlier this time the last supposed to be opening their new Istanbul Airport very soon it was supposed to be open when I flew through all this flights however it’s being delayed and at the moment I don’t know when it’s supposed to be opening I don’t think there’s any sign of it opening in the next few minutes at least

thanks for watching this video really do appreciate it take care I’ll see you next time here on in flight video

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