Alibaba Fees Explained

Today we’re gonna talk about Alibaba and Alibaba fees so if you don’t know what Alibaba is it is the world’s largest online wholesale marketplace for international trade so it’s it’s huge basically if I want to source a product overseas for example if I want to source in China I can find any product my heart desires so there there babe there’s a lot of manufacturers there so a lot of variety and people want to know well if I find a manufacturer on Alibaba what’s the cost to me so I can tell you that when you sign up for an account there is no fee

there’s no membership fee they don’t take your credit card it’s absolutely free for you the only time that you’re going to pay a fee which you don’t really notice is if you choose to use Alibaba hey so Ali pay which is a service that they offer if you’re paying your supplier for example you want to send them a wire transfer or you want to use your credit card and you want to use Ali pay because it provides you with insurance it provides you with certainty it gives you confidence and trading with a new supplier then you would pay them a service charge so that’s the only time that you would actually pay Alibaba now on the other hand if you’re a seller and a manufacturer you want to list your products on a Baba you have two options you can have a free account and you can have a paid account so the free account is a little bit limiting for

manufacturers they can only list 50 products but they can upgrade to a Gold account which just means that they’re now an assessed supplier so they do have to go through testing and they have to have someone a third party check out the fulfillment center make sure they’re legitimate but by doing so now they’re able to reach more people and just have more exposure and they do have to pay a few thousand dollars a year for that plus Commission so Alibaba makes money off of the manufacturers in that way and again if I choose to decide to pay using Ali pay then I will have encounter that service charge and so will the manufacturer there’s also other services that Alibaba offers people that I could take up on if I choose to they have customs clearance that refunds trade financing and logistics services so these are additionals if I choose that you don’t pay this could benefit me then yes I’ll pay Alibaba for that and they will provide the service again there’s only a fee when you choose to use Ali pay and honestly I highly recommend using it because it does provide you with the level of insurance a level of certainty and so if you’re using a credit card to pay for your order you’re gonna encounter a two point nine five percent transaction fee if you’re using your checking account which is an awesome option there is no C so if your link to your checking account directly with with Ali pay then you won’t have a transaction fee but you can only do that if you’re having a u.s.

account or a European bank account so only if you live in those countries and have accounts in those countries and then there’s another option to send a wire transfer which the service charge will depends on the country that you live in so for me usually I send wire transfers

I think the checking account option is great but I don’t have a u.s. account or a European account so that’s not really an option for me so yeah that’s it I mean Alibaba is really a great option if you’re looking a source online in fact if you guys want to know how I source my products online I have a free training video you can just click below the link it’s a 30 minute screen share of how I find suppliers and how I find suppliers to source my products so that might interest you click the link below free training I’ll send it to your email and yeah Alibaba is awesome super cheap and I highly recommend you use it bye guys

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