Amazon FBA Product Research Tips – 13 Things To Avoid With Your First Product

I’m going to share with you what not to do when picking your first product so my previous video which I’ll link down below for you I shared with you things to do when picking your first product how did the select your first product now I’m going to share with you the opposite of that so what you want to avoid and common mistakes I see with my coaching clients ok so let’s jump right into it number one I would say the biggest mistake is when people select a product based on their own interests and not the

interests of the market so yes you want to select a product that you like but you don’t just want to select a product that you’d like without actually checking if the market legs that product two is the product selling well or is it not you know you need to really verify this an example would be is if I adore this sweater here and I say hey you know what I’m just gonna sell this on Amazon because everyone else is gonna like it too without doing the research to actually see if there’s sweaters similar to this already selling on Amazon successfully so if I just pop this on there and assume that I have no

assurance that it’s gonna sell on Amazon and more often than not it doesn’t sell so what you need to do is you first need to find a product that is selling well on Amazon and then after you figure out yes it sells well then you can decide ok am i interested in it or am I not so in this case don’t go with your heart don’t go with the product that you die for don’t go and make your first product to your baby that’s not what this is about this is a business decision and you need to make sure that whether you agree with the market or not you follow where the demand is ok number two is you don’t want to have a product that it’s fragile and this is important because I mean obviously things get broken during shipping especially if you’re shipping by boat if it so happens to be then the chances of breakage are very great and you want to make sure that you can avoid any losses in inventory because that’s cost that maybe you didn’t account for so avoid things that can break even if they arrive safely at the Amazon warehouse but then from the Amazon warehouse to the customer they have the potential to break that just doesn’t look good on your part you’re gonna get more returns more upset customers and more negative reviews you also don’t want something that’s too happy so for your first product definitely avoid anything I would say above 1.5 pounds because if you’re shipping by air which is most common for your first inventory batch it’s gonna cost you an arm and a leg if it’s three pounds even two pounds is very heavy so avoid that because shipping fees do add up

don’t underestimate shipping fees trust me they add up especially if you’re shipping overseas so if your inventories in trying to come in here by air it will add up quickly you also don’t want a product that’s too technical so a product that requires you know a lot of technical assistance anything really too digital

I would avoid that because what happens is with technology always comes a lot of problems a lot of things that can go wrong malfunctions you know if it’s a camera the camera might not work or the speakers might not work or the plug auxilary cord you know whatever it might be there’s so many different reasons for it to go wrong and what happens is the customer will then return the product and write a negative review so you know why why go through that you know why pick a product that has the potential to cause a lot of technical difficulties when you could just very simply pick a product that is extremely basic and simple and that you are guaranteed to not have any issues like that you know just doesn’t make sense for me I think a lot of people are too much in their hearts when they’re picking products like that because they say oh this is a fun product I can use this product I love this product but you’re not thinking logically because a product like this for your first product you don’t know what to expect you don’t know everything about cellular Amazon and it can cause too many issues for you so an example for this might be a rechargeable battery verse is a plastic plate step for kids they might be priced exactly the same but this one just high

so much more potential for refunds and negative reviews and this one is just so simple that there’s really no reason that someone would return it so don’t make your life hectic if it doesn’t have to be you also want to avoid anything with lithium batteries anything that’s hazmat because you’re gonna encounter issues with shipping because the carriers don’t want to be responsible for anything that can be dangerous during the shipping process I would also suggest not taking a product that competes with other big brands so forest competition is good and shows that there’s demand there but if you’re seeing that you know for example you’re in the baby category and you see that every almost every product on that first page is a major brand that sells out Walmart well there’s something called the law of familiarity and people are gonna be familiarized with those big brand names if they’ve ever shopped at Walmart and they saw those products before whether or not they know it those product brand names are registering in their subconscious and when they go on Amazon and they see that brand name again they’re gonna recognize it and they’re gonna feel a sense of certainty and so they’re gonna actually select those products over yours which is an unknown brand so if you know there’s too many big brand name products that you’re competing with I would avoid that just because the chances of them picking your product over a big brand name are much smaller than if all your competition was also just a seller like yourself I would also avoid doing anything that really needs a thorough explanation so if a product you know needs to be assembled in a crazy way or you know needs to be put together just anything that really requires too much of an explanation I would avoid because people get confused quickly and their attention span is small so when they’re on your listing and they’re trying to figure out this and they’re trying to figure out that they’re just gonna exit out your listing go to the next one also with marketing when you’re trying to market that product if people don’t understand what it is when they first see it they’re probably gonna swipe away and they’re probably not gonna there

