BELARUS NATIONAL AIRLINE: Belavia Trip Report (Boeing 737-300)

so guys I am here at Minsk National Airport in Belarus today I’m heading across to Moscow Domodedovo

international airports with Belarus is national airline Bolivia there are 15 flights a day between Vince gon Moscow making this the busiest international air routes out of Belarus Arafat Bellavia and gutiere all operate the route several times a day with a mix of narrow body aircraft I was last here at Minsk Airport about five years ago and the airport has undergone quite a serious renovation and modernization project since then there’s even a Burger King here now which was a great place to stop for a quick bite to eat ahead of my flight


filled up on fast-food it was time to head down to the gate the first was a passport check to make sure I had all the relevant paperwork in order to get into the Russian Federation flights between Belarus and Moscow are

considered Fault in the same area just like the Schengen area in Western Europe however this does mean that they have to check all of my paperwork at Minsk rather than at the other end in Moscow this was a pretty laborious process I have to say I had to fill in about three identical forms and then keep on refilling them as I’ve made some minor mistakes from the ones before that it was a little bit of a nightmare to be honest but still I got through in the end and made my way to the gate area to wait for my flight over to Moscow I’ll write over to Moscow today was an almost 30 year old Boeing 737-300 this particular aircraft was delivered to the Dutch airline Transavia in 1990 since then it’s served with elements such as Cameroon Airlines air one of Italy and Norwegian Air Shuttle before being delivered to Bolivia in 2011 just 11 days after I flew on this aircraft it was retired from the lobbyists fleet is now undergoing conversion to a cargo aircraft for a Mongolian airline in common with my previous flights on a Bellavia Boeing 737 the cabin was quite dated inside but the seats are actually pretty comfortable before we pushed back the heaven crew came around with suites for us to secure in the takeoff Minsk Airport is currently rated as the most punctual small airport in the world so this flight was no exception and we push back right on time to taxi out of the runway just like many former Soviet airports taxiing outside Minsk is a lot like taxiing through an aviation museum there are a ton of classic Soviet aircraft lining up all along the taxiways il-76 is yaks tupelov’s pretty much every soviet aircraft manufacturer is represented here on the ground at Mintz it’s sad to see so many aircraft as part of an abandoned but a large number of them are actually used as cargo aircraft in this part of the world

after a pretty steep initial climb out we were soon above the clouds and heading east into Moscow

I’ll route today tapas to the east out of mints overhead Smolensk in western Russia before descending to the south of Moscow and they’re making an approach and landing to Demeter de veau

International Airport cruising altitude today was it just 29,000 feet and the flight time was 114 minutes

not long after takeoff the cabin crew came around with the in-flight service with this being just a shorter flight today we were just offered a snack service at a sandwich and a cup of coffee or tea

like Ramon these older 737 isn’t the best in the world but it’s still fairly comfortable for a short flight like this very soon it was time to commence all he sent down into Moscow

it was a beautiful clear day here in Russia and we got some fantastic sights over the Russian countryside as we came in to land at Domodedovo

just like that we landed in Russia there’s quite a variety of airlines to see here in Russia including s7 Airlines who are Domodedovo zoological I check out my true report with them

I disembarked into a freezing cold afternoon here in Moscow this minus 9 degrees outside getting onto the bosom to the terminal was much harder than you needed to be

they sent only one bus to take up and written thank you passengers from the Boeing 737 and they didn’t work very well I have to say we would rent in like sardines and just when we thought they couldn’t get any more people in a lot more people turned up it was still at least I didn’t have to hold on too tight because even if this thing rolled over I’d still be wedged firmly in place why did the passengers then it was time for the interrogation as I arrived in Russia as much as his classes atomistic flight from belarus into Moscow because I had a British passport and probably because I’ve been in you crate the few days previously they really wanted to know what I was up to the why was he in Russia fortunately however they soon realized it was just a place wasn’t here to fly on a few random missionary place and they waved me straight through with the rod of amused look it’s a look that I’ve got used to get

I am here now at much scarier and emotive effort after my flight over from a min squid with a bit of la Via Dolorosa national airline and it was a pretty nice flight Nestle airline business of this country will see anything

and you’re sure flight about an hour and a half here in a very cold Moscow and there is minus nine and it’s due to get colder as well thanks very much for watching today’s video guys really appreciate it take care and I’ll see you next time here on in flight video you

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