Air Astana Review: Airbus A321neo Business Class – Kazakhstan’s National Airline

what’s up guys i am here at Almaty in Kazakhstan I’ve just arrived here with the wonderful Scouts Airlines as you may have seen in my previous video I am now stranded here in Almaty after my flight with scout was delayed by over two hours causing me to miss my flight back to the UK if you haven’t checked out my review of skirt Airlines please do go ahead and check them out it was a fun experience but certainly not one that I’d like to try again anytime soon for now however I am stuck here at Almaty and looking at ways that I can get back to the UK as we taxied in from our previous flight I spotted an air Astana a321 neo sitting out on the ramp which seemed like a nice upgrade from the old 737 I was on last time having checked the departure screens and noted he was going up to a Stannah and I hoped that I would be able to get a nice flight home from a starlet to the UK once I got there they had a few remaining seats in business class so I decided to book it on this spot this is probably the closest to a flight departure done that have ever booked a flight we are just an hour out from departure and I went straight onto Ariston as well so I booked my flight checked in and went through security because I thought the fly so close to the torture I had to go and present my credit card to the check-in desk before Upsilon to get my boarding pass thank you very much thank you

sadly due to the fact that my flight was literally about to board when I dropped it I wasn’t able to check out the air Astana Lounge here at Almaty if you’ve been there before they let me know what it’s like in the comments section below it was a really nice surprise to actually be getting on board and a321 neo today it’s a relatively new aircraft this one that I’ve never actually flown on before my right today was less than a year old and was only in the middle two air Astana in June 2018 holding this aircraft felt incredible compared to the last two flights that I’d have with Scouts Airlines and really old aircraft the cabin was really bright and modern and the business class cabin in particular was really spacious there was a nice headset at the seeds as well as a nice air Astana cushion as well the seats had massive TV screens in the back of them I’ll show you through the advanced entertainment system later in the video

the Coventry came around handing up menus of wine cards for the in-flight dining laser all in today’s flight there was a really good selection of wines beer spirits and all sorts of sufferings as well

if we came around ending our

pre-departure drinks i just grabbed an orange juice in the glass of wine it was interesting to see an old Antonov 24 taxi across the apron as well I did look to try and find a way if there was any way I could fly on old aircraft like this in Kazakhstan put my search turned up empty if you know of any flight it’s like listen as I’ve done using these sorts of echo please just drop a comment down below we pushed back from the gate right on time and the two Pratt & Whitney engines poured up into life construction

and seal tightly to unfasten

the city of Almaty is located in the northern foothills of the Zalesky alatau mountain range we got some tasty views of these mountains as we took off these mountains scale up to 5000 metres high in places our frie today turf is on a pretty much direct Northwest path from towards the city of Astana

we flew overhead lake bath cache which is one of the largest lakes in the world from there it was straight up to a stunner in the north of Kazakhstan fry time today was one hour 22 minutes at a cruising altitude of 38,000 feet the headsets in business class were a nice noise canceling time I don’t tend to use the ones on board though as I much prefer my boat ones there’s plenty of power dotted all around the seat here in business class

aside from standard power sockets there is a multitude of USB ports as well there’s also two power sockets located at the front of the seat just above where the life vest is the seat doesn’t move into a life flat position but it does allow you to recline quite comfortably the tray table is located in the armrest and just pops out like this it folds out into a drinks tray initially and then you can open it all the way to get your full dinner on there as well

the crew came around with hotel shortly able to take off not long after was the first round of service service stay started off with the drink service I grabbed a glass of the really nice white wine I had just before takeoff

in stark contrast with my previous fights on this trip the dinner was absolutely delicious

I took a lamb kabob with rice the dessert by the way was absolutely amazing probably the best dessert I’ve ever had on board a commercial flight the in-flight entertainment selection on air Astana was quite good they come with a whole variety of TV movies and music Peter listen to us as well

the movie map display wasn’t shown at all during the flight for some reason it just wasn’t available however for a flight of just an hour and 20 minutes it wasn’t really that important as we started already sent down into a scanner I saw these amazing looking clouds out of the window

with the huge city of Astana in the distance we began a quite a blustery approach down into a stoners run wake a STONER is the cover the city of Kazakhstan it’s also the second largest city in the country compared to the other two places I’ve been in Kazakhstan everything was really modern and really shiny

my flight took from Almaty today to Astana cost me just 164 pounds at 70 and that was only a few minutes out at the beginning of the flight this works out to 215 US dollars which I didn’t think was bad at all for a flight books at the very last minute

it lists is close to reflective 591 miles miss any cost twenty eight pence per mile which for the level of service on board I thought was excellent value for money

I found air Astana’s service on 8321 they are really good as certainly as good as Western Airlines and reminded me a lot of Lufthansa even their in-flight entertainment system seems to be the same earth of tons ins we disembark by the jet bridge into the really modern terminal here at Astana if this terminal was only opened in 2017 and like much of the city was built especially for the expo 2017 event and so I had arrived in Astana the capital city of Kazakhstan this was a somewhere I plan to visit on this trip but it was nice to be here nonetheless my next job was to try and figure out a way of getting back to the UK tomorrow there were two possible flights I could have taken and Etihad flight if I Abu Dhabi that was leaving in just a few moments time which I think was a little bit late for or

alternatively there was a Lufthansa flight the following morning that I found well that would take me back to the UK via Frankfurt I opted with the Lufthansa flight and found myself a nice hotel that wasn’t too far from the airport to spend a few hours ahead of my flight tomorrow morning keep an eye out for that video as well

if against when you can watch this full flight in real time just by becoming a supporter on patreon let me know what you thought – air Astana in the comments thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you next time here on in flight video

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