Affiliate Marketing – Easy, Low-Investment Online Business Model

In today’s video I’m gonna share with you about affiliate marketing and this has been requested by one person like on every video I see the comment about please make an affiliate marketing video but really it’s not that complex like you could pretty much sum it up with a Google search of what is affiliate marketing because there’s not that much to it but I’m gonna give you the rundown so basically what it is is say I’m an influencer and I’m on YouTube and I’m on luxe biz channel and a company that sells hair brushes contacts me and they say hey Tatiana we would love for you to feature this product on your channel and we will give you a 10% commission from any sales that you generate through your channel and so what that means is you know I might talk about it in my video I may show it do a review about it and then I’ll have a special link down below and the company provides this link for me and when the customers say you as a viewer say you click on that link now and you go to the hairbrushes website you’re not gonna notice anything different it looks like a regular website but if you buy that hair brush it’s gonna be tracked back to me and I’m gonna get a 10% commission it’s not gonna cost the customer

anything it’s not gonna cost me anything it’s just that the company is now gonna pay me a 10% commission so why would a company G that you know how are they making the money well basically it’s a sale that they wouldn’t have otherwise had so you know you not creating a video at all means that they’re not going to generate any sales from a non-existent video but by having this video and you talking about the brush it’s just an extra sale that they wouldn’t have already had so there’s a lot of

incentive for companies to do it and for you as an affiliate marketer it’s a great option because like I said it costs you nothing there’s no investment you’re not buying inventory and there’s very minimal work involved so you know you don’t have to do much you can basically just you know make a Facebook post say you have five hundred friends on Facebook you make a Facebook post say hey guess what I just received this hair brush it’s amazing I tried it on my daughter the other day and she for once did not cry while I brushed her hair if you guys had the same issues with me with your kids check it out and then you insert the link and you can tell them whether or not it’s affiliate link it doesn’t really matter I think I’m YouTube you do have to make sure that you tell people that it is an affiliate link I’m not too sure but then if a friends-and-family clicks on it and they buy it you earn a commission so it’s super easy to do and it can scale it can really scale so there’s people who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month using affiliate marketing I love it because you know like I said there’s very little work involved and of course we all want to have businesses that have minimal effort required and I feel like affiliate marketing is just one of those and you know a good way to get started is you know if you’re already an

influencer you’re ahead of the game so if you already have a social media following say you have a hundred

thousand followers on Instagram that’s awesome you should definitely be doing affiliate marketing and in some ways you know influencer is technically already do affiliate marketing they just don’t know it so you know influencers a lot of times you know the ones who don’t actually know much about business they just kind of want to build their social media following

they basically wait for companies to approach them they wait for companies to say hey we love your Instagram page we’d love for you to feature this curling iron will give you the product for free and then could you please post about it and so these influencers they will happily take free products but they don’t realize that them posting about it is worth more than just a free product you know they could ask the companies say hey I would love to share the product do you also have an affiliate program now some companies will

straight-up tell them hey we have an affiliate program please join other companies might just not tell them the agent might just say maybe they’ll just take the product and that’s it so if they join an affiliate program that means that you know they make the post one time they get product for free maybe they get paid a hundred bucks but then if somebody else buys the product they still make that 10 15 20 percent

commission which is awesome and also you know those posts will be on Instagram for a lifetime so if someone wants to scroll through their Instagram and they saw that one photo and they said I love the way her hair look

