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hi there it’s Gabriel here in this video I wanna share with you a really cheap VPS hosting solution that I personally use now VPS stands for a virtual private server and it’s basically a server in the cloud or somewhere else that you access through your machine and you can run a different operating system altogether so I’m using Mac as my I have a MacBook and I want to run Windows programs so instead of having a separate installation of Windows on my machine or using a virtual machine which I can only access by using this Mac I can use a virtual private server or a VPS in the cloud so I can access it from any machine wherever I am and run applications on there even have my outsourcers or anybody access it and monitor them and they can use the applications on there so this is great if you have a Mac machine and you want to run Windows or Linux or if you have a Windows machine and you want to run Linux now there are Mac VPS out there but this program the service that I’m showing you doesn’t have that I use Mac Stadium comm for Mac VPS if you have Windows do you want to run Mac ok but I’m going to show you this one it’s called veer ma very very reasonable price so I’m using it to run windows VPS and I’m paying only a few dollars a month for it and I run certain windows software that doesn’t have Mac versions so click on the link below you’ll be taken to the veer ma website

and I’m just gonna quickly show you how it works so there’s Linux VPS for really really cheap and it has different memory configurations disk space bandwidth and all of that

I’m personally running the premium VPS which includes the windows right here this seven dollars per month

has one gig ram plenty of disk space and lots of bandwidth and there’s also dedicated servers if you want to own the whole thing so the difference between dedicated and VPS is it dedicated you get access to the whole machine and the hardware and with a VPS

it’s kind of a virtualized version and there might be multiple instances on the same machine okay so obviously the dedicated is more expensive if you have like really intense applications and you want to use it just for yourself for security reasons then dedicate is the way but I think for just everyday users just to run some applications the premium VPS or the Linux VPS is perfect so I’m going to log in and show you how it works so I’ve logged in to mine I have the SSD windows VPS version and I’m just you can I can reboot the machine I can shut it down I can view graphs and has a dedicated IP address I can add now I’m going to click on VNC so this is the remote connection and it opens a new window okay and then I’m going to expand this window because the view is a bit bigger and I can I can also use other applications to access this but I prefer this browser window and I click on HTML B&C okay and it will load up and connect to the VPS if i refresh there we go so you can see it’s running Windows Server 2012 okay and I’m going to remove this up a bit so I can view the whole toolbar and I can do Chrome I can start up Chrome I can basically run any Windows 10 application install it there’s admin so it’s basically a full Windows computer in the cloud that I can access from anywhere that I want okay so it’s fantastic if you’re using a Mac you want to run Windows programs because I’m I’m using a few of these okay and or if you have a Windows one I recommend Mac Stadium like I said before can run a Mac Mini in the cloud and all of that or if you want your outsourcers to access it it’s fantastic oh yeah that’s a quick guideline definitely check out the link below if you like this video if you like this channel subscribe like and comment below and have a fantastic day enjoy your VBS

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