Amazon FBA – How To Contact Suppliers What To Ask and How

Today we’re going to talk about how to talk to suppliers so how do you communicate with them by what you mean do you communicate with them what do you say in your emails what questions – I’m gonna answer all the above in this video hopefully it’ll help you so let me start by just letting you know that it’s gonna be different when you communicate with a domestic supplier versus an international supplier so you’re sourcing locally say you live in the States and you’re sourcing in the States

I would highly recommend that you pick up the phone and you call them and the reason for this is because you can establish that personal relationship with them there’s a certain tonality that you can hear over the phone you can establish a relationship with that it’s just not the same thing you know via email that plus personable and it can be longer it can take longer to get response so over the phone is simple it’s easy it’s local

definitely recommend that now if you’re going to be sourcing internationally so if you’re sourcing via China or a different country first you want to email them that is definitely the the first place stuff to go is by email and that’s just because I mean there is a time difference and also you have to understand that they’re not gonna be as comfortable to pick up the phone because they will have maybe not as great English and when they’re talking via email they just have more time to formulate a response they might be able to use a translator and so their English will be better and they’re just more comfortable like that so oftentimes with my supplier you know sometimes I’ll be on the phone with them and I can’t understand what they’re saying but when we talk on email it’s just like they have ruined English all of a sudden so email us the best means once you’ve established your relationship with your supplier they’re probably gonna


– talking to you via skype or whatsapp and that’s very common especially in China the reason for that is just it’s faster communication than email and they all use it there

so start with email and then transition into Skype and what’s up so I’m new supplier should you contact I would recommend contacting a minimum of five suppliers but I personally would just contact at least ten and the reason for that is because the more the merrier the more you can contact the better for you and you might notice that some suppliers just don’t even get back to you might contact

three suppliers that just don’t respond maybe three others that take three days to respond and you’ll notice that some suppliers respond right away so it’s good to have a way to compare different suppliers I also like to keep notes on how fast it takes for them to respond just because I like when the suppliers respond quite quickly it’s kind of an indication that they do have quick means of communication and so I know that one day if I’m in a position where I need to talk to miss applier urgently it’s not going to take them three days to get back to me one thing to also note is that some suppliers don’t respond with the first email for some reason those buyers just don’t take the personnel seriously they take you more seriously once they see that you’ve sent them a second email so it’s good to kind of be on top of that and follow up with them and say hey look I know I sent you an email a week ago haven’t heard back from you would love to get your feedback on your request please get back to me of your earliest convenience so follow up with them don’t be afraid to do that I would recommend just getting a Google spreadsheet and putting your supplier information and all the spiders you contacted keep track of how it takes me to get back to you input which ones do get back so you didn’t get back to you and then when you put sent out a follow-up email when you want are just higher you want to be professional this is very important I would HIGHLY that you have a professional email address which means it’s a domain name email address it’s not your name at

or at it’s you know info at Lux health comm so insulin your brand com support at your brand comm Tyler at your Brad comm the reason for that is it’s just more professional it shows them that you are a serious business I would also recommend just making sure that you have a well-thought-out well-written

email just because they might not have perfect English doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t you should definitely spell check your emails and just don’t be sloppy about it you know just be professional and also will you do professionals assignment respects and one thing to note in China things are taking very seriously mannerisms are very important in fact we know I personally have now about to go to China and they say that you know if your passport is torn or if it’s damaged in any way or if it’s you know God I mean kind of damage on it they won’t accept it they want your password to be clean and in good condition because that’s what they expect of people so just make sure that you also have very well written emails and be professional addicts okay so what should you include in your first email to your supplier so I’m going to give you six questions to ask your supplier in your first email number one is you’re going to indicate which product from their product catalog you’re interested in it so just

reiterate that this is the product you’re interested in make sure that they have it with stock number two is you’re going to ask them if the product is available for private labeling so you’re going to ask them is this a product that I can private label if so where can I put my logo

number three is they’re gonna ask them if the products can be customized so it’s really good to know if it can be customized because maybe not now maybe not with your first order but in the future you might want to customize the product based on your customers feedback so if you get a lot of one-star news about this one little

thing about the product you want to be able to fix it so it’s good to know if you can do that or not

number four you want to know what the price tiers are so Christ’s ears means that they’re not going to give you one price per unit the more you order the smaller the price will be so you order 500 units it might be three dollars unit if you order 1,000 units it might be 275 unit if you order 2,000 minutes it might be 250 a unit so it will go down with the more higher quantity you order but oftentimes if you ask for Christ here’s just know that they might not get back to you with that figure in that email when they respond they might ask you for more information so they might ask you for like dimensions of things they might they just ask you more questions oftentimes so you might not give you a straightforward answer right away number 5 is you want to ask them what the mo q is and the Q stands for a minimum order quantity and you don’t want to make this the first question you ask because it just kind of seems like oh maybe she can only afford like a hundred units and not a big salary you you kind of want to push that down the lists and questions that you ask them but always remember that the mo Q is negotiable

