Disadvantages of an online business

Today I’m gonna share with you the disadvantages of owning your own online business so without a doubt there are more advantages than disadvantages it’s an amazing opportunity but I want to share with you the disadvantages because I don’t think that they’re talked about enough and it’s something you should prepare yourself for if you’re about to start your own online business and so this is coming from my experience you know your my experience might be completely different but this is just my point of view of what I’ve experienced going from having a regular job to full-time online so I would say the number one disadvantage is just that your all-day everyday in front of your computer alone you know you’re you can become quite lonely so going from a job where I was around people every single day talking to people every single day you know the chief jobs I had before this was the first one you know I was at a bar I would work at a bar so I mean of course customer service walking around speaking to customers all the time and another one at a bank so tell her at the bank every two two minutes there’s a new client that comes up and I’m chatting with them along with all my colleagues and I’m also leaving the house and going to a different environment every day and so with an online business I’m at home every single day just me and my computer in the same space and I feel like it does get lonely I don’t see my friends as much I don’t see people as much and so that’s why you know people who have online businesses they recognize this can be an issue and they recognize the need to socialize and to be among other people and that’s why these co-working spaces exists so in a lot of cities there are a lot of big cities there are co-working spaces you can get a monthly membership where you now basically have an office space that’s outside of your house where there’s other entrepreneurs in that office space and you can chat with them on your lunch bake get to know them make friends and at least talk to someone else during the day instead of being in isolation so I think it’s a great option also you know what one thing I love to do is just go to coffee shops you know just getting out of the house and even though I don’t talk to people at coffee shops I’m still around people so you know I can hear other people’s conversation

and that’s not creepy at all but just being around other people I think helps a lot because it definitely can get lonely when you are alone all the time okay number two is I feel like sometimes there’s just no work-life balance and I think if you ask any entrepreneur they understand this one fully because when you’re at a job you know you’re

basically doing what you’re told to do you’re working your 9:00 to 5:00 and you’re getting out of there as soon as possible you go home and when you get home you just sit back relax do you spend time with your family you’re not thinking about work necessarily when you own your own online business when you own your own business in general you are the creator you know that you can build it you can grow it you can do this idea implement that idea and so you have this like buzz and you have this drive to always be doing more and it’s a good thing because it keeps you active it keeps you you know working and you know always doing things and achieving things but at the same time you know where is the line you got to draw the line and so often times you know I find myself working 15 hour days or just really really long days and I’m putting in all this work and I find that sometimes there’s just not a really good work-life balance and so I have to really

consciously create that for myself I have to say okay I draw the line at you know 8:00 p.m. no more work or at 5:00 p.m. no more work and you know just you know what 12 p.m. I’m actually gonna take a lunch break you know like for me I don’t really care to have a lunch break so I will I’d rather not have a lunch break and be off earlier if that makes sense so for me I’m eating my food while I’m reading my emails you know so there’s no balance there a normal job you actually get an hour to take off and enjoy yourself and get away from work and think about other things when you’re an entrepreneur it’s like you want to be in your work you want to be doing more things and creating more because you know the potential so it’s a little bit of it’s a good thing and a bad thing you just got to learn to make it work for you so I think the third thing for me is just that there’s no division of work space and personal space so for me I work in my apartment with my fiance who works in the apartment as well and we work everywhere you know we try to divide our space so that he’s in one room I’m in another room but it’s not like we have a mega mansion so you know the bedroom becomes an office the living room becomes an office the kitchen becomes an office and so every room is an office and then you know it’s a very subconscious thing but when this is your office it never really feels like home and so then you’re triggered

subconsciously by these spaces you know just like you know for example the couch could be an subconscious trigger for you to just relax you know when you sit down the couch is your subconscious trigger to relax and get and grab a bag of chips same thing with when you’re you’re when you’re conditioning all of these spaces to become your workspace so I think that’s why it’s a great idea to have a workspace outside of the house so that the house can become your sanctuary when you go home there’s no more work you don’t open your computer anymore you know the bedroom is the sacred place there’s no computers the bedroom is for sleeping and for lovemaking and then that’s it I think that’s really really important for having a healthy balance in your life you know and I think that oftentimes when you’re an entrepreneur you can forget about that another thing which is very obvious is that when you’re an entrepreneur you are

responsible for paying for your own medical and your own insurance so these are things that otherwise you would have paid into you know employment insurance and what and whatnot and when you’re owning your own business now you’re responsible to pay for that so these are extra costs that sometimes you really do have to account for when you’re saving your money something else small but still significant when you’re an

entrepreneur and you own your own business and you’re paying yourself oftentimes it can be beneficial to pay yourself basically just pay yourself enough for what you need for your day-to-day expenses your living expenses and keep most of your money in your business because companies will have a lower tax rate and then your personal tax rate so it can be beneficial but then when you’re applying for a loan it can look kind of bad because then you might have a lower income and it can be harder to get loans or sometimes if you don’t have

consistent income for the last two years then it can also be harder to get loans or mortgages one other thing which I experienced on a day to day basis being in front of the computer if you don’t have a good workspace if you don’t have a good desk it’s not good for your body you know you’re basically hunching over all the time to look at your computer you know your computer should be at eye level mine definitely is not it’s not good so there it can be the back pain strain in your back also your eyes eye straight just looking at a screen all day long is not healthy for your eyes so of course there’s solutions for that you know like blue light blocky glasses and you know having a app on your screen and all that but you want to have a good workspace so you know Stefan used to have a treadmill desk which is great for entrepreneurs you can be on the

treadmill while you’re on it here so you get some exercise in but that’s not something that can always fit in a small apartment just having a good space because it’s not healthy to be sitting down all day and being on the computer that’s not good for you

not good for your body and costs a lot of pain so I think these are kind of the disadvantages maybe there’s more maybe there’s less I think that you know these are the top ones overall of course owning your own online business is just an amazing thing I’ve experienced so much I’m so grateful for it every single day I feel so blessed and the

disadvantages are small but they still make a difference an impact on my life and I think the most important one to note is just that you may become less social and I think putting yourself in environments and workspaces where you can be among other people is very important for the online entrepreneur so if you guys liked this video please give it a thumbs up thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next left fifth video bye

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