Domain Privacy

hi in this video I’m gonna be talking to you about how to use and manage your domain privacy ICANN the body that governs domain name registration requires that all domains have some sort of valid contact information available through the public Whois database this includes the owner’s name address phone number and email everyone can see this information for every domain which is great if someone wants to contact you about your domain or your website the downside though is that everyone can see it

including spammers or other shady types there are even companies out there that will collect this publicly available data and sell it for profit all of that can cause problems for you this is where domain privacy comes in this service provides a layer of security for your domain by showing blue hosts contact information to the public rather than yours then if someone needs to contact you they go through us and we’ll contact you on their behalf that way you can keep your private information safe to activate domain privacy for a domain that’s registered with us log into your hosting account and go to the domains tab from there scroll down and select the domain on the left hand side as long as the domain is registered with us the right hand side will populate with some tabs click on the one that says privacy to view your options if you haven’t already purchased privacy for this domain you can just click on purchase domain privacy if you have already purchased privacy you’ll probably see the notification domain privacy is enabled under that you’ll see a link that says pause domain privacy you would use that in situations where you want your own contact information to show up temporarily rather than ours for example you might use this if you’re transferring your domain to another registrar since they would need to contact you directly to send you confirmation emails about the transfer once you’ve clicked that link you’ll see the notification domain privacy is paused which means that your contact information is currently showing up rather than ours and then you’ll have the option to unpause domain privacy showing up in the privacy tab here keep in mind pausing or unpause improvi soon othing so don’t be afraid to hit that link when you’re transferring your domain and that’s everything for domain privacy thanks for watching.

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