I wonder what she was using you know she might have posted that six months three years ago but she’s still gonna make a commission on it which is pretty awesome now if you’re not a social-media

influencer you can still leverage affiliate marketing very easily and the best way to do that I think is just by building your own site now you could build a wordpress site or you could build a Shopify store if you want to build

okay there’s so a couple ways to do this so say for example you decide I want to build a review site now I love review sites because people go to them because they can definitely find really valuable in-depth reviews about products that they’re thinking about purchasing and so they have a lot of credibility because people trust the website they say well this person obviously knows the product they’re giving an honest feedback about it but you know wow you’re creating this awesome blog post with a great review you can also include an affiliate link so if I’m doing a review about this comb versus a very long comb versus a round brush whatever different brushes and you know I can talk about them and give my honest review but I can also make sure that when I have a photo it can be linked to the person’s website and that link is an affiliate link so reviews sites are great to get started you could also build a Shopify store and just have like a bunch of products on there you know like I said they don’t have to be your products you can have products of other people and just like direct them to that person’s website so yeah I think the best way to get started is just by adding value so whenever you add value doesn’t matter what you do you’re gonna find a return on that so a review site is a great place to start if you want to do affiliate marketing because you’re just adding tremendous value to the viewers and they’re really gonna be locked in to what you have to say they’re gonna trust your opinion and then there’s just a lot of potential to obviously link to different products now how do you find products to become affiliated with like I said you don’t wait for companies to come to you you have to seek them out so the best way to do that is to actually go to the

company’s website directly so say for example I mean again just silly comb if I go to you know this comes

actually $10 which is kind of ridiculous Urban Outfitters so if I go to the website for Urban Outfitters and I say you know what I love this comb and I love everything on that website I want to become an affiliate so usually if you scroll down you’ll find a link at the very bottom of the website that says affiliate you click on that and it’s basically a registration page and they can set you up to become an affiliate now not every business will offer this so you do have to kind of find the ones that – but say you know I liked this product and I wanted to become an affiliate but Urban Outfitters doesn’t have an affiliate program maybe I can find the same comb on a different website that does so don’t limit

yourself don’t just give up because the first company thought of doesn’t have an affiliate program there’s a thousand different combs that look like this I’m sure I could find one that has an affiliate program and in the end if you don’t find an affiliate program for the specific product for example there’s this juicer that I wanted to become an affiliate for because you guys know I did a juice cleanse 15 kgs cleanse and I had a juicer and it’s an amazing juicer and I wrote a blog post about it and so I was like if I’m gonna write a blog post I might as well have affiliate links in there why not you know people are gonna go and try and buy the product anyways why not generate a commission from it I’ve no cost to the customer it just makes sense but the juicer didn’t have an affiliate program and it was a very specific juicer and I really wanted to promote that juicer because it’s the one that I had so what I did instead as I searched for it Amazon’s awesome

Amazon’s got millions of products so you’re more likely to find that product there and the cool thing is Amazon has something called Amazon Associates so Amazon Associates is their affiliate system and it’s amazing because what it does is when you sign up you basically can promote every single product they have on Amazon and you will earn a commission for it now Amazon pasty this commission not the companies that are selling the products themselves

so maybe the Vitamix didn’t you know have an affiliate program maybe they listed their product on Amazon

they’re not offering an affiliate program but Amazon still has their Amazon Associates affiliate program and they’re more than happy to pay you a commission if you send someone to their website so Amazon loves to have new visitors to their website and so that’s why they pay you the commission out of their pockets and it’s awesome because affiliate commissions from Amazon range from 7% and they go all the way up and it’s not just for the one product so if you link them to this comb on Amazon if they buy this comb but they buy like 10 other hair products you’re gonna get 7% of the total order which is really awesome and that’s actually usually how it works for any affiliate program it’s not just for one product it’s usually for the total order of the product and Amazon will put a 30 day cookie on the person’s computer which is also again very consistent with most affiliate programs so say for example they go to the website they’re like oh this you know this juice is really awesome but it’s kind of expensive I should talk about it with my family see if we can afford it right now and say three days later they decide to buy it but they don’t click on your affiliate link anymore they go directly to the Amazon website because they know that’s where it is you’re still gonna get Commission for it because Amazon already placed a cookie on their web browser so as long as they don’t clear their cookies you’re good to go with that affiliate