so if they say that the mo Q is 2,000 units and you’re like I cannot afford 2,000 units just know that there is room for negotiation and that’s partners number six is the estimated production time so this is important because you want to know how long it will take them to create your product because you want to get the ball rolling with your business you want to get things going especially if you’re heading down the fourth quarter when it gets really busy during Christmas time if they say that it takes three weeks for them to produce a private-label product that you’re not customizing that’s not a good indication you don’t want them to take more than two weeks it should take maybe a week because if you’re not customizing the product and they have inventory in stock which oftentimes they do then all they have to do is slap a label on

and it becomes very simple I mean if you have a very special label that’s like integrated interested design of the product they might have to redo the packaging or whatever that will take more time but just know the simpler your product the the less time it should take so from my experience a product that is custom lines that is customized to a brand will take three weeks to reuse so if your supplier is quoting me three weeks for a product that requires no customization that suppliers a little bit taking too long

too much time and so that’s not a good thing I would move on to the next supplier so it’s good to know that to keep all this information in your spreadsheet so once your supplier responds what do you now say in your follow-up email so you’re sucking you know there’s three things that I would say that are just necessary to ask number one is what kind of packaging and branding options they offer so

oftentimes different suppliers will have different options from the packaging branding you know if you private label product and keep it as simple as possible it might just content like a plastic poly bag but it’s good to know that they have the option to in the future upgrade it to maybe a cardboard box or you know something else so it’s good to see what those options are often pimply could just send you a catalog that has all this information already and just know that when you’re first starting don’t go and spend like thousands of dollars to customize your product to make it amazing I would highly recommend just starting with the most basic the cheapest option and get the ball rolling remember time is money and it’s important to get the ball rolling and the more customized things are the longer it will take the more it will cost you and it’s good to just kind of throw something out there because we first are introducing a new products on market under your brand you don’t it’s gonna sell well and it’s not worth spending thousands of dollars if you have no dad so get the data get the feedback from customers and based on the feedback later customize things and spend our money on packaging brandy number two is what kind of payment methods they accept so option types of players will not accept paypal for larger quantities so PayPal though upset me before your sample order or though it’s cept for a small order of like two hundred or hundred units or whatever but they’re not gonna accept paypal for a thousand two thousand dollars because the paypal fees are quite high so most often times it’s gonna be a wire transfer and it’s good to do if you’re sourcing from Alibaba to use out above its trade assurance which is protection it’s a type of insurance for you if you’re going to be paying your suppliers so make sure that they cooperate with Alibaba straight assurance and if you send a wire send it to the information that is provided on the trace assurance order because you want to make sure the information provided on the trade assurance order matches the information provided from your supplier because if it doesn’t then you could be sending it to their bank account

despite thinking that you have a treaty surance order and they receive it and if you have to submit a claim to trade shirts they’ll say oh well there’s nothing we can do because you didn’t send it to the bank account on our file and number three is you want to get the packaging and branding specifications from the supplier so once you decided on supplier and all the stuff then you want to make sure okay now it’s time for me to get my logo my packaging design my tags whatever it is that you need to get done and oftentimes the suppliers will have certain requirements for that so they might only be able to print one or two colors they might only be able to print certain dimensions so you need to make sure that you have all this information before you go and hire a designer to do all the work because that’s gonna be inefficient and

sometimes your suppliers can actually do the design and artwork for you you can just give them the concept say hey this is what my brand

this is how I went to look these are the colors I like formulate something for me and then you pay them and they can do it for you so that can often be a simpler route if you can do that that’s a good option but otherwise you need to know what the specifications are for your design you know cities can pass this off to the designer so that’s what I would recommend that’s how you contact your suppliers don’t make it more of a big deal than it is it’s really not that big of a deal you get used to it after a while that’s why the more the better the more experience you have with contact and suppliers the easier yes and just be friendly remember that these are human beings there are people just like you and just you know you can’t have such high expectations also remember that you’re in a completely different time zone sometimes it can be morning for you and they can be 1:00 a.m. for them and they’re working hard so you know be considerate and also know when the holidays are so there’s holidays in China you have to know when those are so if you know when not to contact

suppliers and when not to place orders and also to maybe give them a gift or or to say things or to whatever it is yeah so hopefully this video helps you guys and give me questions let me know in the comments below if you want to learn how I source products from Alibaba click on the link below for my free training video 30-minute screen share on how I stores too firmly behind pick a supplier and she go to wax house calm / China that’s how you get asked in the video hopefully the self do you guys

I’d like to know and I’ll see you later bye


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