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hi everybody this is dan from website host report com back again with another one of our website hosting reviews this time we’re doing dream host which is big one that I know that a lot of you have asked for so here we go dreamhost is a really well-known hosting company that’s based out of California they’ve got over 1500 servers which is a lot and they offer a lot of community building stuff an eco-conscious kind of values up to people for example they do free web hosting for nonprofit organizations which is pretty great if you have a 503 c or you know whatever it is there might be something you want to look into the background let’s just jump straight into hosting what’s the price and the value for dreamhost well dreamhost offers unlimited bandwidth in one terabyte storage hosting plans which is pretty great on top of their traditional shared hosting plans and that’s a lot so if you’re looking for a lot of bandwidth dreamhost is a big player and they might be appealing to you we’ve also they also feature and advertise a lot their user-friendly control panel and their own special kind of wordpress

installation which they call dream press so if you are you know you want to use wordpress you’re installing a lot of plugins but you don’t really have the technical savvy to do that yourself or you don’t want to deal with it that’s actually pretty attractive the plans start at around eight dollars and ninety-five cents for shared hosting which is fairly industry standard that puts them in line with companies like GoDaddy but above some companies like hostgator and a small orange and they offer a 97 day money-back guarantee which is one of the longest guarantees in the industry and that’s actually pretty great because it means that you have what is that more than three months to decide if dreamhost is the host for you so that’s actually really comforting to know let’s get into reliability and uptime in terms of uptime dreamhost actually guarantees a hundred percent uptime that literally means that they guarantee that they will be up non-stop that they’re never going to go down now that’s kind of a crazy claim we’re all used to seeing the 99 percent uptime claims or ninety-nine point nine percent guarantees one hundred percent is a different beast altogether so I wanted to dig into that a little more now what they mean when they say they guarantee a hundred percent uptime is that for every hour of unscheduled downtime that dream host servers have they will credit you with one free day of hosting so they’re not saying is never going to happen what they’re saying is that for every hour that your site is down you’re going to get one free day added on to your monthly billing cycle now maintenance also doesn’t count so they bring your server down for scheduled maintenance then that doesn’t count towards that amount so it are they going to be up a hundred percent of the time absolutely not it’s not possible our research has shown that they’ve been down plenty of times in the past however their uptime is very industry standard it’s in line with other competitors and having this guarantee means that if there ever is a down time you get some benefit edit on to your bill so it’s actually nice to have it there I personally felt that the guarantee was a little a little gimmicky but it is something that’s really nice to have and something that a lot of people are going to benefit from now let’s kind of dig into their customer service now I actually had some issues with the dreamhost customer service so let’s kind of let’s kind of get into the specifics there now one of the things I notice right off the bat when you look at their home pages that there is no live chat and there’s not really an easy to find support number so my immediate feeling is that when you are having an issue with your hosting you need to be getting able to get in touch with those people right away right and though they do offer twenty four seven support they kind of make it difficult to figure out how you’re going to get that support now in our testing for emails they had about a 24 hour turnaround time which puts them right about in the middle of the pack and they also offer support forums that users can post in however these forums are only for people who already have paid accounts right so you’ve gotta log in you got to go and find them etc so in general I’m not saying that dreamhost has bad customer service but what I’m saying is that they could benefit from making that customer service easier to find now the conclusion here is that dreamhost is pretty good but now if you are looking for something that’s going to be really user friendly you’re really not

technical and you that’s what you’re looking for shemales actually good fit because of all the things they’ve done on the back end to make the process of setting up your site user friendly and I also kind of like the dream press special wordpress installation however um despite all their guarantees the lack of an easy to find customer service number kind of makes me step back a little bit and I want to say that if you are going to host with dreamhost I would go to the trouble of finding the number making sure you got it before head because after all you’re paying for that support it should be easy to get so that’s my one caveat there so thank you guys so much for watching this video that’s my opinion on dreamhost and if you guys want to hear more or you want to get a little bit deeper into the review you can find the entire review at website host report com that’s website host report com thanks a lot and we’ll see you in the next video.

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