Commission super cool I personally have an affiliate program as well for my products and people who you know who buy my products they’re already recommending their products to their friends and family because you know we’re burying I don’t think you can see it but we’re wearing our waist trainers and usually you don’t work or people that we hang out what they like what is that what is that thing that you wear all the time and you tell them about it and you tell them you know this is the website and so instead of just

why not give them your affiliate link and then you can earn them Commission so that’s what we do for our affiliates they earn I think a 10 percent minimum commission from their referral and yeah it makes everybody happy it’s a win-win for everyone and last but not least I want to mention that you can promote physical products have become an

affiliate for physical products but you can also become an affiliate for digital products and the commission that you earn for digital products is far

superior the commission that you’ll earn for physical products there’s obvious reasons for that it’s because physical products costs more cost money to manufacture cost money to market it costs money to ship all of that stuff so they have a certain percent profit margin and they can only give you so much of that profit margin before they don’t earn anything at all but with digital products the profits are almost a hundred percent you know you create a digital product you spend maybe a month to create a course and then it cost you only money in marketing and maybe a platform that you’re hosting the digital product on but it’s pretty much all profits digital products make huge earnings so they’re able to give their affiliates more money the average physical product commission is around 10% even 7% you know it’s kind of hard to find some I’d say between 7% to 15% is the average Commission for a physical product for a digital product it’s very common to find your Commission’s to be at 50% which is amazing so imagine selling you know having a product that’s $100 on your website you earn $50 when that person buys the one product or say you have a product that is worth $4,000 a course that you’re recommending really high in course and just give you one sale will earn you $2,000 in commissions and that’s $2,000 that you literally you didn’t create the course you didn’t put all the effort and the knowledge and all that in the work it’s so it’s $2,000 profit to your pocket which is amazing and the final thing I want to mention is that you do not need to have any special skills or talent or brain to do

affiliate marketing it really is not phlex it’s very simple just like most of the digital business this these days you don’t need a business background your business degree to know how to do this so it is available for everyone you know it’s that everybody is skilled potential you know you don’t need special skills basically so yeah it’s so just you know learn to get good of blogging perhaps or you know build a social media or

whatever it might be but there’s so many different ways that you can start but just know that it is a super profitable business idea and it takes very low investment and I highly recommend getting started with this and if you are a mom and you are a stay-at-home mom and you’re just looking to make a little extra money on the side again this is a great option because a lot of moms already have mommy blogs you know you guys are already making content you’re already sharing it and you’re really not making any money from it you’re just adding value to people well now you can go back on all your old blog posts and every product that you recommended make it an affiliated product and earn commission from it and all future blog posts as well so you can take action with that right away

I hope this video is helpful for you guys if you have any questions about affiliate marketing oh I do want to mention if you guys want to go more in depth with this if you guys want to really like scale this take a course and the course that I recommend is by my boyfriend Stephan James not just

recommending it because he’s my

boyfriend you guys know I don’t I’m not like I don’t care to do that I could do it more often but I don’t I’m

recommending it because it’s a really fricking awesome course so I was there while you created it I was listening to everything forever but I listened to it all and it’s a really really amazing course it goes in depth about affiliate marketing and I highly recommend taking it it’s really inexpensive so if you’re if you’re planning on actually making this a business and not just a hobby take the course it’s well worth the money the little money that it is so I’m gonna put a link down below to the course and that’s an affiliate link if you do decide to purchase the course I will probably I think it’s an affiliate link yeah so if its affiliate link I’ll earn a commission for that and then you know you’re happy you got the Korus I’m yeah I got a commission it works out so that’s how affiliate marketing works but always do it with integrity guys you know like I said I don’t promote things that I don’t believe in I don’t just say that oh this is amazing product or oh this is an amazing course no I only promote things that I love the things that I’ve used things that I trust because that’s how you’re gonna earn the trust of your followers if you’re just promoting you know thing here and there and there and every day it’s something new people are gonna see through that and they’re gonna see how you’re just not being transparent you’re not being honest and nobody likes that nobody wants to be a scammer so don’t be a scammer okay that’s all guys have an amazing and blessed day

take care

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