Air Malta Business Class Review: Malta’s National Airline!

so guys I am here on the beautiful island of Malta in the Mediterranean today I am heading back to a London Heathrow with Air Malta in business class important airbus a320 they are the Lavallette the lounge at Malta which is actually really nice as one of the few lounges I’ve been to that has an outdoor viewing terrorist which is fantastic look at the views that you get across the area from here so I’m gonna head inside check out the lounge and then head down to the gates again my flights up to Heathrow with them also in business class onboard here we’ll say 320 I was actually really impressed by the lava let’s lounge here at monster airport it’s situated just above the departure line but it’s really nice really modern and spacious and that outdoor viewing Terrace is absolutely incredible business class passengers are entitled to use this lounge people also getting using priority pass if you’re flying in economy Priority Pass is a great service that I use the control ancestor over 1200 airport lounges all around the world just ran out thank you check out the link in the description below and you get 10% off any membership with Priority Pass which I finished in the lounge I headed down to the gate where my flight was getting ready to depart first however there was just a quick passport check bank before we made our way into the non-schengen gates here at Malta

thank you thank you very much

of course this distrust gets you priority boarding at most airports around the world but in this case priority boarding just meant that we got on the bus first before anybody else and it was still a mad scramble to get on the fly when we actually got out there was a little bit disappointed with this to be honest I’ve bits of some airports before where business class passengers and priority passages get their own bus before everybody else but in this case it was just a free-for-all

and here is our ride over to the UK today is a 12 year old Airbus a320 originally delivered brand new to our Malta in 2007 it’s been with them ever since apart from a short everywhere it was leased appear to have their ways we scrambled our way up the jet which with everybody else sitting there’s only a few rows of business class on this flight – you see how many other passengers have beat me to it

but business class cabin honest there wasn’t it soon bad but the seas are pretty comfortable but it was showing its age a little bit

I did like that mo to have some nice pictures from the island of Malta for the front of the cabin in common with most European airlines business class with our motto is simply a standard throw with the middle seat rocked out but as you can see they have this convertible middle seat that turns into a little drink straight for you thank you

before we got underway the cabin crew came round with some pre-departure dreams and some local newspapers at this point the weather and mobs are turned decidedly rainy and we started our engines and taxied out to the runway here at Malta Airport

after saying we’ve got some fantastic views across the entire island of Malta this is the extent of the entire country it’s one of the smallest countries in the world but it is absolutely beautiful as we climb up from this beautiful island paradise let’s take a little look at our route over to London today our flight today took us northwest over the island of Sicily of Italy something here in Corsica air overhead Monaco and then the length of France passing Paris processing this channel and then into London Heathrow flight time today was two hours of 58 minutes at our cruising altitude of 38,000 feet I was looking forward to see what the food was like on our monitor overhauled their entire menu last year and now Afra by onboard service in economy and up front you had a nice choice of local foods

they’re coming who came around with some hot towels just got to take off wasn’t long until the food service started and actually I was pretty impressed this is the start so it was turkey ham a nice liberty salad on the side and some beautiful bread the main course was a Maltese omelet which was really nice at this time of day I love the presentation of this meal as well it’s very authentic very Maltese dessert was a choice of several different options when I opted for the strawberry omelets

this is the first time I’ve ever actually seen the island of corsica from the air but the Mounties he looks absolutely stunning I was really surprised to see snow-capped peaks in the Mediterranean island

it definitely looks like some way that I have to visit really soon it looks amazing

the air marks our business class cabin is are really comfortable

the seats are a little bit old and showing their age a little bit but actually they’re really comfortable and the old fashioned kind of leather seats that you’ve got a few years ago and discuss class on most airlines

there is an air show maps displayed at the front of the cabin as well which is quite handy to ship on your progress of your flight as you’re heading up towards the UK

our motto is quite a unique airline in my opinion they operate a lot of holiday flights to the island of mats are from the UK and all across Europe although there are national airline many of their flights offer the legend market and you can see our Montara flying into airports all over Europe in the summer it was quite interesting to see their business that’s product though

the Air Malta in-flight magazine is called ill des ela

it’s quite interesting inside but I had street for the back pages at most aviation each would air Marta’s route network covers most of Europe they operate a fleet of Airbus a319s and a320s and I’ve been going for about forty five years there’s a nice piece in the in-flight magazine about the history of our motor and the aircraft that they operated over the years

I remember seeing their 737s heading into my local airport at East Midlands way back in the late nineteen ninety and I know they’ve been going a lot longer than that

back in the 70s they even operated Boeing 707 which is one of those out of that I never got to fly on but I really wish I had

I remember my grandparents were first talking to me about their holidays to Malta back in them nineteen eight is now their own honor mods are over there so it was quite interesting to see what the airline looked like back then pretty soon we commenced our approach into that than Heathrow London that you are cracker

the captain in form is that we’d have a little bit of a holding plan before we came in which is quite usual for a throw this time of day descending through the clouds we arrived into a murky day here down at London Heathrow

leave that one alone so how much did my little ride on Air Malta cost me this morning well to be honest it was part of a longer fly that I was taking from Malta to Los Angeles way London Heathrow my own web connection was on 13 Atlantic but I managed to get a really good business class fare which was added just a hundred and forty-four pounds for this flight

in business class I was able to credit 1962 miles to my Singapore Airlines batarus flyer account the reason I could do this is because the flight was booked with Virgin Atlantic you are a Singapore Airlines partner we touch down on schedule on runway nine left area Airport on this really murky spring morning

hairmolt use terminal 4 here at London Heathrow which is about the furthest you can get from the end of runway 9 left this meant that we got to see some really wonderful aircraft as we tax it across the airport has terminal 2 and an inter terminal 4

I’ll be flying with Ethiopian later on this year and I’m really looking forward to trying out their product

after a pretty lengthy taxi we texted on to stand four one five here at Terminal four and Heathrow

thank you bye


the e-passport gates were all out of order today so I just had to go to a standard passport KT at my passport checked and enter me into the UK before I connected across the terminal 3 for my onward flight

so back here once again at Heathrow Airport terminal 4 in London all beat for a very short period of time we’ve got a few hours here before I head over to the state from terminal 3 on my next connecting flight I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video with Air Malta in a business class on board the Airbus a320 if you can’t see that for item following – you can do by becoming a supporter either on patreon or by the Facebook page you also get a whole range of all the benefits including earlier be the actors as well so it’s well worth checking out if that’s what you’d like to do thanks so much for watching guys take care and I’ll see you next time here on in quite a video

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