British Airways Boeing 747-400 Negus Retro Livery Delivery: BACK TO THE 80S!

what’s up guys I’m here at London Heathrow Airport in the UK today I’m not actually flying anywhere it’s all because the phone is coming to me British Airways the UK’s flag carrier are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year to celebrate they have painted a variety of aircraft in classic retro livery they’ve painted three seven four sevens in the old liveries and one Airbus a319 and today is the turn of the last Boeing 747 painted in the classic neatness livery to come from Dublin here to London Heathrow British Airways have this livery on their aircraft back in the early 80s so it’s quite an old livery but it’s gonna be wonderful to see it here on this Boeing 747 today British Airways have very kindly invited me along to come and see the unveiling of this new aircraft as it arrives from the paint shop over in Dublin so I’m gonna head down to be a maintenance now and see what happens today

let’s welcome home the British Airways Negus Boeing 747 okay so I’m not here in the British Airways hangar at Heathrow Airport we are waiting for the Boeing 747 in Negus livery to arrive from Dublin it is due to be taking off in just a few minutes from a Dublin and it has an hour flight over to here where they’re going to be taking us out to see it as soon as it arrives the BOAC livery simple so it’s also arriving at some point this morning so we’re going to get out to go on how look at that as well hopefully when it arrives

right here we go we’re gonna head outside

okay so we are outside now waiting for the arrival of the nigger seven four seven just when you form that the BOAC 747 is also on its way in as well from San Francisco and that should be landing at some point so they brought us out here to see that landing which will be coming in a very soon it’ll be really excited to be out here on the apron here at Heathrow Airport always the center thrill let’s wait here for the niggers to arrive

all right so the BT a livery a319 is just on approach right now kind of somewhere behind me so the aircraft’s landing and then very shortly after it will be the neatest Boeing 747 it’s on approach now – we throw here in a London [Applause]

okay here she comes she’s on final approach now and it looks absolutely stunning I must say let’s turn around after this all

wow what an absolutely incredible be nice it’s kind of common taxi in now and hopefully pop up right in front of us here at the be a maintenance hangout here to throw

right so here she is the beautiful Boeing 747 in the Nevis livery just tax it on spam here at London Heathrow what an absolutely amazing livery and a throwback to the early 1980s from British Airways a very classy looking livery for a very classy looking aircraft I have to say it’s absolutely beautiful okay so the photoshoot is complete so we can go and have a wander around the aircraft now and go up close to this Boeing 747-400

how cool is this

we were able to walk right the way around the 747 and gets so close up to it absolutely Magnum it is an aircraft never fails to impress this aircraft absolutely amazing

and look out there is it right underneath the wheel well of its some 747 that tires themselves a huge absolutely massive there’s never been so close to a 747 before and the scale of this thing is just phenomenal absolutely incredible huge massive landing gear on this 747 I’m going to come down here and just show you the scale of this London there I mean it’s nearly the size at me it’s tire here Wow absolutely walk around here have a look at the engine as well I mean it

Wow scale of this thing is just phenomenal

absolutely come on I’ve rode on these a few times but I’ve never really seen them from outside that this of this place before look at this engine here wow it’s still warm as well actually to the touch from its flat over from Dublin walk under the wing here

if your outer end in the venting number four now you can see I can almost stand underneath it

and we’re looking into from the rear as well

how are these things push-out and here is the main landing gear of the 747 as well be right up there to wheel well we are welling up there the thing it slides into after takeoff

these wheels are absolutely massive I wouldn’t like to pick the one who has to pay for these tires to be changed down it quickly I have to tell me

right underneath it here now

phenomenal absolutely phenomenal scale this thing

very lucky to be able to become very lucky to be able to get so close to this aircraft especially so soon after its flight over from Dublin fantastic so there we have it as we all should back into the hangar here at Heathrow as we all should back into the hangar here at Heathrow the Boeing 747 in the niggas livery absolutely beautiful which one’s your favorite retro livery there’s four of them now have a look see which one is your favorite let me know in the comment section below thanks so much for watching take care and I see you next time here on in flight video

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