Amazon FBA – How Long It Takes To Start Seeing PROFITS With Your Private Label Business

I’m gonna share with you how long it takes to start making money with Amazon FBA so I don’t know anybody who can give you a straight answer with this because it completely depends on the individual I can only share my own experience plus you know people that I’ve done coaching for how you know what has happened with them so I would say you know the average I mean I can’t tell you the average but for some people they can start making money within the first two months of having their product up when I say make money I mean make profits so you can have sales but actually not make profits because in the beginning when you first launch your product a lot of times you’re gonna do a lot of giveaways they’re gonna have to give the product away for free so you might say see on your selves account that you make $2,000 but in fact you might actually have not made any money or last minute that first month so yeah I would say it takes a roughly or you know at minimum around you know two months to see a profit but for most people it’s a little bit longer than that I would say you know most people maybe within four months some people six months and then some people years so it really just depends on the individual depends on how much time you’re

dedicating to the business you can do this part time preferably fine you can do this after work or before work in the morning but it’s just you’re not gonna have as rapid growth as someone who has you know eight hours a day to spend on the business that’s just a fact and there’s nothing wrong with that when I was first starting I could only spend a little bit of time every day on the business because I was just so busy with my different jobs and going to school but then when I went full-time after about I think I was about a year and a half into the business I started to go full-time and then it’s like every every day I push the business I grew the business so much faster because I had so much more time to dedicate to the business but the great thing about this is that with the Amazon FBA business unlike any other you know new venture a lot of businesses that are physical business the first year usually

at the end your end expenses they end up in the red they end up not making a profit or they end up in debt that’s pretty common but with an Amazon FBA business I think it’s pretty normal for people to actually profit within the first year so to actually have profited you know five ten twenty thirty fifty thousand dollars within the first year that’s a huge thing for any business and I’d say it’s pretty normal for the Amazon FBA business because the reason for this is you’re doing all the

calculations ahead of time so before you even source your product you’re doing the research to make sure that the product will turn you a profit but the product is in demand you’re doing research on how much it will cost for packaging and labeling and make sure that the selling price is going to account for all of the cost so you’re always basically ensuring that you’re at a profit which is super awesome because sometimes you know with restaurants and stuff a lot of things happen you have employees you never really know how things are gonna go with the Amazon physical products business if you just have one crop product it’s so easy and simple to manage and to calculate all the costs and make sure that you have your numbers right it’s really simple it gets complex when you start getting a lot of variations and a lot of different products but you can always hire an acknowledgment for that or a bookkeeper so yeah I mean I can’t give you a straight answer but I would say that if you hustle you can start making a profit within the first two months of having your products live on Amazon and if you want to do it part-time I’m sure you could see a profit within the first year there’s no doubt about that honestly if it takes you longer than six months to start making a profit you need to start reevaluate what you’re doing because the things that you’re doing might not be growing the business they might just be maintaining the business or you might just be doing something wrong because it shouldn’t take you longer than six months of having your products live on Amazon to actually start making money so hope you guys enjoy this video if you want more information about Amazon FBA click on the link down below where you get a free training that I created step-by-step on how to source a product from China so I’ll see you in that video and I’ll talk to you later bye

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