Cheap Web Hosting – Best Cheap Web Hosting For Only $2.50 Per Month With Unlimited Everything

hey guys Gabriel here are you looking for cheap web hosting because if you are you’re in the right place now I’m not talking about those 8 or 10 or $15 per month hosting plans say from GoDaddy or or Hostgator or Bluehost no I’m talking about 2 dollars and 50 cents per month and that’s for unlimited domains

unlimited storage unlimited bandwidth unlimited email and a lot of other features plus your cPanel and the standard features that you get so how does that find this actually was by accident I stumbled across it and I was like wow this is incredible value and I can share it with you so check this out click on the link below and then you can follow along how I get this hosting and how to send it up and everything ok so by far it’s the best web host that I found for the lowest price okay so let’s get starting started with his best web hosting software so here under shared hosting you see it’s $5 per month but it’s actually I’m gonna give you a coupon that slashes that in half and it’s two dollars and fifty cents per month so you get unlimited domains FTP accounts MySQL email storage bandwidth and all of this so there’s some really cheap web hosting software and cheap web hosting plans here so let’s click on sign up okay and then you have the option to add DDoS protection if you want to protect your site I’m just gonna be cheap here and I don’t want that so do that now you can actually register your domain here or if you know transfer your domain to your math you can do that or I’m just gonna update the name servers or add my own existing one so when okay this one okay let’s do that great so let’s continue and I’m gonna select the $5 monthly plan if you want premium support management on your web hosting software then you can do that I’m just gonna click on Add to Cart and skip that one and now we have this now I applied the shared the 50% recurring discount so now you can see it’s two dollars and fifty cents monthly for this hosting account it’s really really cheap I can’t believe it but this is the best web hosting that I found for this amount of money okay so let’s click on check out and I’m just going to go through the standard

checkout process actually I’m an

existing customer so I’m just going to log into my account I’ve read again we click complete order so I’m just gonna click on this and it’s gonna process my order and you will be ready in a second okay okay so now you can see that my ultimate shared hosting is set up for only two dollars and fifty cents per month and I can install WordPress on here and I just click on this service right here and it’ll take me to the page where I can check out my web hosting server so here we can see the web the email accounts autoresponders the standard kind of cPanel stuff file manager all of this okay so I can login to cPanel right here and it will open a new tab you can also log into webmail change my password I can see the disk usage the bandwidth usage all of this stuff can even add an add-on domains I’ve had multiple domains I just click on here add the domains I can check out my databases right here I can even backup my sites some so some really really simple stuff okay so let’s go to cPanel okay user manager and again it’s your standard cPanel account with all your options so file manager you have your disk usage building support databases you have your domains here your email okay your metrics and

security and software if you want to install WordPress okay so you can do this soft delicious apps installer okay so you click on this I’m gonna show you actually kind of do this quickly okay and then I’m gonna install WordPress I’m just gonna click on install and then you’ll just walk you through the process you can choose a protocol if you use SSL HTTPS choose

domaine your directory site settings rename your site your site description simple add your admin username password ok plugins like this and then just click on install and within a minute or so your with WordPress website is ready to go so all in all this is the best cheap web hosting software that I found it’s an amazing option and I highly recommend you get it so click on the link below type in be a shared 50 coupon to get it for two dollars and fifty cents per month absolutely many amazing ok guys so if you’re looking to get started this is it and I’ll see you there.

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