gonna lose interest more quickly so just try and get something as basic as possible I would also recommend not inventing something you know Amazon private labeling is not about inventions it’s not really about being super innovative if you have an amazing pot product that you want to patent and sell this is probably not the platform for you you should probably start like a Kickstarter or something like that you want to make sure that whatever you’re selling on Amazon has already been done before

there’s successes on Amazon you can see that other products similar to the one that you wish to sell are doing

extremely well because that’s your guarantee right there that’s your guarantee that you know what there is demand for this product people want this product on Amazon and when you inventing something you don’t really know how the audience is gonna react you don’t know how people are gonna react to it plus when you invent something you have to market it a lot for people to get to understand it and get to know it think about Shark Tank you know a lot of the products on there you’re seen for the first time and you’re like hmm that’s interesting but you’re not like fully sure if you want to purchase it yourself because there’s no social proof there’s no you don’t know how it’s gonna be you haven’t seen it before you’re not super sure about it

same thing with Amazon people like certainty they like social proof and if it’s product they know and trust it’s just much easier for you you also want to avoid products that are patented or a trademarked I would always recommend doing a trademark search when you’re first selling when you first discover a product that you want to sell but an idea of a product that could be patented is you might find a product on Amazon that is selling extremely well but there’s not very many sellers and that’s a kind of a red flag to me it’s like well why hasn’t anyone else discovered this and the reason might be because that product is patented so just make sure that you check that ahead of time that’s gonna save you money in the long run it’s very easy to check this stuff so get it done

I also avoid anything with chemicals or ingredients that are not approved by FDA that is self-explanatory but it’s definitely something you need to do your due diligence for especially in the beauty

don’t worry if it’s something that is applied to skin you need to make sure that it’s safe and it’s not gonna cause harm to your customers which actually brings me to my next point I would avoid anything that comes into contact with the eyes or the skin directly for your first product it’s not like it’s a bad thing but you know for your first product it’s just more of a liability I would avoid anything that could be a potential liability yourself especially since you might not actually be set up as a corporation which would actually protect your personal assets in case someone did sue you but yeah I would just I would avoid anything that has potential liabilities you also want to avoid categories that are dated so on Amazon there are certain categories that they get from new sellers because they want people to have more experience before they sell in them you can get unguided in those categories but it will require more extensive information from your suppliers documentation it’s just a little bit more work for you and it’s not a guarantee that you do get in gated so if you can avoid on gated categories that might save you some time in the future next I would also avoid

variations for your first product you just want basically one product that comes in one color and one size as simple as can be because when you get more complex when you get more sizes more colors just different variations in general it just really brings a lot of complexity to the other way simple Amazon selling process I’ve been say this from my experience I’ve got a product with 30 different variations on Amazon and it’s really really

complicating and I do not recommend it for new sellers honestly if I was a new seller and started with that product I would have given up because it’s just insane how much I’ve had to do to really get it to work

so start as basic as possible basic is you know King me like you really want to make sure your product is basic so the more simple the more simplistic it doesn’t need to be fancy at all go with that so you know these are my top things to avoid when looking for your first product of course there are definitely more that I have

accounted for into this video but regardless if you’re serious about selling on Amazon I recommend that you take a course I know from my own experience and from the people I’ve done coaching for it is gonna help you in the long run yes you’re gonna invest money initially into the course but it will pay itself off and you’re going to really fast-track your rate of success with Amazon because there’s gonna be things in the course that you would have never thought about before things that you would have never thought to search for it’s really just gonna save you a lot of time and money in the long run I recommend the amazing selling machine it’s linked down in my description box yes it’s the best course that you’ll find for selling on Amazon and it comes at more of a high-end price tag but it comes like that for a reason and I do believe that you pay for the quality when it comes to these courses if you need an alternative that is fairly inexpensive I do have another

recommendation for you down there as well so click on that if you want free training on how to source a product from China I do have free video training also in the description box so check that out and I hope to see you in my next video don’t forget to comment down below if you have any questions at all for me or if you have any video requests for this channel I’d be happy to do them I’ll see you later guys bye

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